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  1. We have been advised today Lunt prices will increase at the end of this month, which makes these Lunt sale prices especially attractive Please place your order before April.
  2. One ZWO ASI071MC-COOL USB 3.0 Cooled Colour Camera. Ex Demo Opened box ex demo lightly used by us. Perfect condition. Full manufacturers warranty. £1,408.00 £1,267.20 (saving £140.80)
  3. Unfortunately the Skywatcher Esprit supply situation continues to be grim, especially for the Esprit-80 and Esprit-100 Currently: Skywatcher Esprit-80 Unavailable but a small delivery is due late-March / early-April. Skywatcher Esprit-100 Unavailable but a small delivery is due late-March / early-April. Skywatcher Esprit-120 Low stock (another delivery expected May). Skywatcher Esprit-150 Very low stock (another delivery expected May). As before, some competitors are taking the "say-yes-and-worry-later" approach, claiming they have stock when in fact they do not. Which isn't helping...
  4. Celestron confirmed today their quoted payloads are for imaging HTH, Steve
  5. We will bear that in mind, Ron...
  6. We haven't forgotten, here are some of the cables we have shortlisted
  7. Steve is right, it has a sighting groove in the dew-shield. A separate finder is not necessary. We don't have a 24mm Maxvision to try but it should work okay, most 1.25" eyepieces are. The Celestron M2 80ED is primarily intended for terrestrial use so will appeal to astronomers who also enjoy birding and nature observation, or perhaps spotting aircraft or ships at sea. Having said that my first telescope for astronomy was a spotting scope very like the one discussed here with a 20-60x zoom and the ability to accept astro eyepieces (though the one I had needed an adapter to do that). The 45-degree viewing angle is very comfortable to use and the non-inverted view makes navigating around the sky a breeze. HTH, Steve
  8. The Celestron M2 80ED Angled Spotting Scope is in the Celestron Spring Sale. £589 £499 (Save £90) It is of particular interest to astronomers because whilst it is supplied with a 20-60x Zoom eyepiece it also accepts 1.25" astronomy eyepieces, which is a major benefit if you already own a number of astro eyepieces Other features include an ED Objective lens element, Fully Multi-Coated Optics and a Nitrogen-purged (waterproof and fog-proof) magnesium-alloy body. It also includes a T-adapter ring to attach a DSLR camera and a soft padded case.
  9. Lunt haven't included it in thier sale but if you email we will be pleased to quote a price
  10. ZWO have revealed their new ZWO ASI094 full frame colour imaging camera that uses the same Sony CMOS sensor as the Nikon D810A DSLR. Currently we have only this rather basic photograph but we will post a better one with details as soon as we are able (the camera on the right for comparison is the APS-C format ASI071). It will be on show next month at NEAF in the US.
  11. We have just sold out of the Lunt LS60THa B1200 with Pressure Tuner but have more arriving in two days Stock of the Lunt LS50THa B600 with Pressure Tuner is good, perhaps enough to last 4-6 weeks.
  12. Unfortunately not. Sorry.
  13. Just want to say (because we have 3 capital letters in our name) it wasn't us Steve
  14. We'll include our eternal gratitude, free of charge
  15. ... We added more today Please see here for our full range of QHY Polemasters and adapters.