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  1. We cannot be sure until they arrive We have submitted a large order so 'if' we receive the full amount we will be able to fulfil our customer backorders and have a handful remaining. Steve
  2. All backordered Sky-Watcher HEQ5 Pro mounts with Rowan upgrades were dispatched yesterday for delivery today HEQ5 mounts with Rowan upgrade plus re-grease & tune are being dispatched today for delivery tomorrow. We are now installing Rowan upgrades every week so should always be able to dispatch one within 1 week of receiving an order. HTH, Steve
  3. We have added only the usual £75 for the Es Reid test + £15 to cover the extra packaging/shipping costs. Not a lot When Sky-Watcher have successfully updated their packaging we'll probably make the Es Reid test optional. HTH, Steve
  4. We are no longer offering them at £1,569 because Evostar 150ED telescopes purchased at FLO now include an Es Reid check & tune. We are also providing additional packaging to ensure Es' good work isn't undone enroute to the customer. More here:
  5. Our next delivery of Sky-Watcher Evoguide 50ED scopes is scheduled to arrive in 1-2 weeks
  6. A little bump on this We've had a number of people get in touch but we are really looking for one person who can do everything required and we really want somebody with existing experience in ASCOM / INDI so we can lean on their knowledge and expertise.
  7. We are matching a competitor's promo Opticron Imagic 10x50 TGA WP binocular £149 £129 (save £20) A popular binocular for astronomy. Features include large BAK4 prisms, a differential multi-coating system with high refractive index coatings on the eyelenses and objectives. The rubber-armoured body is nitrogen-purged fog-proof / waterproof. 30 year guarantee.
  8. More Rowan kits are being installed into new HEQ5 Pro mounts as I type so backorders will be dispatched later today or tomorrow Steve
  9. No. None. But the Esprit-150 is supplied in a much more sturdy case and has better packaging. It takes two of us to lift one onto the van!
  10. To be fair, considerably more expensive brands have had similar teething troubles when launched. I am confident Sky-Watcher will soon be on top of the situation and I want FLO to have a positive and constructive role in this telescope's success. Steve
  11. We have been giving this a lot of thought. We hadn't considered how larger/heavier lens cells, like the one fitted to the Evostar 150ED Pro, are more likely to be knocked out of alignment enroute to the customer. We thought because Sky-Watcher's other ED doublets are bomb-proof then this new model would be too. It appears we were wrong. I have also been browsing forums looking at what other retailers do when dispatching large aperture refractors. There is an American on the Cloudy Nights forum who purchased one from a German retailer who freely said they would test it before dispatch, saying they do that for all large aperture refractors. I think FLO should do the same, though it will be Es' Reid testing them. I have spoken with Es and he is happy to do this. We are also looking for a larger box in which to pack the telescope. So, from here onwards Evostar 150ED Pro scopes purchased at FLO will be Es' Reid tested and will have extra packing materials (at least until Sky-Watcher upgrade their packaging). To achieve this the telescope's purchase price will increase from £1,569 to £1,649 but it will be money well spent. The next Evostar 150ED John receives will be Es' Reid tested to ensure it will be working at it's full potential. HTH, Steve
  12. Oh you will, definitely. Our job here isn't done until you have a good working example to assess over time
  13. Email received, we're on the case
  14. FLO is working on some new, exciting, top secret products and we need a developer to help us as poor Grant is too busy and a little allergic to Windows these days! We need someone capable of developing hardware drivers for Windows, OSX and Linux as well as cross platform software applications to interface with the hardware and corresponding ASCOM and INDI drivers. Ideally we are looking for someone from within the astronomy community who perhaps already contributes to open source astronomy projects and has experience with ASCOM and INDI. Someone who can help us with this and a number of other astronomy related projects we are looking to develop over the coming years. Timing is flexible so would suit somebody tinkering in evenings and weekends looking to earn some extra cash for astro goodies If you fit the bill, please get in touch at jointheteam@firstlightoptics.com with some information about your experience and knowledge.
  15. The HEQ5 Pro with pre-installed Rowan upgrade is proving popular. We have just sold out! We shall install some more next week, ready for dispatch in 7-10 days.

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