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  1. They are now all good to go Our inventory system will make an item live automatically every hour beginning tomorrow/Saturday 10am - 7pm & Sunday 10am - 7pm. Please remember these are genuine discounts off individual items.
  2. Starting tomorrow we will begin listing a number of reduced price customer-returns, open-box and ex-demo items. All will include full UK warranties and are covered by our 30-day return policy so you can buy with confidence To receive a real-time notification whenever a product is listed please Follow our SGL clearance board. You can also follow us at Twitter (the offers will be posted there too) or simply keep an eye our website's Offers section. Enjoy your weekend, Annette, Grant, James, Jenna, Lisa, Martin, Rob & Steve
  3. I think most interesting is the way Chinese brands (not only Synta/Sky-Watcher) are moving upmarket. Their manufacturing ability and QC has been improving year on year and they now produce some genuinely innovative products. The quality gap between them and other brands from Japan and the West is narrowing. In the astronomy products market the continental plates are shifting. I think that's as much as I can say on a forum that doesn't allow politics... Steve
  4. We haven't been able to obtain info other than what is printed in their catalogue. To be fair to Synta/Sky-Watcher, if the mount is still in development then their reluctance to release info is understandable. It certainly does feel that way Steve
  5. The new Sky-Watcher 2020 catalogue is out and contains details of some interesting new products RA Motor Drive for Starquest & AZ-EQ Avant (20952) This will please owners of Sky-Watcher Avant telescopes. (ETA 3-4 months). Rotational Adapter for Evostar 72ED (20500) The Sky-Watcher Evostar 72ED is a bestseller so it is good to see a rotator is in the pipeline. (ETA 2-3 months). Sky-Watcher CQ350 Pro Mount (20309/20293) A centre-balanced equatorial mount from Sky-Watcher. We weren't expecting that. (Still in development so we don't have details or an ETA). Sky-Watcher Synscan Starwand (20990) This one looks fun... (ETA not available)
  6. Ade is right. I think that instruction manual you found is for an earlier model, John. From our website: * Quark component is not interchangeable on SS60ds. Original SS60 telescopes can interchange Quark optical components, but for cost reduction needs, the SS60ds has an all-in-one conjoined construction. HTH, Steve
  7. Thank-you for your order, John It is Wednesday night so we will have no problem delivering it to you before the weekend. Steve
  8. A quick reminder these promotions are available until May 29th
  9. There are more DayStar products in the pipeline.
  10. And the... DayStar Solar Scout SS60-DS 60mm H-alpha Solar Telescope Grant is currently playing with assessing one of these
  11. Also... The DayStar Solar Scout 80mm Carbon Fibre H-alpha Solar Telescope In stock for overnight delivery.
  12. You can now buy DayStar Quark Solar eyepieces at FLO In stock for overnight delivery.
  13. The Celestron Focus Motor for SCT, EdgeHD & 8" RASA is available again
  14. One Helios Mistral WP6 50mm Binoculars 12x50. Sale New, unopened stock, with full manufacturers warranty. £86.00 £77.00 (saving £9.00)
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