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  1. Perhaps we should have included a SGL mug...
  2. This new group photo provides a useful sense of size / scale:
  3. Depends on the size of your eye glasses but for most I would say - yes. I hope nobody would read our description then conclude they were intended for unfiltered solar observing but, to be 100% sure, I have edited my first post NEVER use binoculars to observe the Sun without a suitable Solar Filter! Steve
  4. Stock is now a little low but more will arrive at our warehouse tomorrow or Monday
  5. We have just learned the brand name is now 'Alpine Innovations Bino Bandit'. Apologies for the confusion.
  6. The Alpine Innovations Bino Bandit fits most binoculars used by astronomers. Reduces wind and glare in daytime and prevents ambient light from entering the eyepieces at night. Made from soft flexible neoprene so easy to fit and comfortable to use.
  7. We also now stock StellaLyra KITAKARU RPL eyepieces Designed by KITAKARU in Japan and manufactured by Long Perng in Taiwan. There is some debate around whether these are modified Orthoscopics or modified Plossls. Either way, they provide very well corrected views, negligible false colour and 62º FOV (65º in the 40mm). Their focal lengths make them an excellent choice for observing open star clusters with long focal ratio telescopes.
  8. We have checked, it isn't suitable for use with a Tele Vue Dipotrx. Sorry.
  9. One Sky-Watcher DSLR-M48 Ring Adapter Canon EOS. Customer Return Customer ordered wrong size. Seal broken but otherwise unused. Full manufacturers warranty. £22.00 £19.00 (saving £3.00)
  10. One ADM Dovetail Side Mounting Counterweight Kit 'D' Series. Customer Return Had an issue with the pins sticking but now repaired and A-OK. Few marks from usage but nothing that affects function. Full manufacturers warranty. £71.00 £63.00 (saving £8.00)
  11. One Astronomik L-2 UV+IR Blocking Luminance Filter Clip Filter for Canon EOS APS-C. Customer Return Shipping error - we had the wrong label on the box. This is an APS-C L-2 UV/IR Filter :-) All perfect but broken box seal. Full manufacturers warranty. £80.00 £72.00 (saving £8.00)
  12. One Dual-speed Crayford 1.25/2" for Sky-Watcher Explorer. Customer Return Ordered wrong version for their scope. All good, couple of small marks from being opened but A-OK. Full manufacturers warranty. £139.00 £125.00 (saving £14.00)
  13. @Second Time Around The thread on the zoom eyepiece is for a DSLR photo adapter that, when used with a T-Ring, positions a DSLR at the correct distance. We haven't sourced the adapter but might if people request it. HTH, Steve
  14. Also a StellaLyra 8-24mm Lanthanum Zoom Eyepiece Another proven design manufactured by Long Perng (ours is the higher specification version with longer eye-relief and five Lanthanum glass elements).
  15. We have some new StellaLyra LER eyepieces that provide bright high contrast views with very little false colour. A well established design (7 element / 4 group) manufactured by Long Perng in Taiwan. An excellent choice for high magnification lunar and planetary observation. Generous 20mm eye-relief so can be used use with eye glasses.
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