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  1. That was a long time ago These days I am only one of ten highly caffeinated individuals. Together we keep the wheels turning. Steve
  2. We are still dispatching them in strict date order. Promise Steve
  3. If you haven't already then best you contact your supplier so they are aware. Steve
  4. I spoke with Sky-Watcher's UK importer/distributor earlier this afternoon. John was right, it is only that the agreement Synta had with Schott (displaying their logo) has ended. As far as we can tell the glass types used for the Evostar 80ED have not changed. HTH, Steve
  5. Our photos of the Sky-Watcher Evostar 80ED Pro have been updated so they no longer show the Schott logo
  6. Have just opened one. It doesn't have the Schott logo and does have glue, though I think less than yours and willcastle's. Interestingly the focuser was faulty... Faulty Evostar 80ED scopes are rare but we have flagged our stock so they will be checked prior to dispatch, just to be sure. HTH, Steve
  7. It was not from FLO and OVL are not a retailer.
  8. Not necessarily because at FLO most orders are fulfilled from stock held at our warehouse. We will check our Evostar 80ED scopes when we reopen in the morning. Steve
  9. The photo you link to is not new or updated. It was first used several years ago, before they added the Schott logo and switched to green anodising.
  10. We haven't been advised of any change to the specification Having said that, we retailers often first hear of changes from our customers. Not from Sky-Watcher or their distributor. Is it one of ours? John's right ^ Steve
  11. I was wrong, I have just found this photo posted by another member that shows glue. I either haven't noticed it before or it is something new. Steve
  12. What an interesting conversation! Thank-you for the votes of confidence In situations like this it is worth remembering your retailer is responsible for providing service and support. Not your retailer's supplier (OVL are not a retailer). This is true even if your retailer arranges the product is drop-shipped to you. I understand how frustrating this must be for you but I also have sympathy for your retailer because your situation really is very unusual. I.e. I don’t think glue is used during the manufacture of your telescope and, assuming the box arrived intact and undamaged, the dent in your tripod leg and damage to the counterweight suggests it was previously assembled and used. I agree with others in this discussion when they say it appears they have mistakenly sent you a display / demo / customer return. You say your retailer has served you well over a number of years so I suggest you give ‘them’ the benefit of doubt and enough time to arrange a positive outcome. They might surprise you. HTH, Steve
  13. Afraid not, only the 78mm and an 86mm version: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/zwo-accessories/zwo-holder-ring-for-asi-cooled-cameras-86mm-diameters.html
  14. Certainly do https://www.firstlightoptics.com/zwo-accessories/zwo-holder-ring-for-asi-cooled-cameras-78mm-diameters.html
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