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  1. I have removed the Vixen link from my post Thank-you for your order.
  2. Not sure where you are looking. We have plenty of stock
  3. If you have ever wanted a Japanese-made Vixen SG 2.1x42 widefield binocular but didn't like the price, you will like this Helios have released a very similar product at a significantly lower price. Only £89! Helios 2x40 Star Field Binoculars The low 2x magnification and multicoated optics provide huge, bright, high contrast views of the night sky. Perfect for observing the Milky Way and star fields. I like them, but binoculars like these are undeniably a Marmite product. They are not like regular binoculars. They use a modified Galilean optical system so do not have a clearly defined circular field and the viewing area is not sharp and flat to the edge. That is not what they are designed for. Indeed I am not sure they should even be called a binocular. They occupy ground somewhere between spectacles and binocular. Perhaps they are best described as a visual aid. They do however provide wonderful views of the night sky. Everything is easier to see and appreciate vs naked eye, whether you view from a city or under a dark sky, and they cost only around the same as a decent eyepiece. So we recommend them Steve
  4. PS: Synta have also released a 6" Newtonian with a non-collimatable primary mirror. Sky-Watcher Star Discovery 150i WiFi
  5. Hi We asked ourselves the same back in 2011 when Synta released the Heritage 100p (a smaller telescope) with a non collimatable mirror cell. We used one for a while, the views were good out of the box and it appeared quite robust so we added it to our website. The Heritage 100p is now one of our bestsellers with a low return rate. We were admittedly more concerned when they later released the non-collimatable 130mm Newtonian discussed here but, considering the 100p's success, we decided to sell them for three months then review the situation... We did however add this cautionary note to our website product description: ------- NOTE: The 130PS telescope has a non-collimateable primary mirror. Please contact us for more info. ------- We were and are the only retailer to include that note in our product description We sold our first Explorer 130PS AZ GTi September 2017. Three years later, we have received only three customer returns (two because the mount wouldn't connect to the owners wifi and one unwanted Christmas gift). That is a remarkably low return rate! Owners are delighted with the views, which is remarkable when you consider the OTA features a 5" parabolic mirror yet costs only £74. Some owners will of course outgrow the telescope and upgrade to a more advanced (more expensive) model. This is only natural. @cwis If you have concerns about your telescope's performance then you need only contact us. We will be pleased to help. Regards, Steve
  6. Sky-Watcher have released a Field Flattener for the Evoguide 50 ED
  7. The telescope would be rejected and returned to the distributor. Es would not normally split lens elements to remove dust. Incidentally, Es also checks our William Optics and StellaMira triplets. (He is currently checking StellaMira doublets too because StellaMira is a FLO brand so receives special attention). HTH, Steve
  8. Please email us. Stock is in such short supply during the pandemic.
  9. It is unfortunate they didn't offer to replace it because Esprit-100 are currently in very short supply. We have a small number of Esprit-100 telescopes arriving next week. You would need to place an order soon to secure one of those. When they are sold the next shipment will arrive mid-late October. Unfortunately the next ship with Flatteners for Esprit-100 will not dock before Dec/Jan. If you order an Esprit telescope at FLO (any of them) it will include an Es Reid bench test. We no longer offer them without the test. HTH, Steve
  10. Shining a high intensity light into telescope optics is always a frightening experience. The unnaturally bright light and high contrast always reveals 'something'. Even so, I think the amount of dust/specks revealed in your photo is not acceptable for a new telescope. You are right to contact your supplier and ask for a replacement. You say your supplier checked the telescope before dispatch (I thought we were the only UK retailer doing that) so perhaps, in their defence, the dust/specks are not visible in normal light? Might be a good idea to look at the box address label to see if it was dispatched to you from your supplier or drop-shipped direct to you from the UK distributor. If the latter then your supplier will not have checked the telescope optics. They might have mistaken your telescope for another that was checked. HTH, Steve
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