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  1. Eek! You are both right. Unfortunately until we have the cameras and can make our own photos we have only ZWO's stock photos. I will add some text now to the ASI 1600GT's product description.
  2. One ZWO Electronic Filter Wheel (EFW) - 7 x 36mm. Ex Demo Ex-Demo filter wheel. In very good condition, full working order and with full manufacturers warranty. Some minor marks where adaptors have been screwed in. £299.00 £269.00 (saving £30.00)
  3. For me the attraction is that it is built from established products and materials. All tried and trusted. I doubt we'll see many returns Steve
  4. We are expecting the full-frame camera end of January, but please don't hold us to that Steve
  5. We agree. 7-position would be nice for those who want to change from LRGB to narrowband without opening the case. Though it would result in a larger camera.
  6. Here y'go I guess the price difference covers the integrated design and enhanced cooling. HTH, Steve
  7. ZWO cameras already in stock (almost all of them) are shipped in 1-2 working days. Those out of stock are usually shipped 7-10 working days (based on how long it takes us to source from ZWO). For these new models that have not yet been released the 20-25x working days estimate is based on ZWO's predicted release date (mid-end November). HTH, Steve
  8. A ZWO ASI 183GT version (based on the ASI 183 MM Pro) is also in the pipeline...
  9. ZWO have released details of their new ZWO ASI 1600GT USB 3.0 Mono Camera with integrated filter-wheel Essentially it is an ASI 1600 MM Pro with enhanced cooling and integrated 5-position filter-wheel. The integrated design requires only one power and one USB cable for the camera and filter-wheel which significantly reduces cable clutter. With the on-board USB2.0 hub you can reduce cables even further. There is a lot to like about the new integrated design but, for many, the decision whether to buy an ASI 1600GT with integrated filter wheel vs a ASI 1600 MM Pro camera and separate EFW filter-wheel will be determined by how many filters they want to use (5x or 7x). ETA is mid-end November. (Photos show the ZWO ASI 183GT with smaller sensor, we will make new photos as soon as stock arrives).
  10. Are you sure? https://www.ukastroshow.com/vendors/ But your are right, they originally listed FLO before they realised we are there to introduce and support IKI. We will be on stall 27 (opposite Rowan Astronomy and beside Pulsar Observatories) and if all goes to plan we will be introducing at least one new brand to the UK Excellent
  11. Sorry. I thought you were asking us if we had received any feedback Optolong are well established so there will no shortage of reviews. Steve
  12. We think that is an excellent idea. Thank-you for the suggestion Strictly speaking 'FLO' won't be at the event but Ikarus Imaging will and will be manned by Ian King, myself, Grant, James & Rob (all FLO staff). I think Daz will also join us for one of the days. We will post details separately in the Sponsor Section. Steve
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