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  1. We have been selling the very popular David Chandler Night Sky Planispheres for years - we think they are the best planispheres out there! FLO are now the exclusive UK distributor for David Chandler products - we've expanded our range and now offer Planispheres in other latitudes to cater for our international customers. We hold plenty of stock ready for immediate shipping and have been able to pass on some savings as well In addition to the large plastic Night Sky Planisphere we now also offer the smaller version and the cardboard version. Night Reader Pro LED Torch. Full-featured dimmable red LED light can be used at high intensity for walking about and set to a lower intensity for comfortable use with an atlas or planisphere. Features a 630NM red LED light source A great value First Light Astronomy Kit which includes a large plastic The Night Sky planisphere, Sky Atlas, Night Reader Pro Astronomer’s Flashlight, and Exploring the Night Sky with Binoculars. The books can be purchased separately as well. We also have the beautifully illustrated constellation card matching game for kids :-)
  2. This offer applies to anybody who orders through our website - you don't have to be an SGL member
  3. Whilst stocks last receive a FREE SkyPortal WiFi Link worth £119 with Celestron 8 SE's. SkyPortal WiFi Module for IOS & Android turns your smartphone or tablet into your own personal planetarium and observatory!
  4. Hi Carolyn You don't appear to have emailed us but I saw your post here at SGL. As far as I can tell, reading your other posts, you purchased it back in 2010 and have stored it outside in an observatory under a cover. I see from one of your posts back in 2010 you were concerned the damp environment might harm it, you were right. Your post earlier this year shows the damage. Dweller25 is right, we do know someone who can dismantle, clean then realign your telescope's optics. If you email us we will happily point you to him. WO are right, removing the cell from the tube is surprisingly easy and doing so won't affect it's optical alignment but I think it best you leave it attached. Unfortunately whilst removing the fungus will improve things considerably your telescope's optics will never look as good as new. FWIW I owned an FLT110 and liked it a lot. HTH, Steve
  5. The ship has docked so Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer Astronomy Bundles are available again Our availability indicators are set to green (1-3 days dispatch) but we have a considerable number of backorders to work through so please be patient if our deliveries of this product are a day or two longer then usual. We should be fully back up to speed by end of week... HTH, Steve
  6. The ship has docked so it should be 'business as usual' later this week
  7. Hi Sara We are reasonably confident we have found a good cable so are having a small number of samples made, they should be ready for testing later this month / early next. Would you like to test one for us, Sara? If the samples test okay we'll have a batch made then make them available. HTH, Steve
  8. Also as requested, Lynx Astro Silicone power cables are now available in shorter 2m lengths Power cables that remain soft and flexible, even in sub-zero temperatures! Lynx Astro Silicone Power Cable for Sky-Watcher Mounts Lynx Astro Silicone Power Cable for Celestron Mounts Lynx Astro Silicone Power Cable for Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ5 AZ-EQ6 and EQ6-R Lynx Astro Silicone Power Cable for Sky-Watcher EQ8
  9. I haven't heard anything like this either, and we have been selling Portas for nearly a decade! I think you had best return it to your supplier. Steve
  10. Yes Why the wink? Have I missed something? Steve
  11. A quick report on our stock of discounted Vixen SLV eyepieces. The 4mm & 12mm sold out first, the 10mm has also now sold out. We have very low stocks of the 15mm and 2.5mm. Stock of the remaining focal lengths are currently okay... HTH, Steve
  12. This video shows Howie's passion for and dedication to amateur astronomy.
  13. Today we learned Howie Glatter has passed away This will be sad news to those who knew him and to all those who use and appreciate his range of collimation tools. He was a likeable man and respected by the astronomy community.
  14. I had that very same thought. Our first delivery should arrive Thu/Fri, I'll compare them then Steve