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  1. I just bought the 12" Lomo Not tested it yet
  2. Hello Douglas sounds like you had a really great night Regards Tom.
  3. Looking forward to seeing the EQ8 mount looks a nice bit of kit at a very good price
  4. So Who 's going anyone new ???????????????? it will be great to see some old faces and meets some new people along the way see you Kielder
  5. Hi Richard Really looking forward to the event see everyone under the dark skies of Kielder
  6. I was out viewing juoiter myself with a Orion optics Omc 200 f20 one of the best views i have ever seen great planet to observe TOM.
  7. Must admit i thought of having a bid at this scope 2 but have read very mixed reviews and as olly says the newer scopes have pushed the older ones very close and may of even surpassed them and you can buy the skywatcher ed 120 for around £750 with the case. second hand.
  8. I Think you bought a scope with great potential with very good mirrors But in my opinion in this country the seeing conditions tend to limit the scopes capabilitys I have had many scopes apo's acro's newts sct's macks and have found that scopes between 6 to 8 inches perform a lot more of the time in this wonderful country of ours Clear skies
  9. A few ortho's maybe But second hand well i just bought a 6"triplet f 10.5( john owen lens) and the tube made by the late Ron irving and i must say i am very happy with it for anyone who doe's not know of john well he is one of the old school makers of lenses/mirrors and is still making mirrors today I am sure Peter Drew know's john and as i say i can only speak from personal expereance that john is really helpful when it comes to cleaning/collimating/making mirrors a great guy to know and not to many like him left in the uk i suspect.
  11. As everyone say's the 2 scope are the same with diffrent badges on um Must admit i may but a dob myself sooner than later
  12. In my opinion a very good pr of bins for genral /astro use quite light and good contrast
  13. Will defo come over one night soon Peter
  14. Yep that was mine Peter but i decided to keep it
  15. If i was looking for a fantastic scope (I have a 20 year old Astro Physics 178 Apo F9) I would go for a Intes micro mn 86 8" deluxe Mak newt in tests i did wiith the AP against my MN 86 (12th Wave) the scope was equal in every way except the size and weight the only reason i kept the AP was ease of use no collimation problems ,and no cooldown issues but optically the mn was fantastic i really regret selling this scope I should of kept both. Hope this helps Tom
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