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  1. Andrew, i meant your moonfish and barlow, did i pick you up wrong or are the 2inch eyepieces?
  2. Hi Andrew, That is a great report, second Jamie's comments, you learn so much when you do it all by your lonesome and star-hopping is a great way to get to know the stars and constellations. Really good to hear your thoughts and reports on objects with your scope, sounds like a nice few hours. Your 2inch lens sounds like a beauty very Cheers Gary
  3. Great report sounds like a nice spot, great sky last night, not as dark as it has been but very good seeing, I struggled with m101 but most of my other targets were relatively easy. M13 is still my fav but having seen it thru some monster celestron my view now looks less impressive , however still love the dob for its ease and speed! Splitting close doubles was relatively easy testament to the good sky was a happy bunny going to bed, hope this is a sign of a good winter to come.
  4. Sounds like a great night Craig brilliant report- I admire your patience and perseverance with the imaging, i would end up smashing the whole rig up just like the angry man in chewing the fat!!! I was very tempted to get a 2 inch lens during the week, £40 on fleabay, copies of moonfish from china I believe- but house move forced a rethink. Would love to have a go with yours next time we meet up, you hear the word spacewalk mentioned and would love to see the difference. Got a great report on your session with Martin, Tom. I have the 8 inch skywatcher dob and would love to see what difference an extra 2 inch makes, Gizmo aka Paul should be acquiring a 12 inch rev dob so aperture fever has hit Scotland! Have a great day tommorrow with your solar observation, sorry cannot make it as I am off on a bike ride, but may meet up with you at Glasgow soc lecture. Cheers Gary
  5. Hi Craig, It was me that insulted your scope and suggested it may need collimating , and having read above and engaging my brain, there may be a simpler reason the stars were less well defined, I had to clean my secondary mirror quite early on due to all the condensation, could it have been that your secondary was misted up a wee bit? It was quite damp at the res. With the same eyepiece and a dry night your lovely scope should knock my old dob into a cocked hat. I also spent about 2 hours the first time I collimated as I was a bit too liberal with my allan key twiddling man did I have a bad back. Gary
  6. Great report kenny, it was almost like I was there with you The scope was a revelation, m13 was stunning, when I win the lottery I will def. get one Cheers gary
  7. Hi Craig I found this video to be a great help. http://andysshotglass.com/Collimating.html takes a while to load but great step by step. Gary
  8. great image Craig, mars and pleiades looks lush, sorry I'm no use to you on your technical questions I'm a dobber don't you know Great night and have sent the group picture to Paul so it's worth a look in a car crash kind of way! Gary
  9. Just back from Portugal and as you say Tom, skies are amazing, I only had a pair of bino's but the sky was great. I would be very tempted to go to COAA just need to do something about the two sproggs!
  11. love the composition and sharpness, nice image well done.
  12. brilliant image great to see and good that someone is getting some clear skies, well done and keep them coming.
  13. I may have your UFO pegged. There are quite a few triple satellites that fly in formation which can be seen overhead, launched by US navy, i think they were launched to study the oceans and they fly in a distinctive triangle formation. Have seen them once in aviemore and found it a bit spooky until i used the power of Google.
  14. Fantastic image, a real candidate for image of the week given the very difficult conditions. To even get a good visual sighting is hard nevermind an cracking image. Well done.
  15. have to say that is a great image under the circumstances well done. Why don't you train the dog up to be an "auto-guide" dog and connect him to your scope with a "dog"-tail bar, the necessary counterbalance weights will of course depend on your own breed. I find the corgi a great compromise between compactness and reliability.
  16. The way you describe the astro gear thermos is almost libidinous , you could have a career at mills and boon.
  17. BTW Ron meant to say in last post that i bet Prof J Brown's Paul Daniel act hasn't changed a bit- would love to see magic coupled with other scientific teaching. Imagine if Doctors taught young medical students with the aid of a large saw, box, glamorous assistant and 12 white doves. I would consider a go at medicine if i thought David Blaine was teaching first year!
  18. have you checked to see if it was an iridium flare? heaven's above will provide you with times and directions?
  19. That looks just like the cats pyjama's or is it the dogs Boll@cks? probably a combination of both. Look forward to seeing your work in the near future. Trying to guess what you do for a living and can only come up with bank robber?
  20. As far as I'm concerned the really fascinating and amazing aspect of black hole science is, that up until now, all our knowledge/theory's have had to be deducted/postulated by indirect means. We cannot see the black hole itself but as WH quite rightly points out, we can see the accretion disk and image the ejected streams of matter that doesn't get sucked into the BH. Even though we cannot see a BH's boundary of singularity (not sure that is the correct term), we have seen the orbits of stars very close to a BH and from this evidence we are able to calculate the mass of the BH and therefore the distance to the event horizon. We have also seen the effect a BH has on space time as seen in images showing the gravitational lens effect- Einsteins' cross. However referring to my original post the scary thing for me is that we may soon be bringing a BH to our rather innocuous part of the Galaxy and these amazing objects/phenomenon could be studied directly- for the first time. If we do do this and BH's don't do what i thought they might do, do you think we may get closer to the single theory model that physicists are dreaming of? I am really hopeful that when these particle accelerators start providing data we will get to the bare bones of what matter is and how it organises itself- if all we get are more exotically named particles or indeed if we get nothing much more than we know already, i think we should all be asking for a rebate on our taxes, given the massive cost of these projects to set up! After all of the above waffle here is my question- Does anyone think that we will take a great leap forward towards a unified theory when the NLHC comes on line? :scratch: P.S. come on the Maple Leafs
  21. great image WH I'm green with envy, not only about the great pictures but for the very nice stoggie. well done. :moon:
  22. I have waxed lyrical before about the stunning quality of your solar images only to be told that you think they are pants. Don't you know that it is rude to return a compliment so in this instance you will just have to accept my opinion that you are a solar god! :sunny:
  23. very sharp, great contrast and a brilliant first pic, well done.
  24. love the idea of a black hole in a box but what would the box be made of to stop it falling in? Love the idea of falling into another dimension but I reckon given my luck i would still be a mortgage adviser on the other side only this time because of the differing constants working in this parallel universe I'm sure my normal working hours will have stretched to 40000000000000000000000hrs per week!!
  25. Fixed. . seem to remember a wee Scottish team beating the current premier league champions with a sublime free kick, champions league game I think http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHjV3YqSqeU :whip2: But back to the imminent end of the world, when will this new particle accelerator be up and running? is it worth me booking up the holidays for next year?
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