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  1. Hi Phil, Click on your image in Stargazr's, below it you'll see 'Embed code' click on the double headed arrow on the right, copy the top code, then just paste along with your message on the forum.. HTH Caz
  2. Thanks KK, Matt, Ron.. I've got all the paraphernalia for the prime focus stuff, but the problem is, I can't reach focus that way. Hence why I do afocal, which is very long winded, and troublesome.. Caz
  3. ..like Matt's! I've spent the best part of an hour putting this mosaic together, only to see SR's mobile shot, with equally as much detail as mine. Just isn't worth the trouble. Anyhow, taken with the 30d, Settings: ISO 100, 1/50 sec, 26mm ep, and the 8".. (click to enlarge) Caz
  4. I bought a 1gb card from ASDA a couple of days ago, at the princely sum of 13 quid! That's a bargain not to be missed. Thanks for the heads up Ant. Caz
  5. Superb, quality captures, Carol. 8) Beautifully presented too!! Caz
  6. It is indeed a beautiful shot, Phil. 8) Caz
  7. Another superb moon capture from you Phil... 8) The moon sure was big and beautiful last night. Caz
  8. Breathtaking image Pete. Excellent! Caz
  9. There's just no stopping you, with your trusty Nikon!! From macro to widefield, and now comet chasing 8) Great capture Phil. Caz
  10. Lucky you Andrew!! A lovely gesture from the benefactor, whoever he/she maybe 8) Caz
  11. That statement wouldn't fill me with confidence I have to say, but, fingers are crossed for you Rog. I would have buried them in the thing long before now!.. Caz
  12. Oh bl**dy hell Rog, what a rollercoaster, but this is one ride you need to get off, and fast, especially when you feel the way you do. It's easy to say, it's not worth getting upset over something like this, but I can understand your frustration, because it means a lot to you. You would think they would, at the very least, assemble the dome prior to setting it up at yours, just to make sure everything is just so, especially when they ba**sed it up the first time. Don't they quality check stuff like this?? Next time your on the phone, tell them, your in the process of writing the next best seller on 'Astrophotgraphy', and your losing valuable time and money, as you have a dealine to meet! Caz
  13. Caz

    Lucky shot...

    Oh yes, it still works, slight problem though, there's no image! Let's just say, I'm not in someone's good books atm... :oops: Caz
  14. Hmmm, intriguing.. Nice one Grant... 8)
  15. Caz

    Lucky shot...

    I wasn't offended by your response in the least AM. Caz
  16. Caz

    Lucky shot...

    In the bin, where it should have been put in the first place! :hmph: Caz
  17. Caz

    Lucky shot...

    :laughing6: Subtle as a brick as always AM, you could have let me down gently... Here's me getting all excited too, I even sent it to S@N... Damn it! Left it at home. Could there be a very slim chance of them missing a flare?? No. Ok, fair enough, but it does look convincing, to me anyway. I would just like to thank those for taking this image seriously, particulary Ian, and as for the rest of you, well, your off the buddy list... Caz Ps.. I was joking about S@N
  18. Caz

    Lucky shot...

    ..but perhaps not so lucky for the mobile this was taken with, I think the suns bu**ered up the sensor... Don't worry, no eye balls where harmed in the taking of this shot, all precautions where adhered to, I just took a lucky guess as to the position of the sun and pressed the shutter of a Samsung D something or another. It is a solar flare in this shot, isn't it? Don't know what the other thing is top left, it may be cloud, not sure. Anyway taken last week, the 28th June. There have been slight adjustments made to this, but it's pretty much as is. Caz
  19. Nooooooo!!! Skywatcher blue... Your mate's done a grand job Greg. Caz
  20. Caz

    DSLR Moon

    A lovely detailed moon there Rob. Well done! Caz
  21. This ticks all the right boxes Kaptain, very nice... 8) Caz
  22. Caz


    Absolutely. Nicely done Mark. Caz
  23. Steve, I don't know what software you use, but if it's PS, this is one of the ways you could try. Once you have processed your image, make a note of the size, for eg, 800x900 pixels, then make a new page, but make sure its larger, say 900x1000, or perhaps add more at the bottom to make more room for information. Once that new page is made, choose a colour to fill it in with by using the 'paint bucket tool'. Then simply drag your processed image across to the new page. Then you can add your text at the bottom. Hope this helps. Caz
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