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  1. Hi Kmce, We (CSOG) have a few members in EK including myself who, I'm sure, could help you with your collimation. I'm a bit immobile at the moment with a broken toe but I'm sure we can get someone to help you out. PM me and we'll sort it out Paul
  2. Welcome to SGL Steven I'm from EK also and run the group mentioned by Gerry Feel free to look us up Cheers Paul
  3. I have one too. Mine was 200 quid with a bit of a dent in the tube but nothing that affects performance which is superb! It's a bit bulky but well worth it. Go for it Paul
  4. Although Uranus would get an even better response lol
  5. If you still want to watch Lost Horizons:The Big Bang on tv and you have Virgin Media, it's still on the Catch-Up listings Paul
  6. My partner also always throws up the argument "they waste all this money seeing what the dust is like on other planets and there are people starving right here!"
  7. What does your other half think of astronomy? I just watched "Lost Horizons: The Big Bang" presented by Jim Al Khalili on the history of the theory of the big bang. 1 - When I asked my partner if she enjoyed it her response was "I'm enjoying that it's finished" 2 - When I asked her if she thought it was informative her response was "It's rubbish" 50 years of research by the brightest minds in physics and it's just "rubbish" Dunno why they bothered! lol ;D
  8. G1ZmO


    Welcome to SGL Billy, You'll get plenty of good advice on here. If you're looking for some practical experience then you might be interested in our observers group (link below). There are quite a few of us from the Glasgow area and South and Eastwards. Cheers Paul
  9. You should also make sure that the mount is sitting on nice flat ground. If I don't then mine tends to veer towards the point that's lowest on the plane of the mount. A spirit level helps when choosing where to put the mount. btw if you like to leave the tension loose then another option is to stick a heavyish magnet to the tube and use it's location to counter-balance the eyepiece. Cheers Paul
  10. G1ZmO

    just joined

    Welcome Ian, There are a load of us in your area. If you'd like to join us for an observing session sometime you'd be welcome. See link below. Cheers Paul
  11. Hi Ken, Welcome to SGL We (see link below) have a fairly large group of observers in the central region. Get in touch if you are interested Cheers Paul
  12. Thanks Mark - Keep in touch Is this it? http://www.glentroolholidaypark.co.uk/ Paul
  13. Nice catch Dave Well done Paul
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