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  1. Very impressive, keep them coming
  2. Great journeys start with small steps. The time lapse between Gagarins first orbit and the moon landings was short in real terms. With the financial clout of private enterprise, it's entirely possible that orbiting hotels and even moon bases will be in place in the next twenty years. This of course wouild open up a new phase of inter planetary exploration.
  3. Can you tell me how many you intend to turn around in your first year ?
  4. Me too, reminds me, I need to send Lynn a cheque.
  5. Last 3 camps were great Phil, we both miss this one and it's a white out. Maybe we're sort of Kielder lucky charms
  6. A 32mm or 40mm EP for widefield (nebulae etc) and maybe a decent 5mm for lunar and planetary work would be good. As for the weather, I live in the North East and I get very few cloudless nights that coincide with me being able to observe. Stick with it, the rewards are there for the patient.
  7. So, an absolutely stunning image produced by 4 excellent imagers one of whom just happens to be a processing guru. Imagine if all the talented imagers on here could collaberate on just one image a month. The bar would be raised so high........
  8. Congratulations lads, a stunning image gets it's just reward, sometimes things just work out right.
  9. When you put the barlowed laser in the focuser you will see a patch of red light on the primary rather than the usual dot. If this patch covers your centre spot then you should see it's shadow on the target. If so, collimation will be good no matter how much slop you have.
  10. I've enjoyed some stunning images on SGL over the years but this one takes second prize Why second ??? because we just don't know what treasure is going to turn up next, but this one will take some beating
  11. Definitely sounds like an Iridium flare.
  12. As I well know mate. Never mind, I'll just have to put this one down as the one that got away. Enjoy Kelling BTW
  13. Kielder has the hobbit hutches that you could hire, there is also a B+B in the village. Looking through other folks scopes wouldn't be a problem either, real friendly bunch up there. Of course it would have to be the spring SP as this Autumn is fully booked.
  14. I did read somewhere that an old LP record between the groundboard and the teflon pads smooths things out quite a bit.
  15. KEV...............how many cases will it take ???????????
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