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  1. She had that great voice for astro program commentary - a perfect fit. Looking back I think I found the quality of her voice combined with the subject matter had a powerful synergistic effect to fire my interest in astronomy. RIP.
  2. Hi, I’m coming down, just got to high st Ken tube. Been a while for anything Astro for me.
  3. There’s one in North Yorkshire at Dalby forest, usually in August. A little closer for you than lucksall. I’ve never been myself. http://www.scarborough-ryedale-as.org.uk/saras/starfest/starfest-2018/
  4. The Kasai I believe can accommodate a larger diopter focus range. I’m quite short sighted and I can almost but not quite reach focus without my glasses in the vixens. Edit: should say it’s the updated version of the kasai’s that have the extended focus range
  5. I don’t own any tak scopes, but last year we had our honeymoon in Japan, and of course a little side trip to starbase Tokyo somehow found it’s way into our itinerary ?
  6. And thank you guys for helping me set my tent up, and Dai for lending me the tent pegs as I seemed to have lost most of mine! I’ve left the spare pegs with Adrian, as you’d left before I did.
  7. Hi Ian, it was good to meet you. The long drive on sunday was horrific. Got back after midnight.. absolutely shattered today. Was very pleased with the lunar views, Saw Jupiter Saturn and mars before dawn, but views seemed a bit mushy by then. I wish I had the chance to look at some deep sky through your big dob @mapstar. Was really nice to meet you all, despite only having a few hours looking at stars it was fun and one of the most friendly star parties I’d been to. Hope everyone made it home ok by now.
  8. So I was delayed and didn’t quite manage to set off when I posted above. I’ve just stopped on the a69 near Carlisle. Looks like I won’t get there till after nightfall so I think I’ll just call it and come down tomorrow. Looks like it’s raining tonight and anyway even if it wasn’t I don’t think my car headlights will be the best way to announce my arrival ?. On the plus side I’ve stocked up Jaffa cakes and whisky as I understand that’s the price of admission :-)
  9. Well, I was supposed to come yesterday but life got in the way unfortunately. Just about to set off now. Should be there in 3hrs
  10. Yes I thought the exhibition was less than before. Talks were good though. Let's see what today is like.
  11. Hi Mike, I'm coming from Newcastle, so not as far as most (and prob from somewhere not too far from you?). Look forward to meeting everyone too. I did read through some of the threads, it seems it's byo whiskey ? Is the nearest supermarket for food shopping in Wigtown? Thanks, Rishi
  12. Woo Hoo! I've just booked this from Wednesday to Sunday. Never been to this one before, very excited!!
  13. Me too. Shame the OWL telescope got cancelled though.
  14. Glad the lecture list is finally up! I’ll be there both days as it as my Christmas present from my wife :-)
  15. Happy new year. https://www.amsmeteors.org/members/imo_view/event/2017/5538
  16. Woohoo I saw this! Was out in the centre of town and after a second thought it was some New Year’s Eve fireworks. Just like a firework it was bright green and had an orange tail!
  17. When where is the tv programme? (The book cover days soon to be seen on tv).
  18. 100 Million stars!! Via in-app purchase; amazing how they can squeeze such massive databases onto a phone.
  19. Were you hoping to see anyone in particular?
  20. D’oh! Actually wasn’t there some new competitor to vantablack that’s not quite as black but more robust?
  21. As it’s like a forest of carbon nanotubes ‘grown’ on the surface by CVD don’t think you can paint it on and I’d imagine all those nanotubes are quite fragile. I’d be worried they’d break off And turn to black dust inside the scope during repeated handling?
  22. Yes I’ve had the same experience years ago. I think it’s fairly common to be put through to Al Nagler if you ring up with a query.
  23. As it’s silly money how about 2 apos- one in the 6inch range, one smaller ( perhaps 3-4inch ish?) for grab and go, air travel, on days with little time, energy or partly cloudy weather and for wide field visual and AP; and a big dob for reach? You’d possibly need a second dobservatory as well as an obsy for your fracs. Bearing this in mind as you want something portable till you get the new house and obs next year - I suggest a smaller apo.
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