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South Wales Astronomy Group (SWAG) Autumn Star Party 2021


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Hi everyone, hope you are all well and safe.

I'm hoping to restart our SWAG) star party this Autumn following the Covid 19 disappointments.

The dates I have arranged are for the 7th - 10th October 2021 inc. Additional night will be available.

If you wish to attend simply phone Pencelli Castle, book your nights and reserve your favourite pitch.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you are going to attend, (post here or PM me) I can then arrange for reserved block pitches.

Take care


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37 minutes ago, mdstuart said:

Pitch 10 in the oaks booked for Friday and Saturday night.



@mdstuartI I can see the site map - are there some pitches with better sky views than others? (insider info greatly appreciated 😉


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Can I ask if there are going to be non-Astronomers attending at the same time? If I was observing at night and made any noise (with my mount slewing etc) I don't want to get a telling off by any non-Astronomer who would want to be asleep at that time.

Also I was going to book for Brecon Astrocamp 2021 this October so I don't know which to choose from now (I've never been to any Astrocamp before but I'm booked into Kielder Astrocamp in November, which was going to be my first, but I'd like to come along in October as well for and Astrocamp if possible.


Alistair G.

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Hi Alistair, of course you are more than welcome to attend the SWAG star party.

Bookings are now made directly to the campsite. Inform them you are with the star party, how many nights attending and if you need hard standing or grass pitch with/without electric and persons attending. Best to phone them.

I suspect there will be very few, if any, non-astronomers attending this time of year. Unless you are banging a drum or singing at the top of your voice, noise from your gear should not be an issue.  Always follow the Astro Camping etiquette. 

When you have booked, can you post back here your pitch number and nights attending. That gives us an idea what pitches are left available.

We look forward to seeing you there.



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Would any regulars be able to give a run-down on nearby amenities? Local Pub/Shop/Restaurants?

(If we're there for three nights, that's one night to realize I shouldn't cook again, the next night to work out that neither should @mikeyj1, so we'll need something for night three 🤣)

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