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  1. Look at my triplet galaxy post from near Bootes Any nice triplet stars in Bootes? Mark
  2. Lovely transparent sky yesterday after a day of showers with those super cumulonimbus clouds with anvils. After a few individual galaxies, I observed a lovely but faint triplet. NGC 5222/5221/5230. Research indicates they are 300 million light years away. They are quite hard to find by star hoping as they are between Bootes Coma and Virgo. I was trying to visualise where they are in 3D. They are in the general direction of the Virgo group but four times away. Turns out there is a lot of information out their as they include ARP 288 as one of the objects has a tidal tail, I am sure it will be on OOTW on the deep sky forum and loads of big dob users will have made out the tidal tail. I see a video astronomer on here has imaged it. Here is the best image I can find of them. So in the middle is 5222. It was a averted vision fuzzy circular object in my 16 inch in mag 5 skies. This is how the typical elliptical looks to me at the eyepiece. It was quite a hard spot. Then we have a classic face on spiral at the bottom left which is NGC 5230. This was slightly harder to spot as it had a low surface brightness again typical of a face on spiral. I then went after 5221. After a lot of effort I spotted the star between 5222 and 5221 and finally aided by the two pointer stars at the top left of this image I managed to see it intermittently with averted vision. Here is my drawing. So next time you are looking at M3 or perhaps the usual suspects in the Coma group or maybe Virgo galaxies why not go in between and look at this one. I bet there is a good image of this in that ARP book I saw at the Peak Star Party. Maybe Owen will do this group on the Web Deep Sky web site one day Go on add it to your to do observing list, you know you want to. Mark
  3. Good to see all these sketches.
  4. My old drawing looks like deep sky baggers but more basic. Mark
  5. Glad you solved your mystery. I did spend time looking through my notes but could not match anything to your sketch. Mark
  6. Before I forget I also enjoyed seeing some of the most perfect star testing airy disks I have seen in and outside focus. Mark
  7. Really enjoyed the weekend. Lots of time with my son Josh. We had a great LONG walk and back to Dovedale on Saturday. Thanks to Nick for organising it and showing me that lovely triple in UMA near M106. Thanks to Mapstar and others for letting me use their dobs as mine would not fit in the car. Loved those faint galaxy clusters. Hickson 56 was the stand out one for me. This is the group that is below and right of the big spiral in this picture. Back home now after negotiating the closed M5 Mark
  8. Should be with you all late afternoon. Nice weather as forecast has arrived. Mark
  9. I have been out practicing for the party. Just star hopped to the temporary Ursa Major triplet. ......M108 ..M97 .....and Comet 41p..stunning. Mark
  10. Looks a bit more like mine now. Two bits.. It will be good to look through a variety of scopes at the PSP. I find that one of the real benefits to getting together. Mark
  11. Country file only went to Friday. High pressure will establish itself over the UK on Saturday and through Sunday. Nick will be fine for doubles with the stable air but the transparency might be moderate for galaxy hunters. I am still keen on the Dovedale walk on the Saturday. Anyone who wants to tag along can. I should be there late afternoon all being well on the Friday. Mark
  12. We might need those super tent pegs to hold the tents down in the wind flowing around the high pressure system... Mark
  13. So much cloud at the moment. I was looking at the satellite pic and saw the advert above. I wonder if they would store some of this cloud SO WE CAN DO SOME ASTRONOMY!
  14. As you say a challenge object. This is one I have not seen. I think I discounted it given the low surface brightness! I will give it a go. Thanks for sharing it. Mark
  15. Looking good....