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  1. He stars look good to me. You can use a bratinov mask to help with the focus although I am no expert as I am a visual observer! Mark
  2. Nice. I think that is the Andromeda galaxy and m110 is also just visible. I am sure you will get lots of help on here to take it to the next level. Mark
  3. My box uses a silver foil outside with a thin insulation foam inside that. Mark
  4. I created an insulated box in my shed and it is working fine so far with no noticeable impact on my mirror and no condensation. The test is to go in mid morning as the shed warms and check to see if condensation has formed on the mirror which cooled overnight. Mark
  5. ...but once you have managed to see it you will find it much easier next time..I am not sure why this is but it does seem you can learn to discern things over time. It's almost as though once you know what you are looking for it becomes easier. Keep trying, especially on nights with a clear NW or N airflow and no moon. Mark
  6. That is a good starting point. If you like galaxies then I would have a look at this book for more ideas.
  7. Stiction update. Silicon wax helps movement but not stiction. Halving the length of the PTFE pads did not help so back to full length to keep psi below 15lbs per square inch. Sailkote is better. Stiction reduced by 50%. Also. Jubilee clips strategically applied to truss poles avoids top brackets twisting which helps hold collimation better. Mark I hope my experience helps others.
  8. I have named the scope Eddie in honour of my close astro buddy who died recently. Mark
  9. Thanks Mark we are keeping well in these radically uncertain times. I am blown away by the improvement in the sharpness of the stars with the new mirror cell. I saw some astigmatism and certain altitudes before but that is all gone. I am still working on the bearings as there is a lot of stiction in the alt motion but I will get there. I like problem solving. Over the next few days I am taking off the silicon wax and trying Sailkote which apparently will make anything slippy so we shall see. If not its on to metal roller bearings I also washed the mirror before putting it in the new set up and last night I was seeing down to mag 15 even with the 7mm eyepiece so that was nice to achieve as well. Hope you are also doing OK up there in Hereford. Hope it is not too long before we can observe together again. Regards Mark
  10. Finally observing galaxies again with my 20 inch dob after the rebuild. Observing galaxies in Draco which is well placed to the West. Two pairs stood out tonight. NGC 6285/6 (ARP 293) Both were relatively easy to spot in my 7mm eyepiece making a nice faint pairing. Here is an image of them from the internet. I also had a look at NGC6290/1. These were a little harder but stood out in the 10mm ortho lens and are to the left in this image. My new set up with a stronger mirror cell is helping as the stars seem sharper than before and this is helping pull out the faint objects. Really good to be back out observing. Mark
  11. Robin I will check that out. I will also experiment further with different lengths and positions of PTFE. Mark
  12. So first light tonight. The mirror cell is working well holding collimation and no astigmatism present so that's good. Balance seems about right.. Still getting some rotation on the top uta connectors even with star washers so a bit more work needed on them. Alt motion still stiff to get going but smooth once in motion even with silicon wax...any ideas anyone? Much easier to set up and take down than the previous set up so that's good. Shroud order placed with my wife. At least I now have a useable set up again. I had a look at Mars, a few galaxies and M13 etc.
  13. So top tip 37. Allow a cm of slack rather than setting the wheels on a level floor. With the carpet or grass the wheels will be slightly too high to easily attach as they are pushed up.. Maybe I can just put the dob on a mat to level things when observing. Also longer lower angle PTFE bearing material added as v1 was a bit rough and stiff. Tip 38 PTFE can be cut using repeated strokes with a Stanley blade and 4mm stuff can be bent by hand..
  14. The idea is to be able to quickly detatch the handles so that I then do not trip over them during observing. Mark
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