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  1. Can't find or see NGC 7814 Caldwell C43

    Dave 7814 is harder to spot than 7331 as it has a lower surface brightness but it should be doable with your 12 inch so don't give up. It's lovely when you see it under a triangle of stars. This chart might help. http://bristolweather.org.uk/galaxies/find.php?obj=NGC 7814 Mark
  2. Come on guys we can do this. Is there a better hour by hour chart? I can't find one. Mark
  3. Is the UK getting more cloudy?

    Tim So the clear numbers for this year so far are 18 3 11 26 19 22 10 10 so an average of 15 so still level but some pretty cloudy months. Mark
  4. Fainter as well tonight Mag 9.5 ish Mark Just amazing to follow..
  5. I can't see her moons šŸ˜ Need a tak?
  6. Thanks got her now. Moving slower than the other night! Just left of the cross now. Mark
  7. Stu describe it's location..I cannot find it due to patchy cloud. Is it inside the coffin yet?
  8. It's closing in on the bottom of those two stars...40 mins to get there I think.. Fascinating.. So if we compare the view in say Russia and here maybe we can work out the distance using trigonometry! Mark
  9. Galaxy observing - ARP 112

    Patrick Thanks for adding your observation and correcting my typo. Mark
  10. The nights are now drawing in. I have been enjoying reading this book. My attention was drawn to ARP 112 just above the Pegasus square. Well despite high cloud I managed to locate the area using my 16 inch dob and with careful averted vision I could see the two brighter galaxies NGC 7085 and NGC 7086 as two small cores..Here is my observation note. The galaxies are mag 13 and mag 14 and NGC 7806 was certainly the hardest to see. No I could not see the little arc.. the distorted galaxy MCG 5 1 26! Good to be out observing again. Mark
  11. New targets?

    Find the little diamond that is the Dolphin constellation and spot NGC 6934 on its tail..Nice small globular as it's 50000 light years away. And look at the dolphins nose star..y which is a fine double. Mark also near Bristol.
  12. Night of stunning seeing.

    Great report. It was still again last night..no twinkles... I really must make an effort on those good seeing but poor transparency nights. Mark
  13. Harry Thanks for your observation.. I can get to 15.2/3 overhead in a good sky so I will have another go.. Mark
  14. Getting higher now. Up to 4.7mm eyepiece and some fainter stars seen but the quasar is still too faint...will try again in a clearer night. Mark
  15. The quasar position is just below and left of the star to the right of center in my drawing. Mark