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  1. Getting higher now. Up to 4.7mm eyepiece and some fainter stars seen but the quasar is still too faint...will try again in a clearer night. Mark
  2. The quasar position is just below and left of the star to the right of center in my drawing. Mark
  3. Ok first stab at this low down in the gunk with a lot of high cloud. I can find the field of view and I can see the star just below and left of the quasar with direct vision. I cannot see the quasar but I think that on a better night with the object higher in the sky it should be possible. Mark
  4. John Ended up watching Perseids with my wife. I looked for the quasar with the naked eye 😀 I could just see the Andromeda galaxy with averted vision. Mark
  5. Actually might have a go tonight. Andromeda is rising in the NE and the moon rises after nautical darkness. Lets see how close I can get. Mark
  6. John I am going to need a non moon night for this one. Mark
  7. Sorry yes the first one is right..
  8. So now we need a chart
  9. John I certainly experience a peace and connection with the universe when observing that is unique. Sharing observing with your friend I am sure was a help to you both at this time. Mark
  10. Supernova 2017fgc in NGC 474

    Great report. I have seen 474 before but not 470.. I must go back. Mark
  11. Faint star hunting

    Yes the central star is quoted at 13.5 it's still hard but definitely there. The nebula in M27/57 makes seeing the star harder than if the background was black. Mark
  12. Faint star hunting

    I checked last night. I could get to m14.7 No central star 🙁 I can see the one in M27. Mark
  13. Nice Just needs a galaxy of the week😀 Only joking...it's a great read. Lots of inspiration to observe. Mark
  14. Faint star hunting

    Interesting thread. I can get to mag 15 just in mag 5 skies with my 16 inch dob overhead.. Get a motorised mount and a fast video camera and you will go much fainter. The new web telescope can see the heat of a bee on the moon. Not sure what magnitude that equates to. Mark