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  1. Galaxy session at Pencelli with my 100mm binoculars. I decided to focus on the Leo and Leo Minor area to see what you can pick up with big binoculars..using the pocket sky atlas. Here is the list of galaxies positively identified..some verified by Justin NGC 2903 - superb / NGC3344 / NGC3377 / M95 / M96 / M105 / NGC3384 / NGC3412 / NGC3521 - really bright / NGC3607/8 / M65 / M66 / NGC3628 / NGC3640 / NGC3414. The above are mag 8 to 10.. Amazing what you can do in an hour in dark skies. Mark
  2. 20 inch Dob, 'Sir Isaac.'

    https://www.cloudynights.com/topic/517193-m20-triffid-nebula/ Nice advert for this instrument.
  3. 20 inch Dob, 'Sir Isaac.'

    Have asked the wife if she fancies a holiday in SE France
  4. Enjoyed my time at the party. Great location, lovely people, nice walk up the mountains and an hour viewing galaxies in Leo in really special skies. Thanks to Freff for organising it. Mark
  5. I should be there about 5/6pm. Mark.
  6. Just a note to say mixed weather is likely with bands of showers and clear slots on Thursday and Friday night with better prospects on Saturday and Sunday night as the easterly airflow re-establishes itself. http://bristolweather.org.uk/charts.html Mark the galaxy hunter
  7. Ursa Major galaxies

    Try NGC 2841 also in Ursa Major. It's small but bright. Mark
  8. It's great for what I enjoy but I am also jelous of your refractor as I watch the wobbly stars in the trapezium. Mark
  9. Your old 16 inch scope would have picked up the supernova galaxy.. Miss it? Mark
  10. Looks like I will be hunting SN2018PV in NGC 3941

    I also had a look. To be honest the core just looked extended. I cannot say I split it. Perhaps just seeing or the fact others have better mirrors than mine. 😀 Lovely galaxy with a distinct halo. Mark
  11. Looks like I will be hunting SN2018PV in NGC 3941

    I will give the one in 3941 a go as well. Mark
  12. Look at this one. PGC 1580896. http://leda.univ-lyon1.fr/ledacat.cgi?o=pgc1580896 This one is mag 15 and red shift 15000kms so 700 million light years away. That sounds right. Mark
  13. If 10000 Kms redshift is 446 million light years the 500000 Kms is 446 X 50 is 22,300 million light years. Oh hang on that would be 22 billion... We need an expert!
  14. So maybe 2.2 billion light years ISH.
  15. This is my table for visual observing. It looks like your galaxy was many times further away than my table reaches out to! 😀