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  1. Yes I have those two attachments. What this great product needs is a manual! I will get a 10kg counterweight then. Mark
  2. So what do people think then re counterweights. Will 5kg be enough for my 4kg 100mm bins? Mark
  3. Mine is here. Bit of a chip off one of the handles but otherwise intact after its long journey. Fits my standard Manfrotto Tripod. Now what counterweight for my 25 X 100 bins ? Mark
  4. Stephan's Quintet

    I agree more magnification say 250 for those small galaxies. I can see them in my 16 inch from home but they are tough. Try to see the small galaxies near 7331 as well. Mark
  5. I think we will need to buy counterweights...We need to find a UK source for these.. Mark
  6. NGC1023 13\11\2017

    One of my favourites.. Mark
  7. I have also ordered the Ukrainian P mount. Looking forward to not having to crick my neck when observing! Thanks for the link Mark
  8. My humble photo from earlier...you can see the star...moon over exposed. Taken with Lenova phone afocal 130p Nick scope...
  9. Can't find or see NGC 7814 Caldwell C43

    Dave 7814 is harder to spot than 7331 as it has a lower surface brightness but it should be doable with your 12 inch so don't give up. It's lovely when you see it under a triangle of stars. This chart might help. http://bristolweather.org.uk/galaxies/find.php?obj=NGC 7814 Mark
  10. Come on guys we can do this. Is there a better hour by hour chart? I can't find one. Mark
  11. Is the UK getting more cloudy?

    Tim So the clear numbers for this year so far are 18 3 11 26 19 22 10 10 so an average of 15 so still level but some pretty cloudy months. Mark
  12. Fainter as well tonight Mag 9.5 ish Mark Just amazing to follow..
  13. I can't see her moons šŸ˜ Need a tak?
  14. Thanks got her now. Moving slower than the other night! Just left of the cross now. Mark
  15. Stu describe it's location..I cannot find it due to patchy cloud. Is it inside the coffin yet?