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  1. Joining the Webb Society was one of my best astronomy related decisions. I can highly recommend it as a deep sky observer. Mark
  2. Made the most of a rare clear night with the bug dob tonight. C/2017 T2 Panstarrs is looking bright with a short tail near the Perseus double cluster. Had another look at the Hubble variable nebula. Again bright and looks like a comet with a fan tail. I did check out a few galaxies. Tonight's haul included NGC 2513, NGC 2543, NGC 2535, NGC 2599 and NGC 2492. NGC 2599 was particularly bright. Here is an image from the internet of this fine galaxy which looked to have a stellar core to my eyes. Good to be out observing again. Mark
  3. Not ebony star...an offcut of some textured laminate. Seems to work ok.
  4. If anyone has a 2ft square of laminate for the base of the dob I am building I would be interested in purchasing it. Thank you Mark
  5. Gradually coming along. Drilling in Teflon is fun, hard to make indentations to ensure screw heads are below the Teflon surface. Give me a spreadsheet any day. Yes I know I should have used ice pucks but I like to be unique in my approach. Truss poles also arrived today. Now cutting these to length will be my next challenge. In fact cutting these without getting bent ends or non level ends will be an achievement for me. I do really enjoy the challenge and when the scope is complete it will be immensely satisfying. I also hope it will inspire others to have a go. Mark
  6. Looking promising in Bristol. Might get the big dob out and hunt a few fuzzies and check out the Orion Nebula and of course a quick check on Betelgeuse in between starlink satellites. Mark
  7. I once created a web page to show the brightest galaxies to try with binoculars. Try a few of my suggestions. http://bristolweather.org.uk/galaxies/Galaxy viewing with binoculars.php
  8. Thermal boots for observing Actually my wife bought me boots I can take off easily to save getting mud all over the dinning room floor!
  9. Stunning pictures. Must be amazing in those dark skies. Have you tried to see how faint you can go with the naked eye? Mark
  10. New mirror box and cell...getting there
  11. Try some of the brighter star clusters m35 36 37 and 38. Each one has a unique character and should show up well even with a less than perfect sky. Mark
  12. So many good ideas, thanks. I am sorted now but I am sure this thread will be a help to others down the line. Mark
  13. Yes but now I am used to the 20 inch and have a go with my 127mm mak it feels like using a toy scope.. Mark
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