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  1. mdstuart

    ngc 708 group...or is it?

    Owen of the Webb Society kindly gave me more data on the LGG 37 group which includes the above galaxies and now it looks like a real group. Absolutely beautiful group of galaxies. This Galaxies3D software works well http://www.galaxies3d.org/starcl-messier-objects-excluding-gc-galaxies.htm Mark
  2. So I put some data in some 3D software today. I thought lets try that Y shaped 708 group. I loved viewing this one visually. On the internet it is called an irregular group so I was not expecting a tight ball but you get this. Here is my data..The galaxies distances are 150 to 214 mly based on their redshifts. NGC 703 028.18 +36.10 212 AND NGC 704 028.15 +36.08 210 AND NGC 705 028.18 +36.09 202 AND NGC 708 028.20 +36.09 214 AND NGC 709 028.20 +36.13 150 AND This feels like that finger of God issue in redshift data but maybe this group is more of aline of sight group rather than a group group. Anyway I would welcome your thoughts. Mark
  3. mdstuart

    Europa/shadow/GRS tomorrow night

    John Here are my thoughts on your question. Happy for others to correct me! Io is about 422K from Jupiter at its furthest point from Jupiter. Our moon is 384K from earth. So our moon would be about 90% of the distance Io gets from Jupiter at the maximum separation if we were looking back from Jupiter. Io is now just past maximum separation and moving towards Jupiter from what I can tell from the interactive tools. Our moon would be about 1 sec of arc across (like Europa) and at maximum separation from earth would be about as far from earth as Io looks to Jupiter now. I think the earth would look about four times the size of Europa looks to us. Mark
  4. mdstuart

    Europa/shadow/GRS tomorrow night

    Now its a bit darker I can see three moons. I still cannot make out Europa..
  5. mdstuart

    Europa/shadow/GRS tomorrow night

    I can see one moon to the left and one further out to the right in my 20 x 80 binoculars Mark
  6. I use a 16 inch with a basic standard mirror with a bit of astigmatism. Works well with up to a 12mm eyepiece but push it up to a 7mm and you start to see the stars as small blobs rather than dots and some of that astigmatism..so if you want to go to x300 and see stars as sharp dots then the quality of the mirror does matter. Of course on fuzzy objects its not as critical :) I am grateful for what I have but one day I do fancy getting my mirror re-ground to a better shape as I think this might allow me to go deeper and see detail such as close double galaxies better. Mark
  7. mdstuart

    First session in a long long time

    Good to hear the night sky making a difference to how someone else feels. I love getting lost amongst the stars and galaxies. It helps me relax and reminds me what an amazing place we live in. Mark
  8. mdstuart


    Nice. I think I can see a few of the globulars that surround the smaller galaxy. Mark
  9. mdstuart

    Take time with Jupiter !

    Looks like I was too late by 1am..
  10. mdstuart

    Take time with Jupiter !

    I had a peak at Jupiter after my galaxy session. The red spot was very evident as was a moon below and right next to the planet but I missed the transit
  11. mdstuart

    Jupiter , there's more !

    Nice report. I was out galaxy hunting once it got dark at 11pm! I do keep faffing with the focus on Jupiter but you are right...once it's there leave it alone! Mark
  12. Lovely pair of galaxies. I viewed these years ago but I did not know about the quasar. Thanks for sharing your image. Mark
  13. mdstuart

    Glue a doublet lens back together

    Star test all good with sharp stars. Split Dziban easily in Draco. Well pleased! Mark
  14. mdstuart

    Dirty eyes?

    I have some faint ones in one eye ..started at about age 50. Makes you really appreciate your sight. Mark
  15. mdstuart

    Glue a doublet lens back together

    Collimation now fine. Sharp central view.

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