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  1. Thanks Tony for arranging another excellent SWAG star party. It was good meeting up with old friends and new. The Brecon dark skies didn't disappoint (despite only brining binoculars with me this time). This was our first holiday since Covid started & we both really enjoyed it. Looking forward to April & October. Mick & Jill
  2. Just had caravan serviced, all OK (not bad for a 23 year old van). Will now be staying, booked for 7th, 8th, 9th on pitch 4 (so no loud snoring Tony). Will be our first holiday since the start of the pandemic, really looking forward to it. Mick & Jill
  3. Not sure if Jill & I will be camping, but even if we don't we will come along for the day & meet up with everyone. Mick & Jill.
  4. With all the lockdowns in South Wales I'm not sure if this is still going ahead. Would have been really good to meet up again but Jill & I have decided to give this one a miss. Hopefully things will be better by spring. Mick & Jill.
  5. Nothing at my location for the next month.
  6. I have at last got around to processing the ISS transit data from April. Bit out of focus (but its difficult when there are no features on the sun to focus on). Will have another go when one comes around again. Mick
  7. Found one for my location, just have to get the PST out and remember how to set it up for imaging before Wednesday. .. Wednesday 2020-04-15 15:26:54.19 • Solar transit
  8. That is absolutely fantastic, I have definitely got to have a go.. Mick
  9. Hope you have a good time, weather forecast is looking OK for the weekend. May not be too many aircraft flying through your images as well! Mick
  10. We will also not be attending. Hope to see you all when this has ended. Keep safe. Mick & Jill
  11. Thanks for the response to my question. Our cold doesn't seem to be turning into anything serious and being in a field with friends is better than work So the current plan is to come along next week (see you all on Thursday). Mick & Jill
  12. With the current Coronavirus issue what are people planning on doing for the SWAG star party next week? Jill & I are not sure, we both have (what we hope are) slight colds atm, normally we would still turn up, but not sure now. If I'm going to catch the virus it will probable be at work, I work in an open plan office building with 2,000 other people who travel all around the world. So the additional risk of socialising with a few friends in a field in Wales is quite small.... However I have to go to work, but I don't have to attend the star party.... Also if I'm at high risk of catching the virus at work, maybe I should say away to protect you all What do other people think? Mick & Jill
  13. Booked, 19th - 23rd (pitch 5). Hope to see you all there. Mick & Jill.
  14. Will give them a call. NZ sounds good. Will you be taking your imaging rig with you?
  15. Have arranged time of work (19th - 23rd). Will book campsite when they open up in Feb. Mick
  16. Thanks to Tony for arranging another SWAG astro event. It was good to catch up with everyone again. The weather was a bit disappointing so not as much "star" as we would have liked. Hope to see you all at the next one. Mick & Jill.
  17. Only two weeks ?, I'd better unwrap the caravan and see if it survived the winter... Looking forward to it. Mick
  18. Great to see you all again at Fforest Fields. Despite the weather (& both of us having colds) we had a good time. The camp site is in a beautiful spot, with friendly staff & dark skies. Will definitely be going back. The journey home went OK, no floods to negotiate, thanks to Tony for the heads-up at Abergavenny. Looking forward to our next catch-up. All the best Mick & Jill
  19. Same experience as me. I am also short sighted with astigmatism, borrowed a pair at a star pary and couldnt reach focus with or without glasses. Was disappointed as I really like the idea. Mick
  20. Journey home on Sat was OK, glad we left early as wouldn't have got back today. Thanks to Tony for arranging another good event. Nice to catch up & chat with old friends & meet new ones. Let's hope the weather is better at the next one (although it is Wales...) Mick & Jill
  21. Will be there tomorrow, not sure what time as the caravan isn't packed yet (& Jill hasn't started getting ready.....) so probably afternoon. Mick & Jill
  22. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year from Mick & Jill
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