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  1. Meade etx on eq5

    I only do visual so a simple etx sct adapter (I like the look of that baader one you have) and a star diagonal. That's it really. Thanks to everyone who has replied, you have all been a great help.
  2. I want to take my etx 125 off the fork mount and put it onto an eq5 goto or similar. Has anyone done this in the uk? Can you tell me how and which tube rings / dovetail did you use and how did you solve the getting an adjustable eyepiece position for all viewing positions. Can you post pics? I have seen lots of stuff on the web but mostly USA and I was wondering if anyone in the uk has done this mod and if so how? Many thanks stefe
  3. National Forest Star Party ,November 2017.

    It was great to meet you all too. I Had a brilliant time. Both nights were great but especially last night was amazing, saw so many new targets (even with Dob!) which I know isn't a real scope 😂. Best views ever of m81 and m82 and so much more. Thanks Nick for organising this event. I'd Highly recommend it and will be along for the next one. The skies were pretty dark I'd say and light pollution didn't have any negative effect on the observing at all.
  4. 3 clear nights!

    Looking good for the peak star party😁 Oops that will have jinxed it!
  5. National Forest Star Party ,November 2017.

    I've decided to get a pod for this one! Hopefully I won't be too far away from the action! Looking forward to meeting some new astro friends.
  6. National Forest Star Party ,November 2017.

    I'm going and I'm looking forward to it. So who else is going to be there then? What equipment are you bringing? BTW I'm Steve from Aldridge West Midlands and I'm bringing my 8 inch revelation Dob and Some Helios Apollo 15x70 bins on a p mount.
  7. Eye Astigmatism help?

    Yes astigmatism will cause blur, however, In fact the contact lenses will most likely correct your astigmatism because they are rigid. Soft lenses need to have a special astigmatism correction built in. The astigmatism is the 0.25 and 0.75 numbers. 0.25 is negligible really, 0.75 is mild so with your lenses on it should be ok. Steve
  8. Hello from Birmingham

    Welcome David. I live in Walsall and yes light pollution is annoying. I really noticed how bad it was after going to a dark sky site. If you go to a dark sky site, the first few days back make you feel a bit down about the situation. I observe mainly in my back garden and the moon and larger planets are good targets. I think you have to set yourself a realistic expectation and go for targets that you stand a chance of getting, otherwise it can be frustrating looking for things you have no hope of finding. There has been a lot on another thread about double stars and how they can be great targets in light polluted areas. Many of us have to put up with light pollution and unless you move house it'll be something you'll learn to handle. I'm sure there are some local places you could potentially find that are less light polluted, especially to the west and southwest of Birmingham heading towards shropshire. Might be worth considering joining the Birmingham astronomical society - http://www.birmingham-astronomy.co.uk/. All the best Steve
  9. Eye Astigmatism help?

    1 dioptre of astigmatism is significant, although it depends what you are looking at in terms of the object. Everything is balance so there are pros and cons of wearing a correction at the eyepiece, convenience and comfort vs clarity, it's a choice, like everything in life. I am -7.50/-1.00 in my dominant eye so to make observing practical I have my glasses on all the time. Interesting discussion though.
  10. Eye Astigmatism help?

    I am an optometrist and the answer depends largely on how much astigmatism you have. If you want to observe without glasses but with the astigmatism corrected then you might try asking your optician about contact lenses for astigmatism. These days they are pretty good.
  11. First real eyepiece purchase?

    Just spotted 3 bst Starguider eyepieces on astrobuysell. £35 each 8mm, 12mm and 25mm. I have the starguider set except 18mm and 5mm and can highly recommend them.
  12. I have apollo's and find them great but they are quite heavy for handholding with any steadiness even for short times. I have found it not easy. If you can afford it I'd go for the light quest, decision based only on weight saving if you want to hand hold even for a short time, 0.5kg is worth having!. I have made a parallelogram for mine and I love it, it really works a treat, without the p mount, I'd struggle with holding them still for more than a few seconds (I'm not a weakling!), with the p mount they are rock solid steady. A tripod and monopod will work but is literally a pain in the neck when looking towards the zenith. Of course, this is just my experience and of course others may have a different view. i'm sure you will love the views with whichever ones you choose, just know that they are heavier than you might think. I have an 8 inch dob and really enjoy the combination with the Apollo's. Steve
  13. Report 05/07/17 M2 and Coathanger

    Love the coat hanger in my apollo 15 x 70 bins and had a similar experience 'discovering it'. Always look at it for I get the bins out and it's up. Great sketches.
  14. Recently put a telrad on my revelation 8 inch dob, its transformed my observing. Much easier to find stuff and you can find the telrad messier chart online to make it even easier. Have made a home made dew shield though as it dews up easily. Amazing piece of kit I'd recommend it. One for sale on astrobuysell for £30, definitely worth it. Steve
  15. Early winter gems.

    Perhaps we'll get a chance to see theseat the rosliston star party in a couple of weeks 😁