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  1. I have one of these and use it with my ES 24mm 82. I don’t find any draw back tbh. At that price it’s a steal. I’d be biting the sellers had off if I didn’t have one already steve
  2. OMG I just received mine from FLO. Haven’t opened the boxes yet - it’s for my birthday next month. Hope mine doesn’t make grinding noises.
  3. Received my Ioptron AZ PRO mount, tripod and extension tube today. Have to wait a month to open it though it’s for my birthday. Can I wait that long . Will post pics of the set up when it’s got the scope on. Steve
  4. Thanks for sharing your investment. I Just did a quick tot up I have about 7.5K or more invested. Dread to think about the 'cost per view' based on the number of clear nights available in the UK let alone the light pollution in my garden and I don't even have a quark or Ha scope yet. Steve
  5. Great. One of these is on my list of acquisitions so which type would most users recommend - chromosphere or prom? No I cant have both!! Steve
  6. Might not be relevant but I have the Altair 80mm ED Starwave and its a fantastic powerful scope. I love it. I use it lots and the build quality is fabulous, the focuser is top quality and it gives great views. I would think the big brother would be just as good? Steve
  7. Thanks Doug, I agree, I don't even try doubles with the dob because the frac is sharper. I have a Mak 127 which isn't bad for doubles once its cooled. My weapon of choice though is the frac 80ed is great as it is easy to grab and go and set up on the goto mount. I'll look into the Cambridge double star atlas. Steve
  8. Doug, Thanks for posting. Can you tell me the SAO numbers of these doubles. I have my Altair ED 80 on a SW star discovery mount and much prefer to find by SAO number. Id like to check these ones out. Steve
  9. I’m interested to know what you think Glen as I have 2 other of this John Moore series of books and may consider getting this one too. If anyone else has this and could privide an opinion, I’d appreciate it. steve
  10. Thanks for sharing. Great read. Sounds like you had a really nice time. steve
  11. I say this with a little tongue in cheek and with some lightheartedness but I think the rubbish uk weather has a lot to do with this very topic. I was only thinking the other day that when the weather is rubbish many of us get our Astro fix (me especially) by spending time looking for the next Astro bit or thinking about what we’d like to improve our experience. If the weather was better we’d most likely get our fix by spending more time observing or imaging and then we might not need to spend so much time pondering or searching for the ideal next bit of kit. Anyway, whilst the bad uk weather stops us getting our fix, it must be good for the Astro retail business and without a strong Astro supply and a strong used market (which is good for us all) we’d have nothing to look at when the weather’s bad. . Steve
  12. Agree with above comments. I have WO also. Love them. You will rarely go to monocular view for lunar after you have done binoviewing. You will need a barliwof some kind. I suggest the following option https://www.365astronomy.com/Lacerta-2.6x-Lightpath-Corrector-Barlow.html or https://www.365astronomy.com/TS-Optics-2.6x-Glass-Path-Corrector-and-Barlow-Lens-1.25-TS-TSGWK161.html Good luck and I hope you enjoy the views steve
  13. Look ok to me. Not sure why they are so cheap but I’d be goin* for that if I were looking for this ep. steve
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