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  1. Glad you got chance to get the yard cannon out Paul.
  2. Nice - I love binoviewing too. Hope you enjoy these. Had to do a double take here. Noticed the book - the unauthorised history of Mi5 - thought at first it was the unauthorised history of M15 and thought blimey that’s a thick book for one messier object - someone must have researched it thoroughly Then realised it was MI5 Steve
  3. My Daughters boyfriend competes internationally in the downhill mountain biking championships. It’s a good balance for you as you say leaves the cash reserves a bit tight. Flying is the same - not cheap but fun. Thanks for sharing and I must say the lake district for dark skies must be amazing Steve
  4. Good thread. Sorry to hear that you’ve reached this stage. Like many have said, interest seems to wax and wane like the moon but I always come back feeling refreshed and ready for another session. Hope that feeling never goes away. Weather is a pain here for sure, it gets in the way of significant Astro events that don’t come round that often and you build up your hopes of seeing something, only to be frustrated by the weather. What other hobbies do people have? Apart from Astronomy, I’m into fountain pens, scale modelling, cycling - a bit but not much and recreational flying light aer
  5. I have a Meade 4000 32mm plossl in fair condition which I’d sell for £32 incl postage. Let me know of its of interest? I’m away on hols this week so can’t send pics but I’m sure we can sort something if you are interested? Steve
  6. I’m thinking I might like one of these 8inch CC so looking forward to the reviews. Steve
  7. Hi Steve , not much astronomy going on lately, hopefully that will change. Hope you are doing well

  8. I have a copy of turn left at orion if your interested? steve
  9. Not all opticians use those machines - called phoropters - I am an optician and I use the traditional trial frame approach - God forbid anyone who comes to me thinks that we are torturing their eyes! Glad your optician sorted out the bifocal problem for you though. Steve
  10. Thanks for sharing that. Yes I might have to push the boat out and get one! Steve
  11. I’ve always fancied one of these. Never used one but if I was looking for a first one, I’d definitely have one of these https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/language/en/info/p5506_TS-Concenter-2--colimation-eyepiece-for-Newtonian-Telescopes.html Steve
  12. Weirdly I’ve recently sold some Astro stuff and clearing out had made me feel better. I’m down to the essentials in eyepieces. I still have a couple of rarely used scopes like my Meade etx 125 but although they are optically perfect, they’re a bit beat up and when I consider selling I think they won’t fetch much money and so it’s better to keep them. I’m not saying buying new gear is not good for the soul, however at the same time, minimising can be just as satisfying.
  13. I have the Altair one. Can’t fault it. Great views, easy to use, as has been said - easy to use the back plate as a finder. Haven’t used the others so can’t compare but I can say that the Altair one does give great views. Steve
  14. Most scopes come with an attachment called a dovetail which attaches the scope to the mount. They are fairly universal. You might be able to pick up a used combination for your budget. If you had the manual mount it would be within your budget new - I think? Steve
  15. Based on your questions and answers, you have the basic pros and cons. The mak will be good on the moon and planets. I have a Meade etc 125 mak and find it poor for deep sky except globular clusters. As you say, no collimating required. The trouble I find is that the field of view is narrow, making it more difficult to find objects and due to the long f ratio, at higher magnification, the images can be very dark due to the small exit pupil these scopes produce. My personal view on this is to consider an achromatic refractor for your budget - either 100mm or 120mm. I think these wi
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