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  1. Well I'm interested, you can definitely put my name on the list and if there is enough interest and you can run this, I'm in for sure.
  2. I'm interested. I'm a complete beginner as far as variable stars are concerned.
  3. Velpecula - Brocchi's open star cluster (Cr399)

    Well what an amazing coincidence, I was looking with my Helios apollo 15x70s last night and was looking near the vulpecula / Cygnus border and came across this bright collection of stars just as you have drawn it. I had never seen it before and couldn't find it on my star maps so was puzzled, it was so bright and obvious I was surprised I couldn't find any info. Anyway, now I know exactly what it is and I'll look it up again 👀👍. Thanks for sharing and helping me identify what I saw, much appreciated and great sketch by the way.
  4. I had a similar problem with my etx125. Fixed it using epoxy steel putty. Might not look pretty but works perfectly. Pics enclosed
  5. I am about to attempt to build this one I saw online http://www.astro-tom.com/projects/binomount/binocular_mount.htm Will post pics when I'm done. Could be a few weeks though!
  6. SGL 2017 SP Bookings Now Open

    My first time at SGL too Ade. Hopefully see you there.
  7. What a difference a dark sky makes.

    Glad you have experienced a dark sky, imho it makes observing so much easier and more fun. I was in the Yorkshire dales last year and I could see deep space objects with the naked eye that I struggle to find with an 8 inch dob at home in the West Midlands! Must admit when I got back and couldnt find things as easily I thought I was just going backwards with the hobby. Got over it quickly enough though and now I just accept that light pollution was the reason, rather than me. Can't wait for the star party at Lucksall, definitely dark skies, hopefully clear ones as well! See you there
  8. It'd be nice if there were different workshops or discussions with 'tracks' for different the disciplines eg one for those interested in imaging another for those interested in visual. Also one for beginners and one for advanced. You can't please all the people all the time but having a choice of workshops has worked at other events I've attended. Personally, I am visual observer and as I've said previously and has appeared in a couple of other posts as well - something about star hopping to find the key visible Messier objects and other clusters / galaxies would be a great maybe concentrating on the constellations that will be visible at the event. Also I like the side by side comparison idea mentioned above. Also perhaps those that have really super scopes that give great views who are willing to show others the views should make it obvious in some way that they are open to this, as a newbie, I wouldn't like to interrupt someone who wasn't happy about being interrupted so I probably wouldn't ask if I was unsure. Also, as a newbie, the moon still has plenty to offer me, how about a workshop for newbies on lunar observing, eg the key landmarks, how to observe them and how to find them, followed by the the lesser known landmarks and how to observe/ find them and then the real difficult landmarks. I know the moon won't be visible during the event so this would have to be a presentation. Is it possible to have experienced attendees volunteer to be 'go to' people for newbies who have questions or want guidance etc. Finally, observing with binoculars a practical session to spot the key objects visible with binoculars over the weekend. Long list I know and along with all the other ideas above it means a lot of good suggestions for you to weigh up. Hopefully you can make some of these ideas get off the ground.
  9. I'd be interested in doing some observing with anyone in this area. I live in Brownhills and either rosliston or Cannock chase are better than my back garden as well. Post on SGL if any plans develop and I'll happily tag along.
  10. Hi, I am from Nottinghamshire

    Welcome to the SGL. The forum is a great place to get your questions answered and to get a number of different opinions.
  11. Bookings for Astrocamp open today at 1pm

    Booked. looking forward to it. This will be my first Star Camp. Hopefully the skies will be clear!
  12. Moon grassendi sketch - Take 2

    Me too Richard! But I'm persevering 🤔
  13. Hello

    Welcome and I hope you enjoy your journey into AP.
  14. The clouds and the nice waxing crescent

    I doubt I could do anything as good as this in 5 days let alone 5mins! Very good indeed, you obviously have natural talent. Personally, I'm trying to pluck up the courage to start sketching but I'm struggling with the confidence to put pencil to paper. I know I shouldn't be afraid and that whatever I produce is probably better than not producing anything at all but it seems I have an irrational fear of failure about starting sketching. Anyway, just wanted to say how good your work looks, well done.
  15. As a beginner with a DOB, I'd like to see an education slot on star hopping to find the key Messier objects and other DS objects that beginners might like to see.