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  1. Trikeflyer

    Mars Close and Bright in Late July

    Me too. Only the Meade etx 125 though. Waiting for Jupiter and possibly Mars as I have to be to bed earlier than usual as need to be up at 5am! I'm going to the Royal International Air Tattoo at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire. Should be a great day celebrating the RAF 100 year anniversary. Binoculars are ready, only cheap 7x50 but should be good for spotting planes! Steve
  2. I Agree with the comments above. If you observe from the UK and the conditions are not predictable, the benefit of a scope with faster cooling is worth considering. If you have predictable weather where you are and can therefore leave the scope out to acclimatise for a while that may not be a consideration. Also depending on your observing location, as Stu has said, planets may be low in the sky and the atmosphere will have effect on what you see. Also sct scopes are prone to dewing up so a good dew solution is needed at certain times of year. If you were asking me, I think a Newtonian with a dob base would be worthy of consideration. That said, Having used a non goto dob I'd say that for me, at High mags, tracking planets can be tricky because you are constantly having to touch the scope and this can cause a bit of wobble which spoils the image. I'm sure this isn't the case for everyone as it's a bit of an acquired skill I think. Deep sky objects don't have the tracking challenges that planets do (for me anyway) and I have to say the the ring nebula and M13 globular have never looked anywhere near as good in any scope I have than with the 12 inch dob. If I had my choices again I'd have a 10 or 12 inch flex tube goto dob. I've never used an sct so I'm not talking from a highly authoritative point of view regarding the specific scope you asked about. These are only my opinions and others will I am sure have a different perspective which is what is so great about SGL...
  3. Have a great time! I'm off to Lanzarote and will be taking my travel set up for the first time.
  4. Good question. At the moment im planning to use a very well padded carry on size suitcase which will also hold the mount without the tripod as well. Not tried it yet but if it doesn't work I'll use a soft case dedicated for the ota. Steve
  5. In comparison they are ..... 12 inch Dob, 8 inch Dob, 5 inch frac SW Equinox and 5 mak Etx 125 ... I found it tricky to find a balance between portability and usefulness and this edged it over a 70mm frac and a 100mm Mak. Hopefully it'll do the job.
  6. Thanks. How do you like the mount? I haven't tried it yet but am waiting with anticipation . I do have a Meade etx 125 which I could put on this mount as well but this scope is about 1/2 the weight and I'm enjoying frac views more than mak at the moment, not sure why really but the focuser on the Meade is a bit more fickle. I think the skymax is better in that respect. I posted previously about travel mounts and this was suggested by another SGL member as a portable mount that could go in hand luggage. The skymax 127 is a great scope for sure - if you were considering bigger than an 8" + reflector dob style would give you great views of deep sky objects. Clear skies steve
  7. Here are a couple of pics of my new travel set up minus finder, diagonal and eyepiece.
  8. Trikeflyer

    APM 16x70 ED (review of sorts)

    I have some 15x 70 Apollo bins and love them. I have a made a p mount in ash from plans found on the internet and it makes the viewing effortless. It really is easier than I thought to do as I'm no diy expert. If anyone wants the plans and some pics I'll post it for you. Steve
  9. Trikeflyer

    Fine Lyra Red Giant (Instead Of Hercules Doubles)

    Yes, that's the only thing with the dobs from a back garden, the trees, fences and houses can get more in the way than with a tripod. Glad you are enjoying the dob though, they are fairly effortless if you have a reasonable idea where things are and you can easily sweep lots of sky area quickly to find stuff. Steve
  10. Trikeflyer

    Fine Lyra Red Giant (Instead Of Hercules Doubles)

    Great report and glad you are enjoying the dob. Thanks for the tip on xy Lyra - never heard of it before so will look out for it next time. Found some info on sky safari and posted for others to read. XY Lyrae is a 6th magnitude Variable Star appearing in the constellation Lyra. It is 1717 light years from our solar system. It is a orange-red star of spectral type M4.5-M5. Its energy output is 829 times the Sun's luminosity. XY Lyrae is a pulsating long-period variable star of type LC. Its magnitude varies from +5.8 to +6.3, with an irregular or unknown period. I had the mak out last night and stared with Jupiter at mag about 100 in the binoviewers - looked ok but would take much more mag. Mars was just a mushy red ball as it was so low on the horizon and the seeing was not great due to thin cloud. Old favourite Albiereo was stunning I thought. Also found the double Achird in Cass which was nice. Owl cluster in cass was also good last night, one of my favourites. Finished on M13, the ring nebula and the dumbbell nebula. The best views I have had of the ring and dumbbell have been in the 12 inch dob, the 5 inch mak is great on planets but tbh you can't beat a great dob - as Doug has already said. Steve
  11. Trikeflyer

    Opinions please

    Looks like a solid nice looking scope. I pushed the button earlier on the Altair Astro 80mm ED, should be here in the next couple of days. Now I need a good short focal length eyepiece!
  12. Trikeflyer

    Opinions please

    Will do. I got one of the very last ones with the handset control. They are now apparently discontinued by Skywatcher in favour of the wifi version. I didn't want the wifi version because the SynScan wifi database is very light on double stars and that is going to be one of my main reasons for using the mount. If you are going to get the handset version I think Telescope house might have one left and that might be about it based on the emails I sent. If you're not bothered about the handset then you'll be able to get one no problem. Steve
  13. Trikeflyer

    Couple of recent lunar sketches

    Simply amazing sketches. You are indeed very talented. Steve
  14. Trikeflyer

    Welcome to FLO Tele Vue

    If you only use your left eye then you wouldn't need the prism as that is to stop double vision when using both eyes together but it could explain why you had eyestrain when you didn't have the glasses on because your eyes will try and compensate for the prism which will undoubtedly cause the eye muscles to feel a bit strained.
  15. After much internal debate and research I am thinking of getting an 80mm refractor for travel use as well as for use on the skywatcher star discovery goto mount which I will use primarily for double stars and open clusters when at home. After a fair bit of research I am thinking that the Altair Astro 80 ED-R is going to be my choice. Can anyone who has one of these scopes give me feedback about how good or bad they are? If I wasn't travelling I'd probably go with the skywatcher but I think the OTA length is just a bit too long to fit in cabin baggage. If anyone has the skywatcher ed80 can you tell me the OTA length with dew shield retracted. Many Thanks Steve

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