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  1. Trikeflyer

    Newbie or not newbie

    Welcome back. All the very best to you and your wife. steve
  2. Trikeflyer

    Skywatcher ED120, some musings

    I have the equinox 120 with feather touch and I love it. I use it on skytee 2 no problem. Haven't used it on AZ4 or 5 though. Since using my 80mm Altair ed-r with star discovery goto from my back garden in suburbia light pollution city (great grab and go set up) I have really found it helpful for double stars and the less easy to find objects. Now I want alt az goto for the equinox but they don't come cheap. Heard mixed reports about the az eg5 got and have been a bit put off by them Considering the ioptron az pro with gps, which for similar money seems to be much better spec. Options are limited for this weight of scope in az goto. I'm saving hard to get one of these though... @cloudsweeper Hope you enjoy your ed 120 as much as I love the equinox, whichever mount you choose to use with it.
  3. Trikeflyer

    Equinox 120 gripped , sorted !

    The 120 equinox is great I really like the views I get with mine. Although you only have an 80mm Equinox, you do have a Tak and I have never looked through a Tak 100 to compare the views with the 120 Equinox. I'd be interested to look through a Tak at the moon to see how much better it is than the 120 Equinox. Steve
  4. It is always such a difficult one to answer but in terms of type of scope to concentrate on, either the Schmidt cassegrain type like the 8se or an 8 - 10 inch Dobsonian. There are pros and cons of both but both will give good all round deep space and planetary detail. The 8se will probably be goto mount which means easier to find deep space faint objects from light polluted observing sites. If the Dob is not goto, you lose that ability but in terms of spend you will be at the lower end of your budget and so have money left for good eyepieces and the televue power mate etc. Refractors are great scopes too but for your budget and bearing in mind your deep space targets, I think you would be better with a reflecting telescope with more aperture. Good luck with the search and I'm sure others here will offer you a wealth of advice too. Steve
  5. Trikeflyer

    Equinox 120 gripped , sorted !

    Here you go. Set up for a bit of white light solar binoviewing. Holds the wedge a 2 inch explore scientific Barlow and the binoviewers with ease.
  6. Trikeflyer

    Equinox 120 gripped , sorted !

    I can't fault my 120 equinox with feathertouch. Love it. I'm glad yours is a shining example too @Patbloke. Sounds like you had a great session. All I need for mine now is a goto mount. I'm an alt az guy so need something alt az that can manage the weight..... Steve
  7. Trikeflyer

    Heads up " Sky at Night " Sunday

    His name is Tim Gregory. I thought he was good too. Down to earth kind of guy - excuse the pun! Steve
  8. Trikeflyer

    NGC 752

    Funnily enough I looked at this the other night in the 8 inch dob. I'd never seen it before but it's a really open cluster withal you say, lots of eye-catching little sub groups. Definitely one that I plan to revisit. I had it at about 50x with the Es 24mm 82. Looked nice in that. Easy to find, nestled between almach and the Triangulum constellation. Glad you felt it worth posting, kind of confirms my thought about how nice it looked and brought back a little memory of it. I followed it with a look at M34, another nice open cluster which is nearby. Thanks again for posting this. Steve
  9. Ok, that adds a new spin. I don't image so please take this as a basic intro from what I know... the mount is the kingpin for imaging. You need an EQ mount and goto is a must for imaging these types of deep space faint objects. Depending on the scope you choose, the mount you should look at are the EQ5 or HEQ5 or similar types of equatorial mounts. Scopes don't need to be large for imaging. I am sure everyone who images will be much better to give detail than I can but I think it comes down to small - 72 to 100mm APO refractor like the skywatcher esprit or Williams optics gt range. You may be able to use an ED scope like skywatcher 80mm ED pro and other Astro imagers will tell you more about the ins and outs of ED vs APO optics and the effect on imaging. The alternative scope is probably the Newtonian type of reflector like the skywatcher 130 pds which will be much cheaper than the refractor but requires a bit more in the way of accurate collimation to get good images. Like I say I am Noe expert and the kit is only half the story when it comes to imaging. Hope that at least gives you a bit to research before jumping in. Of course others may provide equally valid opinions about the best way to get going. Good luck Steve
  10. Trikeflyer

    SGL 2018 Pitch Plan

    Hey Tony, great that you will be there. I'm bringing the 12 inch dob that I threatened to have this time and I might bring a frac as well if I have room. Looking forward to seeing you again. Steve
  11. +1 for this. I had goto to start with and if used as an aid it can enhance your learning of the night sky. If used in conjunction with either software such as sky safari it stellarium, you can use it to define the objects you want to 'goto'. That way, you learn the sky from the software or planishere and use the goto as a support. I had been without goto for a while and now I have it again, it makes the hobby from light polluted skies much easier and if the alignment is right, you can be certain to be looking at the object you think you should be looking at. Now I use manual dobs and goto smaller scopes. I would probably recommend alt az goto to make life a bit easier at the start.
  12. Trikeflyer

    SGL 2018 Pitch Plan

    Thanks Ally, Sounds Awesome. I will definitely pop over for a brew and a view! Great first light report. Glad you had such a great view of M51. I'm still looking for it!! See you at Lucksall Steve
  13. Trikeflyer

    SGL 2018 Pitch Plan

    Can't wait. Looking at your signature and remembering a few posts from earlier in the year, how is the new Dob? Steve
  14. Got my scope with a feather touch and it's amazing. Can't speak for moonlite as I've never used one. Steve.
  15. Trikeflyer

    COMPLETED - COMPLETED 8mm bst starguider.

    Hi Olli, I have one of these that I could let you have. pm sent Steve

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