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  1. Lunar diamonds

    I think I have had the best views I have ever had of the moon tonight. The equinox 120 with WO binoviewer with 20mm eyepieces and 2.5x OPC gave stunning views of Mare Crisium and the surrounding area. Hope others had the same. steve
  2. Jupiter 18th April

    Did the scope perform ok after the collimation?
  3. Jupiter 18th April

    Glad you had a good view of Jupiter last night. I was out last night and as I was about to pack up after a night of lunar, Venus and globular clusters M3, M13, M53, M92. Jupiter popped its head above the horizon and I thought it'd be rude not to have a quick peek. Not the best I've seen it but not bad. It was a bit low on the horizon so the atmosphere was probably interfering. Definitely worth looking at though and it was nice to be out on a warm night for a change, the moons looked nicely spaced last night. Looking forward to a warm clear night outside tonight. Steve
  4. The objective is to use the primary adjusting screws at the bottom of the scope to align the centre marking spot on the primary with the centre of the cheshire. By shining a red light onto the face of the Cheshire it's easier to identify it in the reflected surfaces you see when looking through the sight hole. adjusting the primary is the easiest of the steps and if you adjust the primary screws a little one at a time, you will see the effect it has on the alignment of the centre spot through the Cheshire sight hole. If you go slowly you can always undo what you have done. Don't do it recklessly but equally, don't be afraid to have a go. Imagine the picture you want is like a donut with a hole in the middle lined up with the Cheshire sight hole. again, if you struggle post a pic and we'll see if we can guide you. Steve
  5. Skye ,with 10" Dob

    You've sold it to me Nick. Gotta get up there now I've read your report! Steve
  6. I have both and they both work well. Laser is quicker and easier in the field. The thing about the laser is that it too must be collimated fairly well and if it is, then all good, if not, could be a nightmare. Moral, if you buy a cheap laser collimator and it's well collimated, you are a lucky astronomer. Even some expensive lasers might not be collimated! Steve
  7. The benefits of planning for the Bowl of Virgo

    Yes Nick, I'll never forget the views we had at Rosliston with that 8 inch dob of mine. steve
  8. You need really high mag to see the rings and good seeing is a help! If your stars are clear and pretty round you are collimated!
  9. Have a cup of tea and relax a minute. If you have the secondary mirror as round central to the focuser as it can be, the three adjusting screws in front of the secondary should now be slightly adjusted to get the primary clip holders into view. This should not really alter the shape of the secondary too much as it appears in the focusing tube and should not take too much adjusting. If it does, maybe the secondary retaining centre screw needs a bit of loosening or tightening but don't do that until you are sure it needs it. Have a go, send a pic if you need more help. Steve
  10. The benefits of planning for the Bowl of Virgo

    Great session, amazing haul there. All with an 8 inch dob. Well done and what a way to go. steve
  11. Bagged Another Galaxy!

    I have an 8 and a 12 inch revelation. Had the 8 inch first. Thought the 12 would make a big difference. In the end there isn't that much in it, depending on your skies and the targets. The 12 inch is a beast and although it is manageable, I have to separate the base and the scope to move it and that is a bit of a pain. I have put handles on the make it easier to move. The 8 inch can be moved all in one so to speak. In all honesty if I did it again I'd get a quality 10 inch with as good quality mirrors as I could afford and I'm certain that would be the perfect combination of quality viewing with portability. Not sure I that helps but it's my perspective. Good luck in the final choice. Steve
  12. Kelling Heath Spring 2018?

    I'm arriving tomorrow and have a pitch on the yellow field too. I Don't have the number handy. This is my first visit to Kelling, hoping that the weather is at least dry and looking forward to meeting some of you and to making some new Astro friends. Steve
  13. Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro

    I assume you seen this ad on the for sale side of this site but just in case you haven't . I don't have any links with the seller btw
  14. Kelling Heath Spring 2018?

    Yes I'm going. First time to Kelling. Looking forward to it. steve