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  1. Can anyone comment on the use of the eq5 pro goto mount for visual with the 120 ed equinox refractor. I'm debating the pros and cons of the eq5 mount for this scope. I can't stretch to heq5 but don't want to waste money on something that won't work. Is anyone using this combo or has used it successfully for visual? Firstly, can the mount hold the weight easily enough - I know what the weight limit is according to SW but I'm interested to know if it works in real life so to speak. Secondly, equatorial vs alt az for visual observing? Will the eyepiece position be a pain to manage? Thanks Steve
  2. Just reading Gerald North book 'observing the moon'. To paraphrase his section on the best instrument for the job, he pretty much says this 'if you can afford it 10 -14 inch dob with as long a focal ratio as you can accommodate, followed by a refractor of at least 5 inches with f8 ed optics, not far behind, the mak at least 6 inches but no larger than 8 inches aperture and finally the sct greater than 10 inches aperture' he goes on to say remember this is for VISUAL. He makes a strong case for the negative impact of thermals, temperature stability and poor seeing on larger scopes and indeed he thinks observing conditions are the biggest factor in the equation. He advocates stopping down a large dob if the seeing is poor. He also makes the point that he would put quality of optics above sheer size. To quote him 'you will have a great deal more success and satisfaction from working with a small telescope of good mechanical and optical quality of moderate, or even small, size than you will from a much larger light bucket of poor quality' He poses the question 'what if one were wealthy enough to have both quality and aperture? His answer 'based on nearly 40 years of observing with a large variety of telescopes of of differing size and design ranging from 60mm refractor to 0.91m cassegrain reflector, my answer to that question is no. In fact sometimes even the reverse is true. He cites 2 reasons, the problems of atmospheric convective air causing refractive index changes - the ones that affect scopes are 10 to 20cm in diameter. He says that from back yard sites the seeing rarely allows you to resolve anything less than 1arcsec and that a quality 6 inch instrument will allow this resolution if the seeing is good enough. The image will be brighter and have more contrast in a larger scope. The point I think is that for lunar aperture isn't everything and often smaller can be better, go for quality not size. Just to be clear I am quoting him here for the good of the debate. I am sure there are many other just as valid opinions but I thought this info would add to the discussion. The book, by the way is excellent and well worth reading if you are into lunar observing. 😁
  3. Double star scope and mount

    I've decided to get a goto mount. Thanks guys for the input. I have decided to go for something solid that can take my Meade etx 125 and also potentially my revelation astro 8 inch newt ( currently I use it as a dob). I have a 12 inch revelation which I will keep as a dob. I don't yet have the skywatcher frac and I'm interested to know from domstar if he is delighted with the scope? Any other opinions also welcome! I'm thinking of getting a used neq6 pro. Is that overkill or a reasonable option?
  4. I'm looking to get the skywatcher ED 100 DS pro refractor for double stars and general use (moon and planets) mostly from a suburban back garden. Thinking about the mount and balancing ease of use with accuracy, are good doubles do able with an AZ4 manual mount and will this take the weight of this scope or should I invest in an eq5 goto? I'd value an opinion from anyone with experience in the double star in light polluted skies. Steve
  5. Getting to know Constellations

    Geoff, What's an LP record disc 😂🤔😂. Only joking, it's a great description of a planisphere.
  6. Early treasures.

    Funnily enough I was out tonight and found NGC 2281. Never seen it before, looked nice in the 8 inch dob. Liked the central diamond shape, definitely worth spending time on this one.
  7. SGL 2018 - Save the Dates!

    Dates saved too. Looking forward to it!
  8. I did it ..... a Mak

    Get some binoviewers for lunar viewing, they are amazing!
  9. I'm looking for some ideas about a good (ED) 4 inch frac and mount that can supplement my meade etx 125 and 2 dobs (8 and 12 inch revelations). I am visual only and tend to stay with that. I want a decent instrument but can't justify investing in a Tak, Vixen, Williams Optics etc as even second hand these are well over £1000 to £1500 for the OTA alone. I'm sure there are plenty of options out there, can anyone recommend something good that they have or have used in the next level down when it comes to ED refractors. Was considering skywatcher 100ED DS Pro F9? Any opinions - good or bad or other suggestions. Also want a motorised alt-az mount to go with this - any ideas or recommendations? max budget £1500 inc mount, finder and diagonal. Thanks in advance Steve
  10. I am interested to get any feedback from people who have owned or used one of these scopes both the deluxe and standard. I have a Meade ETX 125 and was just wondering if it was worth upgrading to one of these, are they as good as the website suggests? Any ideas how they compare to a skywatcher 150 or 180 pro? Thanks Steve
  11. Got this today

    I'll let you know Paz
  12. Got this today

    Thanks Alan. I had a copy of the 21st century of the moon for Xmas. Use it loads. You're quite right it's really good. steve
  13. Got this today

    Thanks I'm looking forward to starting on it. Saw your post earlier about the Ha scope, that might be next on my list. Keen to know how you get on with it!
  14. Got this today

    Got this off amazon - used but only £6.50 + £2.80 postage