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  1. The numbers are going up, many thanks to you guys for your support after such a disastrous 18 months due to Covid. There are several new faces this time, so fingers crossed that the weather behaves and you can enjoy our near pristine skies. Are any of you caravanners, just so I can check on suitable pitches.
  2. X These are the pitches allocated so far. The pitches numbered in Black are hard standing and more suited to caravans. Those numbered in yellow are grass, more suited to tents.
  3. Here is the list of those attending so far. If I have missed anyone or have the wrong details please let me know. freff pitch 3 7th - 9th mdstuart pitch 10 8th - 9th adyj1 pitch 11 7th - 10th reddross pitch 13 7th - 9th estwing pitch 28 8th - 9th mapstar pitch 27 8th - 9th swampthing pitch 26 8th - 9th lee_b pitch 14 8th - 9th lew pitch 6 7th - 8th dust in time pitch 12 7th - 10th trikeflyer pitch 7 8th - 9th
  4. If you ever attend you will most definitely get to meet some of them.
  5. The field we use for our star party is The Oaks. It has about 35 pitches all with EHU. The Meadows is without EHU, and is not used by us. Having said that, individuals can pitch anywhere. Highlighted is the area we use. HTH
  6. There is a pub The Royal Oak 50yrd from the site, a cafe/grocers and PO 1½ miles in Tal-y-Bont and Brecon 5 miles. The site shop is very limited. HTH
  7. Hi Alistair, of course you are more than welcome to attend the SWAG star party. Bookings are now made directly to the campsite. Inform them you are with the star party, how many nights attending and if you need hard standing or grass pitch with/without electric and persons attending. Best to phone them. I suspect there will be very few, if any, non-astronomers attending this time of year. Unless you are banging a drum or singing at the top of your voice, noise from your gear should not be an issue. Always follow the Astro Camping etiquette. When you have booked, can you post back here your pitch number and nights attending. That gives us an idea what pitches are left available. We look forward to seeing you there. Regards
  8. Would you like tea, toast and the paper each morning as well.
  9. Hi Justyn

    Which nights do you want. 

    I'll book it for you tomorrow if you let me know which nights you want.

    It's all done on their computer now so each of us needs to contact them with our details and they will send the invoice direct.



  10. I'm booked in on Pitch 3 3 Nights 7th - 9th. See you there.
  11. Hi everyone, hope you are all well and safe. I'm hoping to restart our SWAG) star party this Autumn following the Covid 19 disappointments. The dates I have arranged are for the 7th - 10th October 2021 inc. Additional night will be available. If you wish to attend simply phone Pencelli Castle, book your nights and reserve your favourite pitch. Please let me know as soon as possible if you are going to attend, (post here or PM me) I can then arrange for reserved block pitches. Take care
  12. Hi Tich Sorry to hear you are having difficulties. The only thing that flashes across my diminishing mind, is perhaps the video card not up to it. Been to Pencelli a few times this month, hoping to catch the eclipse on the last visit. (cloudy, duh) Will be there again mid July. Take care.
  13. Justyn I have just booked 5 nights at Pencelli from 24th April.
  14. Of course Justyn, but don't hold your breath. I'm sure the public are pre booking every pitch before the rush. The uncertainty at present would not allow me to mass book pitches without full up front booking fees.
  15. Hi ST_Steve and welcome to the SWAG. We always look forward to newcomers to our star parties.
  16. Since the C-19 outbreak the SWAG star parties have been uneventful, with members making their own arrangements according to national or local lockdown and travel restrictions. It is hoped that a spring event can be organized next April around the weekend 25th - 26th April. Attempting a meet in March, I think, is a bit ambitious in the current climate. A New Moon is on 23rd, with a Lyrids shower on the 22nd. The Star Party will then be officially on the 24th, 25h and 26th April. Dates either side of these can can also be booked. This is provisional, and will of course be conditional with the C-19 restrictions at the time and Pencelli's decisions. I will post more information nearer the event. Take care, stay safe and hope to see you all at the next SWAG Star Party.
  17. If that's the case Justyn we should all go, watching you perform is always an education. Take care.
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