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  1. Good news Justyn, I look forward to the end results. It should be good again tonight.
  2. Good to see you again today Justyn, even though it was at 3 mtrs and only 20mins. I wish I was well enough to spend 4 weeks there under lockdown, I would do it in a heartbeat. Good luck with the weather over the few days. Hope to meet up again in the Autumn.
  3. Yes it's an EQ6, and the spreader/lens tray is missing. Thanks for keeping an eye open.
  4. I'm looking for an EQ5 or similar tripod, mount not needed. Needs to be in good condition with no dents in tubes. Thanks for looking.
  5. Hi Martin and welcome. What you can expect from our star party at Pencelli Castle is a great crowd of people with a wealth of experience and knowledge. When the weather is playing ball, great skies. An excellent caravan and camping park with well spaced pitches. I'm sure you will enjoy yourself regardless of the weather. PS By the way you are on Pitch 2 not Pitch 3. I checked bookings today with Pencelli.
  6. Pencelli Castle Caravan & Camping Park Are available now to take bookings. Book early to reserve your favorite pitch.
  7. Hoping to take the small gear I bought recently. Can't go until all the work on Cath's sisters house is completed.
  8. They are available to take booking now Mick. I think I might still book just incase things don't pan out. Who wants to go to NZ anyway.
  9. Thanks Phil, another senior moment I'm afraid.
  10. I am pleased to announce that the South Wales Astronomy Group (SWAG) has arranged our spring Star Party again at the superb Pencelli Castle Caravan & Camping Park. Sited in the Brecon Beacons National Park and Dark Sky Reserve, this location offers some truly dark skies which are excellent for observing and imaging. Please read Site Conditions. The main nights will be Thurs 19th, Friday 20th & Sat 22nd March 2020. The New Moon is on Tuesday 24th. Anyone wanting additional nights outside these dates please confirm on booking. Unfortunately, this year I will not be available to organise the bookings and pitch allocations due to family commitments. Bookings this year will be made directly to the Pencelli Camp site. Fees for your pitch etc will be paid at time of booking. If you have any queries please PM me and I will try and sort them. All pitches and hard standings for us are in the Oaks area. All pitches have EHU and have the least obstructed views of the night sky. If bookings exceed the pitches on the Oaks, there is the Meadows, an area that can be used for tents only and has no EHU. This area also offers excellent views. The Meadows cannot be booked until the Oaks have been filled. This will avoid unfilled pitches on the Oaks being used by the public during the event. Please Contact Pencelli Caravan Park for Bookings. Please ensure you tell them you are with the Astronomy Group so pitches are reserved together. If you have a favourite pitch, please ask them to reserve it for you. After booking please could you post here your SGL name and the Pitch number you have been allocated. This will help other members to see what pitches are available and who is attending. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me either email or PM. Tony
  11. Hi Dave, I have posted a brief notice on the last page here. I will announce it with more detail once I have contacted Pencelli Caravan Park.
  12. Hi Calvin I don't have plans for next spring per say, I will probably be abroad for a while. I had the weekend of 20th - 23rd March penciled in and of course days either side for those who want them. Pencelli will still accommodate us as usual, but those attending will need to book direct with the dates attending, favourite pitch etc and pay, probably when you arrive. I will post these details on the SWAG forum in the new year. Tony
  13. My God!!! you are scary at the best of times Tich, I wasn't expecting that when I opened the thread. Still can't find the cat... I'm still hoping to attend Tich, depends if Cath's sister is still about.
  14. ...and there is the South Wales Astronomy Group (SWAG) star party which is held in the spring. It is at Pencelli Caravan & Camping Park, in the Brecon Beacons National Dark Skies Reserve. There is also a Star party that a few members of SWAG attend which is unorganised and usually at short notice. Keep an eye open on here for future details.
  15. Wow...simply brilliant Gavin thanks for sharing.
  16. Managed to get away to Pencelli for 10 nights. The first 4 nights and last three with Cath, so I'm happy with that. The last two nights have been very clear here, so tonight I'm hoping to have a session with a new system. I have been trying to put together a weekender kit for when I'm away on off the cuff weekends with minimal gear. I wanted to be able to use just a tablet and have everything connected by WiFi rather than a laptop and loads of cables. I have so far got my WO Zenithstar 61 APO mounted on the AZ GTi. The Polemaster is connected to an Android app, all tied in by WiFi with ASIAIR. Although ASIAIR has a comprehensive catalogue of GoTo targets, I miss not having SkySafari Pro 6. I'm at a loss to how connect it to the system. The main camera ASI1600MC and the ASI 120mm mini guide scope are both powered through ASIAIR. So far so good. Everything powered by a small 12v power bank and 12.1 Samsung tablet. It's 20.30 and I'm just waiting for Polaris to show. Wish me luck.
  17. I think unless you can find an old laptop with a parallel connector and the right Windows ver. , I think you are on a losing wicket. Morgan Computers may have one in the bowels of their warehouse propping open a door, bur unlikely.
  18. Would one of these do it with the right gender on the Parallel. https://www.amazon.co.uk/parallel-adapter-36-pin-Printer-cable/dp/B00JPCFJ2S/ref=asc_df_B00JPCFJ2S/?tag=googshopuk-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=309909333117&hvpos=1o2&hvnetw=g&hvrand=4031834500658550375&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9045651&hvtargid=pla-626999243997&psc=1
  19. Great night here last night at Pencelli Castle. Very clear with a bit of moisture at low level. Only here for a long weekend, so only had my binoculars. Should be better tonight. ?
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