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  1. It does, thanks. Oo, astro darkness - I remember that!
  2. adyj1

    Equatorial or Synscan goto?

    Sorry, I missed that. No controller? But how do you align so you can track?? Arran, there's a reasonable-looking 1145p and AZ Goto up for grabs for £85 on the for-sale is if is anywhere close to you...
  3. I'm impressed ☺ A question, though - as a complete noob at widefield (and also having the 200d and a F1.8 50mm), why f7. 1? I have read that the widest aperture is normally too wide, so you have to step it back one, but isn't 7.1 quite a few steps? Do you have to just try it and see? Am I not reading the right stuff? Thanks
  4. adyj1

    APT or SGP?

    That's useful info AD. I'm sure someone will let us know if this has been added to APT, but for now it's a possible differentiator.
  5. adyj1

    Equatorial or Synscan goto?

    There are more modern AZ designs, but these are so new you don't see them 2nd-hand very often, and they will probably hold their £250+ price better. You pays your money... IMHO, although dated, the AZ you are looking at is ok. It should track better than a cheap eq mount with the battery motor on RA.
  6. adyj1

    APT or SGP?

    APT uses platesolving in a couple of ways, to great effect.
  7. adyj1

    Equatorial or Synscan goto?

    (I did wonder if that was the case. On SGL we must get better at finding out what a new poster really means when they say AP and what their budget is...) For me, the jump from cheap skywatcher equatorial to AZ was worth it. Sure, I grew out of it eventually, but that was about £600 later. The AZ does not have a very big payload though, so you are limiting yourself for the future to around a 130 newtonian or 90mm refracted (roughly speaking). After I bought the AZ, I eventually upgraded to a second-hand SW 1145p (under £100), moved the primary mirror for DSLR focusing, and was very happy with what I could achieve. . I was able to easily manage 60-second exposures on the AZ. Edit: you said 'looks old' - do you mean the mount you are looking to buy, or the technology?
  8. adyj1

    APT or SGP?

    I was in the same boat and went for APT, with no regrets so far. Is there a 'killer' feature in SGP that sets it apart from APT?
  9. You do need to be able to achieve focus on a distant object in the daytime to prove that your imaging train can be brought to focus. Another suggestion for night viewing is to try to focus on one of the bright stars - Vega is in a convenient position at the moment. As you turn your focuser you should be able to see the star focus from a blurred ring to a tight pinprick and the start blurring again. If you can't focus "through" the pinprick state and back out again with a barlow you are going to have problems. Whether you are happy with how small a pinprick you achieve will depend on the accuracy of your focuser...
  10. adyj1

    TMB Supermonocentric 18mm

    Don't know if it just me, but the font colour on your post is very dark and was unreadable on my smartphone.
  11. adyj1

    Equatorial or Synscan goto?

    What is your budget? And what is the scope?
  12. adyj1

    Equatorial or Synscan goto?

    Arran, It depends what you mean by astrophotography... it might be a) take interesting pictures of some of the easier deep sky objects with relatively inexpensive equipment (and accepting the limitations that this means), or on the other hand it could be b) take detailed pictures of as many DSO's as you can, being willing to invest more and more in the hobby (we're talking many hundreds of pounds ++) as you get more experienced and get the better and better equipment needed for guiding, etc. In the case of a), then the alt-az mount will suffice and be quite user-friendly for finding your way around, whereas if you have any thoughts towards b) then you would probably be better off with the equatorial, which you will still have to upgrade as you fall deeper and deeper under the spell of AP DISCLAIMER: I started with an alt-az mount because it was affordable, and did not have the budget for a larger eq mount. I was happy with the photographs I managed to take. After a couple of years I did graduate to an EQ5, but still keep my AZ as a grab'n'go mount. Ady
  13. adyj1

    I need sum Help my Bois.

    Good luck! There's a lot to learn, so take your time. Rough polar alignment and balancing your scope on the mount are your first steps.
  14. adyj1

    I need sum Help my Bois.

    David, I know exactly where you are coming from - I'm on the same road too! I just think that sometimes the 'buy the right stuff for future AP' advice needs to be tempered when extremely low (for AP) budgets are available. If someone was about to shell out £1,000 on a scope/OTA that wasn't going to be any good for AP, then that's a different story... Ady
  15. I notice this in the for sale; As long as the motors are correctly matched to astroeq (and I've got no reason at all to think they aren't), then this is by far the easiest and cheapest way to get your EQ5 clone running as a goto with astroeq. You will need a laptop/pc to connect it to, though. Ady PS - I have no connection to seller.

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