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  1. adyj1

    Transporting telescopes

    Sportsdirect offered the answer to my low-budget transportation needs ☺ My first scope was a SW 90mm refractor, and that fitted perfectly in a hockey stick bag rolled in bubble wrap. With the addition of a 150 frac, I upgraded to a cricket kit bag, lined with 2" foam. It is quite sturdy and has wheels (although I don't use them!) My EQ5 fits in a nondescript middle-sized sports bag, and the tripod goes in a long bag which came with a folding garden chair. As previously mentioned, careful packing in between kit is a must, with the greatest risk normally a dent to the OTA.
  2. adyj1

    Urgent pier height help

    I've stayed in hotel rooms that haven't been that well equipped
  3. adyj1

    Urgent pier height help

    Well, I think we can safely say it isn't going to fall over Looking good
  4. adyj1

    Mini PC

    I agree, the low-power processors are perfect for at-the-mount tasks.
  5. adyj1

    AZ-GTi saddle

    That looks interesting, but I'm not sure about their dimensions; Bottom row; three holes 19mm apart (centre to centre). Second row; three holes 17.5mm apart - but both rows look the same length? What am I missing?
  6. Make sure there's no way that any of your devices that have previously connected to the mount via WiFi can 'accidentally/automatically' connect and ruin the 4-hr reset... Ady
  7. @Stu, I assume you were just picking the best one out of those three, rather than stacking them? It has cleaned up the image really well. Ady
  8. I assume it is this one. Interesting - almost like a new-version az-gti that comes with all the EQ stuff as well. I think that looks a very good value package. No easy upgrade path (you'll be selling both if you want a bigger OTA), but I think a reasonable starter kit. I have a 1145p that I have used as a lightweight travel scope (budget and needs must!) and I'm impressed with it for what it is. Mind you, I'm still learning myself, so others will be along with more experienced opinions ☺ Ady
  9. Thanks @dannybgoode, You're right, it's a robotic giraffe - no, I mean it's an arbor (garden bench with a roof.)... I had first lined up behind the garage on the right, but that gave a flat, featureless foreground. Luckily, ten foot to the left was this view. A fluke, really but I've learned from it ☺ Ady
  10. Just to answer your original question - this card will allow you to wirelessly copy off any images that are on the card, but won't allow you to control the camera to take the images. To use digicamcontrol from inside you'd need to use one of the methods already described; attach the laptop to the camera outside and then remote into that laptop from indoors, or extend the USB between the camera outside and laptop inside. Ady
  11. adyj1

    AZ-GTi - how far can you push it?

    I wonder if the payload limit is increased when the az-gti is run in eq mode with the new firmware? I would assume/guess the balance would be better, but don't know if this would make a difference to what weight it could handle...
  12. adyj1

    AZ-GTi - how far can you push it?

    It does indeed take an EQ1 c/w bar, or an M12 threaded bar. There's also a thread(!) on Cloudy Nights where someone has used an M8-threaded Star Adventurer c/w bar with an M8-M12 converter. The advantages of using existing c/w bars is that hopefully you also have the correctly-sized counterweights Ady
  13. Hot air is another good idea. I know what you mean about not suggesting potentially damaging advice, but for me that was the only thing that would work. Read the warnings, and try at your own risk... Ady
  14. I'm using a cheap light panel and would like to do this - how can the ADU be checked? Thanks, Ady

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