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  1. Thanks a lot for the info - I have a Walimex 85mm 1.8 and this gives me a good starting point...
  2. Awesome! Did you have the aperture stopped back at all, or was it taken at 1.8?
  3. Can I just check, is it unable to connect in APT, but is visible in 'Computer Manger' in Windows - or can't Windows see it? You said it connects OK with qdslrdashoboard, which suggests the Windows side of things is OK... If this is the case, is the right version of digic being selected by APT?
  4. Well, let's start with a 'well done' for volunteering A couple of questions come to mind; - is your adult presentation aimed at complete astro-novices? - have the scouts had any previous astronomy talks? My inclination would be to make it an astronomy talk building up to a big AP reveal with single short-exposures to show the sort of thing the eye can see, single longer exposures to show what the camera can do, then stacked images to show what all that money has been spent on
  5. Go for it. Don't walk, run... I have that mount, and in your setup it will be the weakest link but a good enough budget starting place. The AZ aspect of the mount and the relative 'flimsiness' of the mount and tripod given the weight you are putting on it will limit some of what you can do, but it is manageable and there's plenty else to concentrate on in the beginning. Warning: once you catch the bug you'll be saving all your Christmas and birthday money and searching the forums for second-hand HEQ5's . To answer your specific questions; I've mounted a 1145p newtonian with tube rings and a vixen dovetail on that mount, so no problem doing the same with your new 130PDS . Weight should be ok as well, however as the mount + tripod aren't the most rigid and this OTA is at the upper end of its capabilities, you will experience some shake. The excellent dual-speed focuser on the PDS will help with this, as will the motor focuser once you have fitted it. I have the Skywatcher 'Auto' focuser fitted to a 150PDS with the same Crayford focuser, so it does fit - although I can't vouch for whether you've got the necessary metal bracket and screws - you'll have to check when you get it. And finally, IMHO the 130PDS is more than comparable with the 130P for visual use, but you will definitely need an extension tube when using eyepieces. Hopefully it will come with it. Hope this helps, Ady
  6. I plug the synscan handset from my old az-goto into my new(ish) az-gti, so that would suggest the pinouts are the same. Ady
  7. I have one of these, and it was really effective with my Skywatcher 25mm, but wasn't the right distance from the eyepiece to focus with my 10mm SW ep (and I couldn't adjust the distance). It is extremely good value, but if you don't get good results with the first eyepiece you try, make sure you have a go with any others you have. Good luck! Ady
  8. I don't this has been posted yet... Patrick Moore's car
  9. If you can't see the camera in 'device manager' you will not be able to connect to it with any astro software on that PC - the USB connection is the problem you are going to have to fix first... Have you tried a different cable? FWIW I had a 1200D that I gave up on as it couldn't be recognised (that was w10 too, but I'm not sure the o/s was significant) . A 200d and 1300d were fine on the same PC with the same cable Ady
  10. Sorry @Wiu-Wiu, I don't use teamviewer any more because they kept locking me out, saying they had detected commercial use. (see Teamviewer rant! ) I now use anydesk now, but haven't tried its private network functionality yet. Sorry Ady
  11. Not sure what you mean - do you have any pics please? Thanks
  12. This is what I find the hardest part of doing the stepper motor focus control - how am I going to mount it? (on an Altair Astro ED-66R) Ady
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