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  1. I had a look at this area last night but the transparency was not great. I manged to find the field of view fairly easily. I logged the stars I could spot and managed to get down to 14.5. This was the star below and left of the red arrow above. Looking at cloudy night, the m15 figure is a red magnitude so I think its not going to be possible for me from my mag 5 skies. Something to keep a note of for the first star party that I next attend! Mark
  2. I had a look at the supernova yesterday. Very similar in brightness to the mag 13 star nearby. Not the most transparent night. I certainly could not see the host galaxy. Mark
  3. Well done John. As you know I am amazed how deep you get with your 12 inch. This again shows how much can be achieved with good optics by an experienced observer. So the Horsehead in a 4 inch? Mark
  4. Looking forward to first light. Excellent work.
  5. Fascinating. Interested in how your alt motion is with those bearings once it is all finished as I want to improve my alt motion. Mark
  6. Neil I felt like I was there reading your report. Very jealous you saw M83. Very special evening. It is so amazing isn't it. I was also out last night pottering around. I let the globular M13 drift across the FOV in my 4.7mm x426 eyepiece again and again...am I the only one that does that? Mark
  7. Sky hog I can get just over mag 15 on good nights with my 20 inch and town skies so I will have a go. Mark
  8. Yes lovely and clear. Pleased you managed to see the fourth galaxy ngc 3187. I managed to observe some more markarian galaxies. Some of them are visible even up to 400 million light years away given their active nature. Mark
  9. Sounds like your hooked on observing galaxies! Mark
  10. WOW. Maybe I will get you to make me some. Mark
  11. Excellent. Looking forward to seeing the built version. Mark
  12. Fair enough. Just something I have pondered after my build. Mark
  13. If you make the base and arcs wide enough you could use embedded rollers like on your az movement. Mark
  14. I have also just come in after a long relaxing session under the stars. Lovely to see Hercules and M13 and Lyra rising again, Summer is coming. I managed to see all my targets tonight so my transparency was good. So encouraged to read everyone's posts about their observing and imaging this evening. Mark
  15. Here is an image showing ngc 5263 at the left and m3 in the centre.
  16. Hope it clears but snow does tend to reflect lights and take the edge off the sky darkness! Mark
  17. Sounds like many of you are as excited as me. My plans include The galaxy pairs ngc 5289/90 and ngc 4227/9 Ngc 5025 with its fake supernova Ngc 5263 right next to M3 A few markarians 431/669/278 So let's see how we all get on. The wind will drop overnight but yes might make astrophotography more challenging so maybe a night for us visual astronomers. Mark
  18. Polar maritime Air over the UK tonight. I could see Dunkery Beacon 60 miles away from Gloucestershire and the moon does not rise till well after midnight. So tonight is the night for trying to see.. That faint spiral arm.. That central planetary neb star.. The variable quasar on your challenge list... The lensed galaxy you keep trying to see Faint nebula or galactic cirrus The asteroid that has always eluded you Go on you know you want to... Mark P.S but not good double star or planetary seeing...
  19. It was lovely here north of Bristol as well Nick. The stars were pinpricks around the galaxies I was looking at. Glad you managed to have a good night as well. Mark
  20. Lovely clear evening, the sky looked reasonable with mag 5 stars visible overhead. I spent a couple of hours to the right of the base of the plough. After a look at M63, lovely and bright! I moved on to the faint stuff. I worked through a list of five galaxies NGC 4837, 4741, 5029, 5112 and 5107. This morning I had a look at them online and it turns out the first three are all relatively distant in terms of what I can observe at around 400mly. Here is in image of NGC 5029. An elliptical galaxy with a high absolute brightness. It turns out the last two NGC 5112 and
  21. And you got the galaxy cluster to the left of the main galaxy. Lovely. Mark
  22. Got it. The rhombus is easy to see. M52 in my 11 x 70s was just visible with the triangle of stars below that including the nova. Thanks for the charts. Mark
  23. I was out looking at pairs of galaxies with my 20 inch scope last week and came across this pair. In the eyepiece they looked just like a fainter version of M81/82. Both cores were just visible with direct vision. This image does not do the visual view justice. The top left galaxy NGC 5142 is an edge on object in the eyepiece just like M82 and the bottom right galaxy is an oval like M81. Both can be found in Canes Venatici which is rising in the NE at the moment. Both are mag 13 and they are around 240 million light years away. Give them ago and see what you think.
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