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  1. Wow.. Am I glad it's not just me? Not really! It's amazing this country was such a pioneer in Astronomy! I've thought about the obsy.. wife's not giving planning permission .. do I change location or wife..hhmm? (that second bottle makes this kind of rhetorical question possible ) Was so looking forward to dark winter nights but since the new year, what a disaster..! If anyone wants to adopt me from clearer climates, I am open to offers. I am house trained, relatively well behaved and polite, will talk about astronomy all day and night, and could bring some nice kit to share PS: i'm thinking the webmaster for this forum should check google analytics to correlate the number of postings to the weather we are all sat at keyboards reading posts rather than ooowing and aaaring at the wonders of the night sky! Raise your glasses or bottles.. cheers all and fingers crossed for clear skies sometime soon.. Mike
  2. Arrrh...Again, 6pm Gloucestershire..clear as a bell, Clearoutside says all good until 11pm 7:30pm get home, check its still clear and its a mild 8deg 7:45 start setting up, get the kit out, level tripod, polar align balance scope start '3 star Alignment' 7:50 why can't I find sirius in the eyepiece... 7:55 ok, own up: who painted the sky white? 8pm crack open a Henry Westons Cider and ask the eternal question: Why me? 8:45 finish packing away after checking collimation hoping the delay will lets the clouds pass over.. 9:15, get on my computer, write this sorry saga in the hope that someone will sympathise with me, think about looking for a second bottle of that very nice liquid.. ...
  3. excellent, and as I have the 127, and just bought the 0.5x Antares, i will be interested to hear how that goes in the next saga
  4. Nice, at least you're getting to see the Sun, no sign of it here
  5. i have the same setup, (inc windows) and although i just started using it, works well, mostly.. how are you connecting the ascom driver (on camera or other way?) the 'on camera' works ok for me but had to fiddle with calibration and exposure time set to 3-4 secs. once i did that, tracking is < +-1arcsec, so well happy. good luck Mike
  6. +1 on Ronin's start position error, that was always my issue on alignment to start with. Cone error was next (so +1 on that ) then polarscope alignment and accurate PA
  7. Really good idea for a thread! Can I offer a book recommendation? Astrophotography on the Go: Using short exposures with light mounts (Patrick Moore Series) ISBN: 3319098306 a good reference with good info Mike
  8. lol, nice, must remember that one!
  9. How do you level the top plate with this arrangement? (Thats what the bolts and nuts are there for really isnt it?
  10. that seems like a good price Paulus, if it doesn't go as a whole, i would be interested in the solar filter cheers Mike
  11. Hi Troy, Cone error is the misalignment of the RA axis to the main tube. I also used the Astronomyshed video to correct mine. The main thing was i used a fixed daytime object on the horizon (a chimney). no worries about tracking errors then 2nd thing: center your polarscope first so that you dont see any shift in that view when rotating the mount (that might be the issue rather than cone error) Then follow thevideo: Level tripod, centre object in PScope, Set RA to known position, (level), Centre object in reticule eyepiece using DEC and AZ bolts only (dont move RA as you leveled it!) Rotate RA 180 deg and check position of object. get as close with DEC as you can. THEN use Dovetail adjusters to halve the distance to the CTRE. Rotate back 180 and repeat this again After 4-5 iterations, you should be done! hope that helps Mike PS: My Skywatcher mount instructions say that a '3 star align eliminates cone error', so i always do this as well to improve pointing accuracy.
  12. if you don't have a diagonal, (on a 250px i dont think you do?), you can also use a barlow type adapter, and replace the barlow lens with the filter
  13. First time I had seen it, but piqued my interest, so paid the 99p. As you say seems to suggest it's as good as a SQM, but I guess the real aim is as a comparative tool, with the online map to show local differences. If it stops raining, I will give it a try šŸ˜‰ Cheers Mike
  14. Welcome back to Astronomising ;-) thanks, a reasonable reference, even if 'moon occulting Aldebaran' and Regulus seems to happen quite often this year.. Downloaders: Please be aware to only use the two links embedded in the text. Clicking on any of the big 'Download' buttons will take you to google advertised sites and other stuff you don't want.. cheers Mike