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  1. Hi Jon, Welcome Lol that image from your wife makes me laugh! In terms of pictures, all three of those have been used to very good effect, but choose the dual speed (P-DS) version its a great improvement in usability. Unless you have a specific need to stay small and lighter (Travel with kit or storage), then the 150pds is a great starting point. The main difference between them will be visual, you will get more detail of fainter 'stuff' with the 200pds. But the mount is very important especially for astro-photography. An ALT-AZ mount is easy to set up, will still let you takes simple photos, but will be limited later on because of 'Field rotation'. If going for an Equatorial mount, EQ5 / HEQ5 minimum really. Dual axis drives would be good, Goto makes it easier to find faint stuff, but can be frustrating for the beginner. (there's one on here for sale today, (but check it has the counterwieghts included..) Everyone here recommends 'Making every photon count by Steve Richards, a really good and thorough overview i must say I see there are two other replies as i am typing this, so i will leave it there and see what the others had to say ;-) Good luck Mike
  2. sorry to answer a question with a question,... but which one did you get?
  3. I found a new addition to my polar align pro app on the iphone: daytime PA - but in your case it would also allow you to set it without seeing polaris. On the iphone, you also have the option to set 'true north' vs 'magnetic north' . Anyway, this page gives some additional ways to PA hth Mike http://astro.ecuadors.net/daytime-polar-alignment-for-the-2017-solar-eclipse-of-course/#more-1540
  4. SkySafari 5, SkyBT, and GoTo

    Not sure if the same for the BT version, my SKyFi needs the setup in SkySafari to be set for the mount type ie Skywatcher synscan in scope type and Eq GoTo in mount type. when I use the celestron, I need to change to ALT/AZ and Celestron Nexstar.. You find it under 'telescope' section. After that it works a treat with the ipad or phone. on screen buttons for moving also.. Mike
  5. agileautoguider

    interesting idea...
  6. OK, well PA without polaris is a bit of an issue on an eq mount, no chance to cut a selective few branches off? An ALT/AZ mount would at least work out the goto better, you just need the alignment stars, but take a look at the following, this might help if the handset is old firmware, there would be an error the website is: http://www.myastroscience.com/polaralignment
  7. That would be a shame. its strange to be a 'bit' out, although I normally ignore the synscan and concentrate on the app! (i use polarscope align pro on ios) Can you give some more info: (sorry if it's too basic, but i think whoever answers will want to know more to be sure..) what's the problem? Goto Accuracy? Which version of the synscan do you have? what app are you using? which form of polarscope is it: new or old? How good/familiar are you with the setup, eg polar alignment, leveling etc which alignment routine are you using, 1, 2 or 3 star etc and what eyepiece etc? Mike
  8. nice going Paul, i just aquired a synguider but haven't tried it out yet.. Mike
  9. Adam J's DSLR Water Cooling Thread

    Wow, very professional. Attention to details like sealing seems critical - more than i had expected. Really appreciate you taking the time to post this. Will let you know if I give it a go! thanks Mike
  10. Music for those cold lonely imaging nights ...

    Excellent list. I also did something, but not so polished, if you want to take a look it a playlist called 'A Sky full of stars', maybe there is something in there to add to yous.. cheers Mike
  11. Eastern Veil Nebula DSLR 130P-DS Reprocessed

    great job Rich! can you post some details of exposure time etc? Mike
  12. Bring and Buy sale?

    Nice, I can contribute a couple of things: Flip mirror 1.25" EP focal reducer Sony T ring Nikon intervalometer Spare Counterweight and I am sure I can find some other stuff.. see you there Mike
  13. its about 100 mins drive from Lucksall, if Friday isn't an all nighter, i will probably go on Saturday..
  14. Problems with Canon Raw files

    Sorry for the delay, but I have some news. Definately the problem is with the Win8.1pro, for file recognition, there are lots of posts about it on the internet. The only solution i can find is using a codec pack called 'FastPictureViewer' (https://www.fastpictureviewer.com/codecs/). It works straight away, all files are visible and have thumbnails, so a great result! after a free period it costs $9.99 but honestly thats a small price for the improvement in usability, and i recommend it as the best solution to Canon raw issues. Regarding DSS, version 3.3.4 seems to have some issues, also experienced on a win 10 laptop. will post again when i have either an answer or a more definitive description of the issue. Thanks for your interest and support Mike
  15. Very nice Boris, you mention the camera and lens, but not the mount, what was it? And the music fits it really well, thanks for sharing!