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  1. mikeyj1

    Micro-guttering for observatory roof?

    Cable trunking could work, although its mostly white
  2. mikeyj1

    Tripod for SW-SA

    I've tried a couple of different tripods with the star adventurer, and conclude that the best one is the one on FLO from sky watcher, here main difference is the central brace of the legs which helps a lot with stability cheers Mike
  3. mikeyj1

    Practical Astro show.

    looks good, one glaring omission from the exhibitors, is it too far from Exeter?
  4. lower temperature, no damage will result,
  5. Hi Andy that will be a really nice setup, many people would 'progress' to that on their 2nd generation of equipment. However, I would like to throw a couple of comments out for your consideration: Visually, the 80mm is ok but nothing spectacular, as the light gathering will be limited by the aperture. Photographically, it's a great setup, especially with the 0.87 reducer, even if F6.6 is not the 'fastest'. But it will be easy to get going, reliable and not need things like collimation, so an added bonus. In summary, like many things, it's a compromise that edges toward imaging rather than visual, but if that's what you're after, its spot on with great quality components Mike
  6. mikeyj1


    i have a relatively cheap one, i needed to collimate that first, so it needs to have adjustment screws, but then relatively easy to do, and only needed once (so far). the better ones, such as Howie Glatter, have a better focus or pattern of the laser which helps also. Catseye are superb but out of my range. in summary, cheap one is ok, but you should compliment it with a cheshire (or even just use the cheshire..), although i prefer to have both to hand
  7. mikeyj1


    http://www.astro-baby.com/astrobaby/help/collimation-guide-newtonian-reflector/ start with that problem with the laser is that it doesn't sort out the secondary mirror, (at least it can still allow errors in that part of the optical train), so a collimation cap or cheshire would be a good addition for you also..
  8. mikeyj1

    What`s your favourite constellation?

    Split decision for me, Corona Borealis as the one i remember from star gazing as a child, but Ursa Major and Orion for all their riches of different object types
  9. mikeyj1

    Pier height recommendations

    Apart from the visual/imaging consideration, and the longer term reflector/refractor consideration (looking into the top or bottom!), I measured the height of my AZEQ6 for the pier height, and reduced it a bit as i always needed a step up for viewing anything close to zenith. i've just been out and measured it again its 27" or 700mm from ground to top of pier plate, which is good for my 250pds, although for visual, 75mm less would have been better.
  10. Hi all, Still working to fund the next purchase, so the following items for sale: (pictures below) 1. Skywatcher Synguider stand alone autoguider Fully working, used very little £75 posted Pending sale 2. Revelation Astro 14" dovetail, unused and unmarked £30 posted SOLD 3. Modern Astronomy Finder-guider adapter unused £16 posted SOLD 4. Starguider Flip mirror. VG condition, optically and mechanically perfect £30 posted SOLD 5. Antares FR1 0.5X focal reducer for eyepieces as new £15 posted SOLD 6. Rollei C6i professional photo tripod with pano ball head and carry case. Excellent condition. doubles as monopod also. £70 posted (£140 new 2017) SOLD 7. Polarscope for EQ5 unused boxed £19 posted 8. Smartphone adapter, unused, in box. £7 posted 9. Sony Alpha T mount adapter VG condition £10 posted Cheers Mike 1.a 1.b 1.c 1.d 2. 3. 4.a 4.b 5.a 5.b 6.a 6.b 6.c 6.d/e 7. 8. 9.
  11. Now sold to Astro Geek, thanks
  12. For sale to fund the next purchase! £125+postage (collection much preferred) Great scope for visual, lunar, Solar and planetary.. Excellent condition, except slight mark on dovetail, focuser nice and smooth. Supplied with 1.25" diagonal and 10mm and 25mm EP, 8x30 SW finderscope (front cover is included, although not in photo sorry!) Also included is the astrozap solar filter and a carry case for the scope. I am in Cheltenham for collection. Mike
  13. Hi Here is my Celestron Nexstar SE+ mount for sale, as I have the Star Adventurer and the Pier AZEQ6GT as my main mount now. It's in excellent condition, i have been using it with the Skymax 127mm Mak Cas for viewing mainly, (selling that separately). It comes with Steel tripod and brace, Goto head (can also be used tabletop without tripod) and hand controller. Also included is 12v adapter (unit can be battery powered also), and the 'snap' port connector lead for a camera. I have the original boxes somewhere in the loft, will dig them out I'm in Cheltenham, if you want to collect, or i could ship it for around £8 if needed. thanks Mike
  14. mikeyj1

    New Toy for Imagers

    yes Trevor does a great job, his enthusiasm and 'old school' approach is really appreciated by me and many others. He dedicates a lot of time to this and his blog. This, in particular, is a great review especially as he says 'I didn't even read the manual and still set it up to guide and image from my tablet!' good call sunshine 4
  15. Personally, i find leaving a 10 sec delay between exposures sufficient for the temp to stabilise at about 5 deg above ambient (which will be pretty cold for you soon anyway ). i know this because on a canon, APT records the exif temp with each frame. i agree with you any more time delay is wasted time in my view. in fact, these days i use dithering rather than dark frames with good results, hope that helps, of course, there will be other opinions Mike

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