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  1. The Celestron 4SE mount

    I think you will have trouble fitting it in the mount.. On mine the 127mm Mak fits fine, but if i try to image anything close to the zenith or change to the ST80 for instance, there is a real risk of obstruction from the bottom of the mount. The Skywatcher version is at an angle to help avoid this, and the new SW AZ GTi mounts change to an external side mount, so overcoming the issue completely. Hope i made that clear enough? Mike
  2. Hi Andy, sorry change of plan - can i withdraw my interest in the Baader Finder Bracket please..
  3. Carina Nebula at 1280mm

    I had the ST80 and my Nikon on the Star Ad., so yes was fantastic It made me go out and get the WO61 ready for the next time ;-)
  4. Dithering

    In APT the dither is a factor not a pixel movement, so could be 5x phd value?
  5. Flats Help

    you sure the flats were taken with the same focal length and focus? the flat offset looks quite different to the vignetting on the first photo..
  6. Carina Nebula at 1280mm

    it's still a cracking image from you though and sooo close to the big one I travelled from Canberra to Melbourne via Orbost last time I was in Aus and saw the Carina under the blackest of skies, fantastic sight along with 47 tucanae and LMC/SMC. Love the southern hemisphere sky cheers Mike
  7. Carina Nebula at 1280mm

    umm..? https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap180325.html
  8. APT Plate Solving Not Working

    Did you do anything just before it stopped? upgrade something? change a setting? i find the easiest is to move to an object (eg M3), select the object from the objects catalogue in APT, then it fills in the RA/DEC. then use 'solve' and it finds the actual location within 5-6 secs. of course it needs to know the FoV, so enter the camera, and focal length in the settings before solving also. the other thing you can/should do is post on the APT forum...ivo will answer very quickly i am sure! Mike
  9. I think I would have to get Laser Eye surgery first before considering spending £900 on two eyepieces Good luck with the sale..
  10. ISS imaging questions

    two more good passes tomorrow night - 20:15 close to the moon, and 21:48 going past Aldebaran and climbing towards zenith before going into shadow .. lets hope for a clear night!
  11. ISS imaging questions

    nice! Congrats!!
  12. ISS imaging questions

    the only other one i can find is on starwalk, and it shows as the ERBS - Earth Radiation Budget Satellite! although the trajectory doesn't look the same.. the ISS was really bright - well illuminated should make a good photo finger crossed!
  13. ISS imaging questions

    nice! did you see the other one also?
  14. ISS imaging questions

    Wow,... i decided it was too misty for the photo, so used the bins, and it looked great, but did you see the other satellite tracking behind it about 15deg? almost exactly same trajectory.. just going to look it up..