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  1. personally, I think the hubble palette is a bit overused these days, but i love the detail in both images, smashing!
  2. Camera for Mak150

    Hi the Mak150 is 1800mm F/L right, so F12? Not ideal for DSO. I'm not sure the modded camera is the issue...presuming you set it to Daylight WB, you should be able to correct the WB in post process. The question is what you want to image? Planets and the moon: thats a great combination you already have, and i would persevere with the Colour correction until you are happy. Your other kit is the DSO ideal, as i am sure you know. Do you have the same issue there? What about considering a focal reducer for the Mak? Even then, you would still have a much longer F/l than the 80mm..and maybe that will help with the small sensor camera you also have..
  3. SkySafari 6 update

    the graph view is useful also, and improved import from SS5. shame most of the equipment listed is the USA versions..
  4. move up a bit from M42 and go for the flame and horsehead..?
  5. Skywatcher 200p-ds, free 130p-ds, other bits

    PM for the Baader MPCC incoming..
  6. Hello

    welcome, nice and very sharp shot of the moon have fun Mike
  7. never had an issue with mine with or without flats.., (apart from a huge dust bunny ) sounds like its been over complicated to me..
  8. Hi Simon, No you don't need to align the finder with the polar scope, but yes you do need to make sure it is aligned with the RA axis of the mount. There are several videos on YT to show it, but basically align the crosshair with a point far away (better /easier done in daylight), such as a church spire, tv aerial etc, and then rotate the mount 180 degrees. If the crosshair moves off the reference point, you need to adjust it using the three small grub screws on the Polar scope - carefully, and only 1/4-1/2 a turn at a time loosen one and them move the others as long as there is little resistance. your aim is to halve the movement to the reference point. Turn it back 180 degrees, and see if it is reduced. It's an iterative process, thats why a fixed point in the daytime is better than a moving star, even polaris! As far as ChrisEII's answer, (actually he didn't answer your question, did he..), yes you can ignore the Polar scope and do it by software but you need to connect the mount to a computer, have a camera, etc, etc. My advice, start with what you've got! As far as the app is concerned, it depends on the type of polar scope fitted (old v new style) as to rotating it to match the sky, or making sure the polar scope 'clock' is showing vertical 12 and 6. the app i use is Polar Align pro http://astro.ecuadors.net/polar-scope-align/ I can completely recommend it, and there is lots of advice on this site also good luck Mike
  9. thanks for the positive feedback guys, much appreciated :-)
  10. Took this with the Nikon D5300 and the 50mm 1.4 lens mounted on a Star Adventurer in late November south of Canberra, Australia. 21x100s exposures. 47 Tucanae hasn't got much detail, but i wanted to get all three in if i could
  11. what about Darks and Bias? without them, or at least darks you are not doing a proper calibration..see the DSS help file
  12. M41 in city skies?

    its quite a bright open cluster you should be able to find and image it, although not normally one of the 'wow' objects, it has different colour stars in the cluster, so you should try to bring that out. i think its about 0.5deg diameter, so should be good framing with the GSO.. there are many objects in that area, so you will find something for sure good luck Mike
  13. Live rocket launch

    thanks...i am staggered by how many rocket launches there are in January alone! (eg There's another one in China one hour after this one!)
  14. Live rocket launch

    whats the APP Peter..?
  15. JOY! my AZ EQ6-GT arrived

    Nice! it's a great mount, love mine also! Have fun...but at least we know who to blame for the cloud cover ;-) Mike