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  1. Hi Storm sounds like you have the new circular reticle, take a look at this link i just asked some questions about it and posted a picture: So yes it does need to be vertical 0 and 6 like a clock. also take a look at the app and this site as it tells alot about setting it up its more accurate than the old one and should be easier to use with Synscan, HTH Mike
  2. Nice, maybe add some foreground interest to the next one
  3. Hi Peter, I guess the first question is was the 'slack' there before you fitted the motors? Did you notice it with the slow motion controls? Moving the mount with the clutches locked shouldn't increase the backlash, but will wear the clutch adjustment, so should be avoided, which now you are more familiar with it I am sure you will remember. the 5 sec delay on DEC is backlash for sure. the RA continuing, might still be backlash, can you see if the motor rotation speed changes when you release the button? When i had the EQ3-2 i fitted the standard motors, the delay was apparent, but the thing with it was to always finish the adjustment in the same direction (Up and Right Buttons), so that you are always on the same side of the backlash. There was also one note in the instructions that said to press all 4 buttons together at the first start up, which i think is to set the motor speed to 1x It's also worth checking the balance to make sure the scope isn't 'teetering', make it very slightly out of balance to give a positive force in one direction (keep it minimal however so the motors have a good chance of working correctly). hope that helps Mike
  4. thanks for your responses, I will try the thin spacer idea. I realise the position will change during the year, (and during the night..), but the synscan will give position of Polaris as a time for that moment and date setting, (eg 03:25), so the clock needs to be with 0 in the correct position. Perhaps easier to explain with another picture, this is a good iphone app btw.. As I am writing this, i notice the 'set zero point' on the app screen, (even if i dont have the 'pro' version). it seems there is an option to build in the offset into the app, which might just get me to the same result as trying to shim the polarscope. it would mean that i wouldn't be able to rely on the synscan polar position number any more, and could go straight on to alignment without reverting to the home position and cycling the power... i will post again if it is correct.. cheers Mike
  5. Can't help but agree - Saturday was my 2nd time out this year due to the weather! Yes, even when 'clear' the transparency has been bad, lots of moisture and nothing of the 'crisp winter / Spring evenings'.. Then Saturday 25th March came - the last evening of early darkness for a while, and it was beautifully clear. Wind was blowing a bit, but I had hours of fun. Bagged 7 Messier objects, and imaged 5 of them Really helped my motivation and enthusiasm. And that was the day after I got back from India, so jet lag was a bit of a problem. Having the option of a quick portable setup is good, but i guess you have to remember that you will probably only be getting that out if the weather is 'iffy' or time is too short, either way, probably not the best for a satisfying evening of 'Astronomising'. Not sure if there is a moral in this, but holding your breath for a clear patch doesn't help I'm afraid, just breathe and plan ahead so you are ready for it when it comes.. PS: looking at your signature list of equipment, you could either continue downsizing, or open a shop ;-) cheers Mike
  6. yes some extra weight should help. I used to have the same setup, and it wasn't as bad as your's sounds: is everything tightened properly, (esp the main clutches), and setup on firm ground? keep the tripod legs on a shorter setting for rigidity, and make sure the legs are splayed and tight. Slow motion controls - the long ones are better, you have those fitted i think? Check the scope tube rings are reasonably tight, and the whole unit is 'almost' balanced - better to have a small positive force in one direction on both the RA and Dec axis with manual controls. Motors can help, but you should find the vibration subsides after 1-1.5 secs max with that setup, its generally considered good, although the Aluminium legs of the tripod are a weak link. Mike
  7. Hi, Might be a dumb question, but has anyone found a way to rotate the Polarscope reticule on an AZEQ6-GT? Reason: in order to get the 'clock' in a correct angle I have to move the RA Axis, (so that 12 is up and 6 is down). then after finishing PA the mount needs to be re-started after resetting the RA to the 'weights down' position for the mount to know that it's starting from the home position. There are the three adjusting screws for centering the reticule, and then a couple of locking rings, and a knurled wheel which seem to only hold the setting circles in place. other than that, the whole assembly is just screwed into the mount until it is tight. Here is the engraving to show you its the 'new' style... Thanks for your help in advance
  8. thanks for such a comprehensive description of the process, and great image
  9. i'll go for the polar scope festoon
  10. its not the enhanced motor controller, but it might help a bit, and yes you can slacken clutches and move the scope that way, just remember to tighten clutches and finish off with the motors (they're slow though)
  11. my wisdom simply comes from personal experience in this case
  12. did you lock the clutches? also for the Goto...check date time and position goo dluck
  13. hehe.. a bunch of locusts descended on your nicely laid out spring I will pm you for the Astrozap solar filter please Mike
  14. fantastic, wish i had the space for a project like that!
  15. I cam across this yesterday, you have probably seen something similar, but it's 7 minutes of utter fascination! P: i posted it again in the astro lounge as i put it in the wrong lounge first time, and didn't know how to change it!