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  1. Yes! 21:55 last night, West to East, directly overhead. Brighter than a firework, (brighter and bigger than the moon i would say), split into about 8 separate parts, and you could hear the 'booms' (like a distant firework) about 10-15 secs after. Would that be sonic booms, or just the break up noises? It really was spectacular, just a shame i was imaging in a different direction, would have been very happy to catch that in a frame! Mike
  2. Hi I made a template when making a secondary dew heater, its roughly 80mm by 57mm see the attached image. The Quattro is considerably larger for the reduction in F ratio to F4
  3. A great scope for both visual and imaging, only selling as I have upgraded to the Quattro 10CF. Optically perfect, I have flocked the tube and reset the focuser to proper alignment. Also fitted a secondary dew heater with hidden wiring along vanes, and dedicated port. RCA Cable included. 9x50 Finder included, (just not pictured sorry!). I’ve left the Telrad base attached, in case the new owner has one also. There is a slight dink in the tube, this was from the rear seat belt in the car which I had used to secure everything when transporting it to Astrocamp a couple of years ago!
  4. In Very Good condition, fully working in original case with power supply, cables and USB. This camera has a good reputation, and the large pixels (6.45um) make it suitable for anything over say 700mm focal length. Driver disk included, although better to download from SXCD website. This camera has served me well, but I want to upgrade to mono now, having been spoiled with the use of a QSI6120 for the past months.
  5. Clean optics, nice scope, although I have barely used it. New dovetail fitted. Optional Skywatcher Extension tube works well with the ST80 for guide camera mounting £18 + delivery
  6. Grant, thanks for the warning, although now you've highlighted their 'MO' I think the story will change.. so extra vigilance needed
  7. Hello All, So I thought i would give you an update now that i have finished the upgrade of the PC. If you just want the bottom line without reading any further, I reduced the processing time by 33% on DSS and over 44% on APP (without overclocking the new processor)! I opted for a Ryzen 5 3600 and a Gigabyte Motherboard with PCI4.0 support. I also installed an M.2 NAND drive for the OS, and 32 GB of DDR4 3200 RAM. This processor is somewhat less than I had planned, as the money saving was considerable over the Intel i5-10700k originally discussed,. However the Mobo will take th
  8. That's my conclusion alsornobleeddy, although most benchmarks are for gaming, but some, like userbenchmark.com rate them for the 'workstation' also, which is what we need for the number-crunching. here's the difference with a Ryzen 5 3600 against my processor. I will also do my own benchmark - processing a couple of images in DSS and APP and PS, and then repeat them when I've done the upgrade to give an indication of the improvement in time. Edit: just saw the PI benchmark link from @Starflyer (Thanks, I don't use PI so would never have found this!), and it shows my 133 secs reducin
  9. yes sure, fair point... but that's not my question (or a relevant answer)... I guess I am hoping someone has done a similar upgrade and can say: "it cuts the stacking time in half" or "photoshops actions take less than 2 seconds now compared with 1 minute before"
  10. Thanks, I like that website article, and I also subsequently found another on photoshop multi-core usage I thought I would share . This comment from the article is interesting: "Performance in Photoshop does improve directly with increases in processor clock speed, the higher, the better. It is, therefore, better to utilise a processor with fewer cores but a higher clock speed if budget is limited. If you use the PC for a variety of tasks including video editing and image processing, you may still benefit from higher core counts from the other applications". I also found an
  11. yes it's a desktop, and I already did the swap to SSD (in RAID striped config), which is a good upgrade i agree.
  12. I am thinking of upgrading my home computer (i5-3570) to an AMD Ryzen 5 or 3600 or 5600, and I wonder what sort of performance improvement I will get on software like APP / DSS and Photoshop 2019. Although the processor clock speeds are similar, there are more 'cores and threads', and I will also be upgrading the memory from DDR3 to DDR4. Thoughts and advice welcome.. Mike
  13. Here's my WO61, been in my backpack to Australia and back, great little scope for visual and imaging
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