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  1. Hi, There never is a definite answer to this sort of question. The two that would be on my list would be the either the ZWO asi1600mc cool or the Altair Hypercam 183c....or the new ZWO ASI071mc Cool But then i am only dreaming, I stick with the DSLR for the foreseeable future. let us know what you end up with..
  2. Im not sure, i think they have the same fitting, but maybe someone else can comment?
  3. Spare kit is now sold subject to payment,
  4. Very nice Stash, hadn't come accross Astro-Toaster before today, looks great, will download and give it a try
  5. I have the Rollei C6i as a tripod for the SA - it can also hold the telescope (orion ST80a) and camera together - about 4kg, although you would be right in the description it isn't 'rock steady' but the set up with the DSLR only is good
  6. OK, I hadn't seen the Pulsar one, so fair comment. I had included the original material shipping charges in mine, so I will drop the price for the spare, and probably better that I give up on the idea of making the other kits.
  7. Hi all, So I just finished installing my new permanent pier, solid as a rock and working a treat, (photos below). I made two lots of the adapters, and would like to offer the spare one for sale. In fact, I have enough material to make 4 or 5 more if people are interested? I am going to offer it as a kit as it took me a little while working out the bolt sizes, finding the handle etc, better not to make a mistake. it will suit anyone thinking of making their own pier from Soil pipe etc (the bolt holes are on a PCD of 150mm so the ID of the pipe needs to be 160mm or greater) so here is the deal: £70 for complete kit consisting of : Pier Adapter for AZ-EQ6 and leveling/support plate (12.7mm thick Aluminium for plate) Extra long Zinc plated Bolts for setting into concrete, with nuts and washers for level adjustment. Securing knob for base of mount to pier (easy to remove mount later if needed) Pilar bolt for azimuth bolts to move against, with locking nut. Postage to UK location I would like to make all the parts in one go, so will wait a week or two to gauge the interest. (extra note: this design could be adapted for the EQ5 also by changing the adapter, I would need to measure it up though..) cheers Mike (PS: Yes, I am making a little bit of money on each one, to help pay for my pier, but it's still cheaper than any commercial one, so I hope I don't offend anyone with the price)
  8. well, you have to believe your compass, but give it a chance of getting it right - use a stick to set the mount in the correct direction before setting the tripod down. then take some string and mark half way to position the rear legs equidistant about the string...then you are definitely facing north.. obviously date, location and PA all important to get right and +1 on handset alignment - it will show you the PA error when finished. **remember the mount has to start from the 'home' position - scope up, weights down, pointing north** The slew rate - automatically set to 3 when doing the alignment, but can be changed using the rate button (i use 6 or 7 for initial slew and then 3-4 for final). never had any issue with Park, but if the start position is out then you'll have problems from the outset good luck Mike
  9. If you are correctly polar aligned, the Dec motor wont need to track; its all done by the RA. Of course, most mere mortals can't get that good a PA, so the Dec will need to move a small amount during tracking, maybe just check the display for dec changes (or even do a bad PA to check if it does actually not move afterwards?). good luck Mike
  10. Do you have a DSLR with movie mode? this can be an alternative, and some Canon DSLR's (eg EOS 550D) can crop video and 60fps, so make a reasonable PlanCam.
  11. Whats the difference between this time of year and light pollution? wouldn't Ha be a good option as it's less sensitive to light pollution?
  12. Definitely the 130p skywatcher of those two. it also works for astrophotography, whereas the astromaster wouldnt achieve focus with my dslr (not enough inward travel of the focuser) I also found the astromaster focuser to be sloppy compared to the SW one on my old 150p
  13. I see you changed up from the SW 10" to the orion 12" Mike, hows that going? cheers Mike