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  1. Are we having the table top sale again this year? I've got a few things to move along. Maybe a separate thread needed for ppl to list their items in advance if so cheers Mike
  2. its what i'm not bringing that's concerning me...no caravan this year, left it in Spain!
  3. groups.yahoo.com and search for 'Starlightxpress' its 'restricted group' so you have to apply to join, but easy enough you can also get to it from sxccd.com 'message board' section Mike
  4. I am sure someone has one here and can help you, but i also recommend you go to/join the SX forum, Terry will answer you very quickly...it's a good resource also for any other issue
  5. Before I jump and say 'I'll take one'... what filters fit and how does it go in the light path? thanks Mike
  6. Are you bringing one along to Lucksall?
  7. thanks for the message Brian, it's much appreciated that you took the time to consider this. I'm glad I asked. Here are a couple of pics of my setup...and looking at your drawing i am a couple of mm short on the mpcc to sensor distance! Good luck with the sale Mike
  8. i would be interested, but how much does it add to the back focus? with the Baader click lock, my DSLR is almost touching the focuser tube .. thanks Mike
  9. I think you've probably got the message by now... I have renewed each year, Ivo is very accessible, if something doesn't work, he fixes it, and if you want a new feature he's happy to add it to the list if it makes logical sense.
  10. fantastic detail, lovely image.
  11. I have been using Spitzer images for my astro pc background for several years now, love 'em!
  12. Hi there, firstly will it focus? Were you 'checking' collimation or is/was there a problem? Second, what are you using to collimate; Laser or Cheshire? Laser wont do the secondary, especially if its a mile out. Use a cheshire and get everything concentric, important is that the mirror reflection is round, move the focuser out until you can see the sides to compare to the cheshire tube. Yes if you loosen the central screw the mirror can rotate, but you also need to do this to get the secondary mirror positioned under the focuser correctly. (There is a possibility the focus tube is out of alignment, but probably don't need to go that far to start with). Have you got links to astronomy shed's YT video and astro baby's collimation guide? they are great for explanation. (I actually did wind the screws all the way in one time to make sure the were all at the same position, but remember the three screws act against the central screw, so be careful not to overtighten) Once the secondary is set up, move on to the primary. Sorry if you already know all that, just thought i had better put it all in there Good luck,
  13. +1 for use with APT I have v1 without the temp sensor or handset, but works well. Only issue is that sometimes the driver doesn’t connect properly, but a disconnect and re connect sorts it out PS: fitted to my 250pds
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