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  1. thanks Ray, I'm still wondering if the ADU max level will change if I Bin 2x2 compared to 1x1? in any case i will aim for around 20k and 2 secs or less for the LRGB. I will experiment some more tonight hopefully, looks like it may be clearing...! cheers Mike
  2. Hi all, I have been trying to get flats using the 6120 and LRGB filters, but struggling to find an exposure, it's either ridiculously short for 20,000 adu (approaching bias frame speed!), or far too long (8-10sec) for 33,000, which is the 'default' in SGP. i seem to only be able to get a max of around 31,000 adu even with a multi second exposure, into a relatively bright source. I have a stretched t shirt as my diffuser What should i be aiming for, and does the binning level make a difference on the max level? thanks Mike
  3. which Sky safari are you using? I have the plus version which is good enough for me, but the pro version claims mag 18 and 'the largest mobile star database' extract from web site: (mag 18 was galaxies) We Have The Best Stars We’ve updated to use the UCAC5 star catalog with 29 million stars down to 15th magnitude. And with an in-app purchase you can get a total 109 million stars.*
  4. Some people are just too quick off the mark I'm interested in the adapter from M12 to M8, could you post a pic of that so i can see how you did it please? is this it? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/313027201875
  5. I'd normally work it the other way round - how many resistors spaced approx 1 cm gap do you need for a certain length.. Looking at the 'dewNot' table below, suggests 8W, 0.66A at 12vdc Power (P) of a resistor "ladder" is calculated the following way: P = ( Supply voltage ^ 2 ) / ( resistor value / number of resistors ) (ref: http://www.deepskywatch.com/Articles/newtonian-dew-heater.html) 8= 144 / (330 / X) X = ~18 but .. they are 1/4 w resistors and using that calculation you would be putting nearly 1/2 W through them... a bit hot! so.. it looks like you would need 660 ohm resistors or rely on the PWM drive to limit the max power/heat (EDIT: this would half the power to 4W, maybe not enough to keep things clear) or use 18 330 ohm 1/2 W resistors... PS: connect them all up to the cable, and try it out before adding the covering, you can feel how hot they get
  6. fantastic image Sub Gina...I hadn't even heard of Simeis 147 and had to look it up! Found it in Stellarium, but not in Sky Safari until i used Sharpless 2-240, for location, but the object size is huge....what are you imaging with? Even with my new 'widefield' 572mm it would be a multi pane mosaic... maybe i'll leave it until next year to have a go at it In any case i had a mostly clear night in Gloucestershire...a bank of cloud about 11:30, but clear after that. M45, Rosette, M42, and Markarians 'eyes' galaxies all got a couple of hours of data BR Mike
  7. did you post to the APT forum?...usually a good bet Ivo can sort it out
  8. Dave, super impressed with a 20min exposure no trailing or amp glow...and for being inside the M25 how come it didnt just blow out with light pollution....?
  9. it's been so long since a clear night it's going to be hard to remember which bit goes where....!
  10. just going back to the OP, difference between Coll cap and Laser, it could be that the focuser tube is out of alignment, ie not square / lined up to the main tube. This doesn't normally show itself on a coll cap, but a laser will pick it up. Checking that is a little more difficult; you need to find the diametrically opposite point of the focuser center inside the main tube, and then make sure a collimated laser points directly at it... HTH Mike
  11. Are we having the table top sale again this year? I've got a few things to move along. Maybe a separate thread needed for ppl to list their items in advance if so cheers Mike
  12. its what i'm not bringing that's concerning me...no caravan this year, left it in Spain!
  13. groups.yahoo.com and search for 'Starlightxpress' its 'restricted group' so you have to apply to join, but easy enough you can also get to it from sxccd.com 'message board' section Mike
  14. I am sure someone has one here and can help you, but i also recommend you go to/join the SX forum, Terry will answer you very quickly...it's a good resource also for any other issue
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