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  1. Very nice Boris, you mention the camera and lens, but not the mount, what was it? And the music fits it really well, thanks for sharing!
  2. Problems with Canon Raw files

    So what are you using now?
  3. is dual encoders needed for imaging?

    one small suggestion: go for the 'DS' version of the 150P, (£599) the dual speed focus helps with both visual and imaging..i had one it was great.. Edit: yes the 130p would be a good bet with the EQ3, imaging on that with the 150pds was always a challenge..!
  4. Problems with Canon Raw files

    Quick update on APT: just spoke (by email) to IVO at APT, he suggests: (and it works, although haven't tried 3.36 yet.) Please use the Shift+Click on the Connect button and select Digic Generation 6, 7, 4+. If this doesn’t help then get the beta version 3.36 (I would suggest to use that version in all cases)
  5. Problems with Canon Raw files

    Interesting, and frustrating! I will be able to try it out on another machine OS this weekend, so will come back on it then, for now, i am stuck, but the conversion option sounds possible, what do you convert them with? i also downloaded APT on this machine (Surface pro3), and it didnt work, but didnt put that together...
  6. Altair hypercam 183c

    Straight from the Altair A website: Great for refractors. With a pixel size of 2.4um, and a sensor size of 16.05 x 12.61mm, the Hypercam IMX183C is best suited for imaging at F7 or faster speeds, and performs extremely well an Altair refractor, and say an 0.8sx focal reducer. you need the focal reducer for optimised imaging with that camera.
  7. Problems with Canon Raw files

    I haven't, but then i haven't changed anything from processing the nikon files.. i ticked it now, will try the process again
  8. Problems with Canon Raw files

    Yes, sure Peter. I just tried loading an older set of NEF files from my Nikon,along with darks and bias, and works fine, including the luminance tab. there just doesn't seem to be any data on the final tiff after the canon files are stacked (note the one/two lines on the screenshot above, there is no 'breadth to the data..)
  9. Problems with Canon Raw files

    tried that, nothing there even when moving sliders all the way in both directions, i will try uninstalling and reinstalling DSS see if that helps
  10. Problems with Canon Raw files

    looks like i spoke too soon.. DSS just gives me a white tiff file after stacking. i took out the darks and tried again, with just lights, same result. My 1000d worked fine, just dont get this.. Mike
  11. Problems with Canon Raw files

    thanks for your replies, certainly 3.3.4 DSS works, Great! As for the Codecs, still having problems on my Surface pro 3 (win 8.1pro), as the MS downloads (thanks for the link Peter),say its not compatible (both x86 and x64). Good tip for APT, will try that, and see how well my Home pc (Win10) works. Still seems crazy that two companies as small and insubstantial as MS and Canon can't work it through..! Mike
  12. Hi all, I hope you can help... My new and astro modified EOS 1300d saves RAW as CR2 files. I take them off the camera using a card reader, but have two issues: - Windows explorer doesn't recognise them at all. I downloaded Canons digital photo pro, and the eos utility, and although it can read them in the app, explorer still doesn't know what to make of them..! - More importantly, DSS 3.3.2 loads them but after stacking with darks, i get a thin strip of picture and not the full dimensions. Anyone experienced these issues and have a solution? thanks Mike
  13. thanks for the reply on this Ronin, I either missed the notification, or didn't get one, and was (until now) disappointed that no-one had responded. i cant find anything to suggest it can be speeded up, but will keep looking Mike
  14. Simple Moon Pic

    Nice, looks like you should do more AP ;-)
  15. The Sun 1 September 2017 white light

    Nice, and thanks for the 'Earth to the same scale' - how did you do/calc that?