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  1. If you can't see the camera in 'device manager' you will not be able to connect to it with any astro software on that PC - the USB connection is the problem you are going to have to fix first... Have you tried a different cable? FWIW I had a 1200D that I gave up on as it couldn't be recognised (that was w10 too, but I'm not sure the o/s was significant) . A 200d and 1300d were fine on the same PC with the same cable Ady
  2. Sorry @Wiu-Wiu, I don't use teamviewer any more because they kept locking me out, saying they had detected commercial use. (see Teamviewer rant! ) I now use anydesk now, but haven't tried its private network functionality yet. Sorry Ady
  3. Not sure what you mean - do you have any pics please? Thanks
  4. This is what I find the hardest part of doing the stepper motor focus control - how am I going to mount it? (on an Altair Astro ED-66R) Ady
  5. +1 And just to be clear, you don't need to be using a synscan handset to use it for finding the Pole star position - with two choices of scope reticle. Ady
  6. I've used a az-goto v3 synscan handset with an AZ-Goto, and an AZ-GTi in both AZ-only and AZ/EQ modes. By observation I can tell you the handset gets a signal from the firmware on your Goto mount to indicate whether the mount is capable of AZ, EQ or both. This means unfortunately you can't select EQ mode for an AZ-only mount with a wedge. The cable is only significant in that they can be different connectors for different mounts. Hope this helps Ady Edit: this is confirmed in the Synscan v3 manual on the skywatcher website.
  7. adyj1

    DSLR mod

    Drop Juan at cheapastro an email and check. My 200d wasn't listed (and still isn't) but he did it for me, so that list isn't necessarily up to date. He also sells models that he has modded that aren't on the list... Juan has many happy customers here, although it does normally take him a few days so don't expect a lightning-quick turn-around. Ady
  8. It lives! I agree about SOTM, but do also try to catch 'Mission Control' - an ideal companion documentary, and in my eyes, just as good... Ady
  9. I would agree that operating a mixer isn't nearly as easy as it looks. Luckily the neighbour who helped me with my base was a builder, so I got to watch not do...
  10. I'm afraid not - one or the other. Do you have a wedge to use the mount in eq mode? (like this: Equatorial wedge) Ady
  11. I think us IT hobbyists need to bear in mind this is a commercial product, which involves much more than just being a cheap RPi and some free software. Support, updates, integration, etc - some people want the pain taken out of their Astro IT and this sort of product gives them that. At a price, admittedly, but the price isn't just based on a sum of the parts...
  12. Lol, I read that as 3 lights and 10,000 darks and flats... Gloriously good MW shot ☺
  13. Lens flare. Lots of fake lens flare. Every time they show a simulated view of the planets and the sun, they add 'relistic' lens flare... Its getting right on my wick! Enjoying it otherwise. ☺
  14. I sort of missed your point about wanting to use it in daytime... The Baader IR mod is supposed to be as good as you can get for HA at night and normal white balance during the day. A bit more expensive, but compared to the price of a 6d seems like a good investment. But even the cheaper IR mod is supposed to be able to produce good daytime results if you calibrate the auto white balance (although I guess this needs doing every time you use the camera). Awkward, but better than useless...
  15. As I see it, the github page gives you all the downloads and instructions to build the ascom installer executable, but this involves a number of hoops to jump through (downloading dev tools and visual studio, compiling, etc), whereas the second link in the original post was to a Dropbox copy of the compiled installer executable (DSLR.Camera setup.exe), with no other work required... A link to the compiled .exe file would be really handy
  16. Drop him an email - my 200d wasn't listed either. He's showing a modified 6d for sale, so I don't think you'll have a problem.
  17. Let me be the first to recommend Juan at cheapastrophotography.vpweb.co.uk. Have used him a couple of times. Unless you still want to use the camera in the daytime without post-processing the white balance (which would mean the more expensive Baader), the standard IR filter removal service is all that is required.
  18. In my experience, if you have any issues with the new lights, the best time to get it sorted is now. The contractors will have 'issue resolution' as part of their contract and so if you ring and complain about the light shining into your property there will be someone to deal with it. In my case, I complained the light at the bottom of the garden (15 or so metres away from the house) caused a glare in the bedroom, and they fitted a shield (after a couple of chase-up calls). It doesn't block all the light, but drastically improved things.
  19. I'd love to try this out, but haven't seen the recommendations (bar one that says it can be controlled by a Linux system, but I'm running Windows 10). Can you point me in the right direction, please? Ady
  20. I'm talking about the software that will control a photography session - being able to set the bulb exposure to any length, for example. We don't use the SDK, it's the devs who write the AP control software who do...
  21. Do you intend to use it for astrophotography? The canon is much better supported by AP software, as Nikon won't release the SDK for their lowly D3000-series. See APT Nikon Support Matrix as an example. Ady
  22. Anyone in France? Pop round to @ollypenrice and check he's OK, would you? I'm starting to worry he got abducted half way through that last post... Phew - he's back. Stand down Les Astronomeurs!
  23. Did you use different tools this time Carol, or have you just got better with the software you had? Ady
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