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  1. Only two weeks , I'd better unwrap the caravan and see if it survived the winter... Looking forward to it. Mick
  2. MickD

    Fforest Fields

    Great to see you all again at Fforest Fields. Despite the weather (& both of us having colds) we had a good time. The camp site is in a beautiful spot, with friendly staff & dark skies. Will definitely be going back. The journey home went OK, no floods to negotiate, thanks to Tony for the heads-up at Abergavenny. Looking forward to our next catch-up. All the best Mick & Jill
  3. MickD

    Vixen SG 2.1x42mm binoculars

    Same experience as me. I am also short sighted with astigmatism, borrowed a pair at a star pary and couldnt reach focus with or without glasses. Was disappointed as I really like the idea. Mick
  4. MickD


    Didn't think I could make this one, but weekend now free - just booked Sat & Sun. Mick
  5. Made it back home a day later than planned, mainly due to drinking too much of Tony's whiskey & some very smooth Black Shiraz from Justyn on Sunday night...very good night though so no harm done. Nice to meet up with old friends and make some new ones. Thanks to Tony for arranging another successful event. See you all next time. Mick & Jill
  6. I couldn't possibly incriminate myself by commenting on why we are late leaving
  7. haven't left yet so "early" afternoon may have been a little optimistic......
  8. need it to be OK today when Jill & I arrive. Should be there early afternoon. Mick
  9. All that Tony has said is true, however I always approach from the north. Talybont IS tight (with a caravan...) Mick
  10. Thanks Tony, will have a chat with SHMBO and let you know what days we want. Will be in caravan again. Mick.
  11. Hi Mick

    How are you doing. I know of a couple of young kids taking up the hobby and would love the scope.

    See you at Pencelli.

    Take care


    1. MickD


      OK,  I'll put it in the car. Mick

  12. I have only just had time look at the “all sky” video I captured a few weeks ago, something interesting happened at 03:28am on the 6th Aug (well apart from it being my birthday that is...) So what do we all think this is (see second frame). This is 3 consecutive frames from an ASI 120MM camera with the all-sky lens attached. They are 30 sec frames, lots of noise and some cloud so quite poor images, captured with Firecapture. The object is in the NE. Mick
  13. MickD

    SGL XI Chit Chat

    Thanks to the organisers for another great SGL. Good to meet up with old friends and new. Glad we decided to say for Sunday, best skies of the week. Looking forward to the next one. Mick & Jill
  14. MickD

    SGL XI Chit Chat

    will pack car tomorrow, should be there by mid day. see you all then Mick & Jill

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