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Show me your eyepiece/accessories case, please.


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Ok, since my Televues have arrived, here are my cases. The first is a section in a home-made case for my C8 OTA, containing my older eyepieces, and various bits and bobs such as the LPR filter, focal reducer, etc. The second is a second-hand camera case, with new foam, and contains my imaging stuff (only planetary) including the ever-so-useful Vixen flip mirror. The last is also a second hand camera case, with new foam, which holds my new eyepieces, and the WO quartz dielectric 2" star diagonal (WAY better than the old 14 year old Celestron 1.25" diagonal) As you can see, I have plans for more, but this is a decade-long project




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I got a couple of the Maplins ones - they are almost the same as the Celestron Onyx case, and the key to the Maplin one fits the Celestron case, which is nice, as it never came with a key. One is for eyepieces, the other for cameras & filter wheel, and the toolbox is still handy for the 2" bits and other bits and pieces. I find it makes life a bit easier having a specific place to put things, easier to find, and park the caps when the EP's are in use, and packing up is quicker as well.

So, thanks for starting this thread, as I doubt I'd have bothered otherwise. I actually bought three, because the price of three meant free postage, which worked out not much more than buying two plus postage. I wasn't sure what I'll be using the third one for, but like a house that is too bit, space tends to get filled, and I guess the EOS and assorted lenses would benefit from their own case.


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Here's mine. I made use of an old toolbox I used to use in my milling and turning days. Lined each drawer with foam camping matt and the EP's are settled nicely in 2" thick packing foam.

It works out great having everything in one place, but I'm sure over the years I will outgrow it at some stage.





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I am amazed by the eyepiece cases on display in this thread, as well as the contents of said cases!

Mine is incredibly basic, but unfortunately I completely forgot about a case when budgeting for my new scope and accessories! As such I did a bit of a Blue Peter using whatever I could find lying around the bedroom. The case is actually for a set of Remington clippers, and the polystyrene came with my new scope. Other than that I used a pen and ruler to mark out slots for my eyepieces, and a combination of knife, scissors and fingernails to make the holes!

Afterwards I put some of the polystyrene back to ensure a snug fit, and actually I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. Unfortunately it doesn't accommodate my new Hyperion, but I have left space for the barlow that I should be receiving any day now. :)



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For anyone whos after cases for equipment I have a tip. I'm a DJ, and trust me, DJ's spoil their kit with regards casing it up, so have a look at DJ flight case suppliers, had a quick look at one of the suppliers I've used before and found this :-

Pro Audio Stash » Gator Microphone Case » Microphone » Flight Cases

Gator cases are quite good and are made of military grade PVC so are fairly light in weight.

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I'm not showing you mine, it's too embarassing! I was given an old metal case, which is fine, but then a friend gave me an old sofa cushion to cut to size. Needless to say it's not very pretty! lol

Think I'll have to invest in some of that pretty black diced foam....

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