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Show me your eyepiece/accessories case, please.


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I have a metal case and chunk of foam and now have some e/p's worth putting in a case.

Not sure how to go about it.

Wether to cut a hole so they stand on their end, cut a long hole so they are on their side half in or fully in.

What have you done?

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Blimey those are neat eyepiece cases with very nice eyepieces........i'm not showing mine....too embarrassed!

Out of interest, does anyone know of place to purchase replacement foam? My case has seen 20-30 changes of eyepieces and the foam is pulled to pieces.


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Hi Martin,

I've looked before and never had any success despite exhaustive google searches....quite frustrating as i would have thought there would be quite a few people who need this. My case looks very sad as a result.


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I got some pictures of my eyepiece and accessory case here:

Picasa Web Albums - Christian - equipment shots

I bought the case filled with 2 separate layers of diced foam off ebay. Then I took out one layer of foam, build a box from plywood that's half the height of the bottom part of the case and filled it with the previously removed foam. The box can be taken out to reveal the 2nd layer of accessories.

The bottom holds the accessories I need to setup the scope (hand controller, PSU, finder, ...). The top part is then re-inserted when I'm done setting up and holds the stuff I need for observing (eyepieces, barlows, filters, red LED torch, ...)

There's more things in there now. The pics are from when I had just build the box. ;-)

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Not boring at all. All that you need in one box.

True. It serves me WELL (specially with the SW130P). I just said it was "BORING" cuz as a relative newbie to scopes................i'm sure most of you seasoned observers know better and would not dream of using it and al your EP cases look so amazing.

Its all good though.

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I got the Maplins case too, great value. I cut the foam so the EP's are long ways then added half the foam back in. I think some of the EP sets you buy have them standing on end which means you can get more in. It just doesn't look as good though!! :eek:

I've just added a UHC Filter and a Variable Polarizing Moon Filter (top right). 5 EP's all bought secondhand (half price), red LED torch and red LED headlight. The gap on the left did have the SW barlow that came with my scope which I've sold. Hoping to replace it with a better one when funds permit and maybe squeeze in an ortho or two for planetary viewing.

I pretty much have everything I need in one box and I'm quite happy with my first upgrade of EP's. Still, looking at some of the other boxes, maybe that's what my 2nd or 3rd upgrade will look like!! :)


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Heres mine for my EPs and also the accesories case for the finders, leads, tools, torches etc

Th EP case was picked up for a few quicd from a junk shop. Its VERY solid and obviously was a bit of class gear but in shabby state. A quick clean up, acquired some new foam for it and cut the shapes out myself.

The accessory case is the Maplins flight case with pluck foam.



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I built this eyepiece box way back in the 1980's. 12" x 8" x 5" deep. The contents have changed a bit over the years - Now 95% of the eyepieces are TV Plossls or Naglers. (notice the silica gel packs)

The other gear is stored in a "few" Maplin aluminium cases!!!




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