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  1. Typical... the seeing improves, and the clouds move in here, for the first night in a week. Nice shot indeed.
  2. Updated... took a bit more time over it tonight.
  3. NIce one James... I wasn't even aware of the transit 'til I was getting set up. I looked through an eyepiece while aligning my finder, and thought, "Wow! Transit! ...must hurry..."
  4. Cheers folks... Yeah, I used a red filter, but just a bog-standard Celestron (No25?) job. It does seem to help contrast though. I'm not at all happy with that distinct sharp ring around the very edge of the disk... and I seem to have blown-out Aristarchus in PP too... I'm sure it wasn't that washed-out in the original videos. Need to go back a few steps and re-process.
  5. FLT110 + 4x Powermate on EOS7D : FLT110 + 2x Powermate on EOS7D : FLT110 + 0.8x flattener at prime (to squeeze 'em into the FOV) :
  6. FLT110 + DMK21 7 x 2000 frame AVIs (30% quality pass) stacked in Registax 5.1 (still can't get AviStack to stop crashing ) and tiled in MS-ICE. Not entirely happy with the result, but I'm too tired to bother fixing it now... maybe tomorrow.
  7. Aaargh! I thought I'd got it working there... I downloaded the FFDshow pack itself, and followed the instructions here : http://www.sharpcap.co.uk/stacking, which finally got around the "Codec not supported!" error, only for AviStack to now crash at the start of the aligning stage with this rather wordy error : "The following error was encountered: Attempt to subscript <LONG Array[1]> with <INT ( 1)> is out of range. Please consult the supplier of the application." /sigh...
  8. Thanks folks... Cath, I know, it's extremely frustrating to have re-structured everything as (I hope) it was only to hit this brick-wall, but I'm no further forward, and the only difference that's obvious is the WinXP to Win7 thing, which I'm 99% certain has nothing to do with it. Kev, thanks, even although I already had the full KL codec pack installed, I tried the CCCP one, but no joy. I also installed Quicktime (normally avoid it like the plague...), but still to no avail, still getting "Codec not supported!" in both 32 & 64 bit AviStack, and Registax 5.1 & 6. The only difference be
  9. I had this problem a couple of years ago, but found the solution to be the krsgravi DLL & DLM which you popped into the AviStack folder, and hey presto, the AVIs loaded fine, However, I haven't done any stacking since last September(!) , and since then, my main PCs have been replaced, with one running 7 Pro 32, and the other 7 Pro x64. I've installed & krsgravi'd both 32 & 64 bit versions of AviStack2, I've even installed and tried both Registax 5.1 & 6, but I cannot get any of them to natively load the videos I've recently recorded via EOSmovierecord. I have to VirtualDub them
  10. Fantastic set of shots...! Nice and varied, and I like the progressive struggle to be free of the killer fog.
  11. What a gorgeous image... I really like wider-field M31 images, showing the surrounding area. Nice one. Very nice indeed.
  12. That is really nice Pete... you've got me checkin' my bank balance now for that DFK, but Mr Bank say "Nawww!!!".
  13. Oops! Forgot to post these here in the Lunar section... I've been so busy with terrestrial photography due to the distinctly non-astro-friendly weather, I've hardly posted here at all this year. Taken at Whitelee Wind Farm between 5am and 7am :
  14. It was a lovely sight wasn't it? I watched it from about 5am - 7am.
  15. I also took a few shots last night... 404 to be exact, between 11:30pm and 1:00am, of the region that spans the top of Orion, Perseus, Taurus, Pleiades, Auriga & Gemini, and didn't snag a single one! Granted, I was in a semi-LP'd area, but I still can't believe how inactive it was. I think I saw one out the corner of my eye, away over at Cetus, and miles away from my camera's FOV. Typical.
  16. OK, just an update... sent the focuser off to Ron, who upgraded it in very quick fashion, and I now have a very much more usable telescope as a result. No more waiting 5 minutes to go from eyepiece to eyepiece focal point, or eyepiece to camera focal point etc. The motorised (only) version would have been a great observatory instrument, where everything could be computer controlled 24/7, but on my mobile "pack-car-n-run" setup, it was a real hindrance. Now, I have the convenience of quick manual focus, with the mega-precision of the stepper-drive only a clutch-turn away. However, there is a HU
  17. Excellent, I look forward to it. It'll be a while until the good Jupiter nights are with us, and I just splurged on a flattener/reducer, so it'll have to wait anyway...
  18. Thanks Michael... so, f/28, ie my 110 + 4x PM might be a bit out of the usability bracket? Yep, now, when I study the numbers, I understand. Whereas the 3x would be nearer the "comfort" zone of f/20, but should give me another 10% mag over the 2x? That would be useful, but how do the TeleXtenders rate against the PMs for optical quality? /heads for Google...
  19. Nick, I usually use the 7D (aps-C sensor) for Jupiter, and the DMK21 for the Moon.
  20. Anyone had any experience of the above combo? I've used my 2x PM with the scope, and it's great, but I'd like to get a bit "closer" to Jupiter this winter, and maybe some up close 'n' personal Lunar pics, preferably without having to use EOSmovieRecord's 5x re-sampling function. As good as it is, I'd prefer purely optical magnification if poss. I'm planning on getting the 2" 4x + T-adaptor. Thanks in advance for any help.
  21. Allan, just want to clarify - the two images I posted are riklaunim's images tiled together in Microsoft's ICE program. They're all his (her?) work.
  22. Excellent results... surprised you haven't had any feedback until now. There's a marked difference in the two cameras - the Tucsen seems to produce a more contrasty image, or was that down to processing? Hope you don't mind, I couldn't resist chuckin' them into ICE :
  23. I've seen someone insulate his heater tapes by wrapping material around them once they're fitted to the scope. I guess this would also prolong battery life, by being more efficient? Haven't tried it yet myself, but I will this winter season.
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