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  1. Easy if u just do a backup to iTunes first.
  2. Malcolm 'as featured' in Astronomy Now! Nice one!
  3. Hey Terry, welcome from another Brizztolian...things can be pretty bad here...I'm just of Gloucester Rd down in Bishopston. But even so, on the odd occasion it's clear I can make out most of the major (zodiac) constellations along with circumpolar and Orion etc with a little practice and with dark adapted eyes. Although I admit I do most of my photography from dark sites and star parties. Enjoy the lounge, they are for the most part a great bunch from which much can be learnt. Clear Skies Mike
  4. Now I have to admit to not doing as much visual as I should now that I seem to spend my Astro time fiddling with laptops and cameras etc...and one reason is that I've always found it difficult to know what's up there. Particularly when it comes to things like double stars. Well I just stumbled upon a great little app that not only has a great doubles catalogue, but also filters sky tours based around your location, time and kit (inc bins!) Coupled with an adjustable red screen check list it might just provide the motivation to get me back into some proper visual astronomy. Search for 'Doubl
  5. OMG...well done! Maybe I should offer alternative pitches at the cottage...(but only in exchange for nappy changing!) I'm already looking forward to Autumn...how sad is that!
  6. We were there honest! Great Osprey photos btw. Off to run in another forest this morning...Forest of Dean.
  7. Hahaha...yes the music quiz. Was very funny to listen too. We'll be there all week but looks as though we might have to leave on the Saturday as our cottage is sat to sat and I'm not sure we'll be up for a night in a tent with the bairn. So get ready guys...that's gonna be a corker of a night!
  8. Cheers Dave, Missed your 'pop master' at the spring camp...you coming along in Autumn?
  9. Hi Jason, That's a cracking image...well done! Sorry we didn't pop over and say goodbye before we headed off on Sunday. I think the sunshine caught us out and made packing up very slow. Hope to see you back in Autumn and I'm looking forward to seeing more results before then. All the best and clear skies Mike (&Jen)
  10. With any luck we'll be there...with new bairn in tow! But we've taken a cottage as the little miss (or fella) will prob only be two weeks old! If we're late...there may be a cottage going cheap!
  11. We'll be there from Tuesday, although I have to be in Newcastle at 4:15am on Wednesday morning to run as part of the One Show 1000 relay (sports relief) Which means I'll probably catch up with you all on Wednesday morning! Of course this does guarantee Tuesday to be the clearest night of the week... Hehehe only 3 sleeps!
  12. I'm sorry for labouring the point here, but am getting a little tired of the insinuations being made. PM please check your facts and maybe re-read the previous posts before suggesting I'm making contradictory comments. The previous poster was not a beginner and was not just visual. If you actually bothered engaging with people in conversation rather than trying to score points like a teenager you may actually find people are more receptive to your comments. I stand by my comment that levelling does make the use of tools such as Alignmaster easier. It also significantly eases manual drift al
  13. Oh boy..... And here's me trying to be nice. Don't you have any family to torment? Do I really have to spell this out to you using only small words? Or are you just trying to raise your post count with inane* comments? Have a read of this before continuing down this vacuous route: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Troll_(Internet) *http://m.dictionary.com/d/?q=inane&o=0&l=dir
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