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  1. Hi, it'll be on the promenade, half way between Grand Avenue and Seaview Road.
  2. OP has decided against it on grounds of size, so I will be posting a 'for sale' ad. I don't have enough postings to use the SGL classifieds, and I can't find what that amount is, so it'll go on AB&S soon.
  3. Yeah it will be up for grabs if OP decides against it. Still got to take some photos, which may need to wait until Saturday. Might be in the classifieds here if i have enough posts, otherwise it will be on AB&S. I've been struggling with my interest in astronomy for a while, and also have bought a new car that could do with being paid off a bit. So I'm going to stick with my Canon IS binos and sell the scope. I'll keep my Pentax XWs in case I go back to telescopes.
  4. Well I've decided to sell my scope, so will PM the OP.
  5. I read on Cloudynights someone using strong elastic bands and something small and hard to press the button down.
  6. Interesting! Was it this item? http://www.srb-griturn.com/stepping-ring-58mm-lens-thread-to-48mm-accessory-size-2115-p.asp
  7. This is a very interesting thread. I bought a second hand 16" OO 1/10 wave dob in January, and am considering either selling it, or taking the mirrors out and putting it in a Sumerian Canopus. Mike73, I hope you keep us updated on your new scope when it arrives!
  8. I use my sole Dioptrx with a Pentax XW30, and its as Paulo indicates, a simple case of unscrewing the top of the eye cup, laying the Dioptrx on top of the exposed lens, then screwing the eye cup back down, holding the Dioptrx in place. It works very well.
  9. chuenmanc

    M42 with UHC

    Very interesting side-by-side!
  10. I found the CPC1100 exceedingly comfortable to view through, using an ironing stool as an observing chair. Tripod was always set at lowest possible position. I'd imagine it to be far more comfortable for visual use than a C11 on a GEM, as the range of eyepiece positions was reasonably small.
  11. For hand holding binos, I found my enjoyment of binocular astronomy improved immeasurably when I splurged on a pair with image stabilization. The high frequency shake in my holding gets turned into a slow 'waving' motion, making it much easier to observe detail.
  12. Ah, that's where I stopped I'll take a closer look next time I'm passing in daytime.
  13. I popped out last night to Wiston, and had a great (cold) night. On the way back I stopped at Findon to compare, and it seemed just as good, if not better, but less obvious parking (don't know exactly where you guys set up). I forgot to bring my Sky Quality Meter, but would have been interesting to compare the numbers.
  14. Hi Have a Google for Worthing Astronomers. I haven't signed up yet, but they organise regular group observing sessions. I live in Worthing, and don't seem to do much observing nowadays, but might be interested in meeting up. Dark skies in Pulborough sound enticing!
  15. Hi On a couple of occasions I've stopped on Spithandle Lane near Wiston where there's a break in the trees. The skies seemed pretty good there, though I was admittedly on the side of a road! I'm sure there's better spots near you, but that's where I've tried.
  16. I had a 3" app piggybacked on my old cpc1100. It obviously needed lots of mounting and counterweight hardware (£££) but it definitely worked, giving me wide field views with the benefit of the cpc's goto. I had a separate grab'n'go mount that I could use the frac with too. I thought it worked well.
  17. Thanks to Steve, Adrian and the rest whose names I didn't catch. I enjoyed it!
  18. Not sure if this guy is still around, but found him linked from Oldham Optical's site: New Page 2
  19. I went to the Hampstead observatory several years ago for a Mars opposition. A memorable night. Highly recommended.
  20. I used one with a pair of Denk binoviewers. They were great for not having to switch out eyepieces, but you still have to refocus a great deal. I found that bugged me - it really reduced the enjoyment I got from them. Other people may not mind that at all. If you're used to using swapping a barlow in and out, then this will be easier. If your eyepieces are parfocal, and you don't usually use a barlow, you may find it a pain. Just my thoughts. I do own a Denk filterswitch diagonal, which has the same sliding assembly, into which you put your own filters (rather than pre-installed reducer/barlow lenses). I find that excellent - wouldn't want to be without it now.
  21. Same magnification, or as close as I could get with my eyepieces. I didn't take notes though, sorry.
  22. I recently owned both a CPC1100 and IM703 mak at the same time. I found the views of Jupiter were consistently brighter and more colourful in the 11", but the view through the 7" was sharper. Possibly the larger scope was seeing limited. Both put up pleasing views in their own way.
  23. Good ideas thanks. Don't get much observing time, but will take a look at WA
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