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  1. You could buy a professional flightcase for a similar price.
  2. Here's mine. It's a removable accessory tray that I made as part of my telescope case. Below the foam under the tray is where I keep a William Optics Megrez 72. The case also houses a Celestron C8. Jim
  3. I finally built some cases for my rig this week. Ok, not completely DIY as the cases are already made but I custom made the foam interior myself. Here's the link to the post. http://stargazerslounge.com/equipment-discussion/95609-case-c8-ota.html#post1372756
  4. Here are the photos of the EQ6 mount head case and both cases stacked.
  5. I finished making a case for my C8. In the end I have made two cases. One for a C8, WO Megrez 72 plus a removable accessory tray that contains all my bits necessary for visual work. The tray has rubber feet and two handles. The second case contains the head of an EQ6 mount, hand controller, logitech wireless rumblepad + USB adapter, led red light, kendrick dew controller and cables. I have made space under most items so that cables can be tucked away neatly. The two cases have the same footprint and can be stacked on top of one another. I intend to make up a third case to house the tripod and weights. This one will have two wheel at one end for easy transport. A fourth briefcase style case will be fitted out with astrophotography equipment. The cases are from Flight Cases : Buy New and Used Flight Cases Online. Both cases without foam cost about £75 (£1 different between them). The foam is what they call Jiffy foam. It's quite solid unlike egg crate foam or cushion/furniture foam. So it holds heavy items like the EQ6 head firmly without losing its shape. The foam is very expensive. It cost about the same amount as the large case to fill the large case with foam. Being a harder foam, it is easy to shape. I used a band saw for straignt cuts, a hobbyist fretsaw (electric) for curves and a pillar drill for eyepiece holes etc. All these tools I already owned but haven't used for 15 years - except the pillar drill which I bought to do straight / perpendicular holes (wanted one of these for ages).
  6. Not sure how you can protect the connectors without losing their conductivity unless you do something like gold plate them. Perhaps you should consider replacing with gold plated connectors/cables.
  7. I guess I'm just a fussy perfectionist! Besides, I do intend to transport it once in a while up to my sisters place in the wilds of Scotland for some dark sky work. So I'd prefer to pack it as well as I can as they live off some dirt / rocky track in the middle of nowhere. You know the sort of place - no electricity, sewage etc...
  8. Sheesh! I know I said I was going for the flight case option. They're £75. I'm going for the same footprint size again but not as high for the EQ6 head. But having said all that, foam seems to be damned expensive stuff! £75 per flight case. Then £47 + vat to fill the smaller case with pick+pluck foam and £80+vat again for the larger case!!!! Still. Should have a really nice storage setup when complete. I'll post some photos when it's all done if anyone is interested.
  9. When you say same config as mine, do you mean the 2 plus 1 fixings for the accessory bar? I removed my OTA from my fork mount and fitted it to an EQ6. Best thing I ever did. It cured all my vibration issues.
  10. Thanks. I think I'll go for one of these: Utility case Hinged Lid. I'll fill it with pluck foam and should be able to get the C8 and my William Optics Megrez 72 in at the same time plus most of my accessories on a second layer above or below the megrez. Jim
  11. Maplins do one. A bit pricey though. I bought one some years ago for a dive computer. I found it also works just fine on my EQ6 handset.
  12. That's really good info. Thanks. Sounds exactly what I want it to do. The dovetail system sounds ideal for balancing as you say! Thanks, Jim
  13. Hi Beetlejuice. Thanks for the link to case market. I'll have a good read of what they've got and see if any will do the job. Jim
  14. Hi Peter. I know the stanley box you are talking about. It is black with two wheels, a padded pull out handle and a yellow tray. I used to use one for my scuba equipment. It had lots of room. I was also thinking of using one for the C8 and the tray for accessories. The trouble is that I seem to be adding more and more onto my OTA at the moment. One dovetail for mounting to EQ6 and another on the opposite side for a guidescope. So it doesn't sound like it would all fit. I was considering a quick release bracket for the finder scope. The guidescope would be on a dovetail mount so could be removed easily and quickly for storage separately. Jim
  15. I'd really like to put my C8 OTA in a hard case when it isn't in use but nobody seems to make a hard case for it. Has anyone solved this for theor C8 or have any suggestions? I suppose I could get a flight case purpose made but I suspect that would be quite costly. JIm
  16. Hi all. Has anyone fitted an ADM mini dovetail system with guide rings to a C8? Any pictures of one fitted to the C8 - especially C8 with three bolt mounting (two at the back, one at the front)? How good are they for guidescopes? Do they foul the finder scope at all? Jim
  17. scubapics

    Hi all

    Just starting to get into the astronomy bug after buying a Celestron Celestar Deluxe C8 in 1998 using it a couple of times and then storing it for 12 years! I found at the time the scope and mount combination was way too wobbly. I bought a starlight xpress HX516 about the same time and got one or two images of Jupiter. Nothing special - was very hard with all the wobbling. So now where am I? I bought an EQ6 mount last October. Pulled the C8 OTA off the fork mount and put it on the EQ6. One word - WOW! Huge difference in stability and usability. Combined with Stellarium and a netbook (Samsung N110 - 6 hours plus of battery life) plus EQASCOM the system is a dream to use. I don't suppose anyone is interested in a buying a motorised heavy duty fork mount with deluxe wedge from a Celestron Celestar Deluxe C8? All in working order. Be a shame to throw it in the rubbish tip if anyone needs one for spares or to replace a broken unit. I've dusted off my old HX516 parallel port CCD camera and managed to get it to work with AstroArt (demo version for now). The original drivers wouldn't work at all. Along with my Canon 10D and 5D that I acquired over the years I expect to take some reasonable photos without much more outlay. Having said that I've just purchased a William Optics Megrez 72mm as a wide FOV scope for the larger deep sky objects and also to serve as a guidescope for the C8 along with a QHY5 - just delivered 10 mins ago and on my desk about to be opened! Wish my wallet luck folks! With the advances over the last 10 years I can see I may pull Britain back from financial brink singled handedly! Jim
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