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  1. I love my IS 15x50s - they are the only bins that I have ever enjoyed using
  2. Oops! Fear not - I am taking full responsibility for this mess and wouldn't dream of suggesting it was TV's lenses that were at fault. Let's just agree that I have put them in squint or the wrong way round
  3. Thanks for the offer, Shane, but I'll pick some up from Wilkos around the corner from me. Cheers
  4. Cheers - I'll try to get some of those
  5. I'll steal one of Mrs T's pink Marigolds
  6. Yes,that's the design of this one, Stu. I'll give the artificial star thing a go. How did you go about making the small rotations of the front element without covering it in grubby fingerprints?
  7. I am certain that I put the lenses in the correct configuration (i.e. both facing the right way and in the correct order). The cell has a metal spacing ring rather than foil spacers and I made sure the outer retaining ring was only just touching the lens so that is three variables ruled out. I'm pretty sure it is the rotational alignment of the lenses that is the issue. I am making an assumption that in a good quality telescope someone would send a bit of time optimising this to get the sharpest possible image?
  8. This post is long overdue as the error I made happened about a year ago and the Pronto has sat doing nothing ever since. I bought this scope second hand about two to three years ago. After a while I noticed that there was some fungus stuck to the inside face of the objective. Not wanting to mess around with the sealed collimation screws I released the retaining ring from the front of the lens cell and carefully removed the two lens elements. This is where things started to go wrong. Firstly, I very carefully washed the lens elements in warm soapy water to remove the fungus. I also managed to remove most of the blackening around the edges of the lenses Then I tried to re-assemble the lens cell but had forgotten to mark the edge of the two elements to ensure I put them back in the same alignment. The washing had removed any trace of helpful marks that could have been used to work this out so there is a 359 out of 360 degree chance that they are now in a different place to where they were when Tele Vue put the scope together I have checked the collimation of the re-assembled scope and that is fine but the views just don't seem to be as sharp as they were previously and CA is definitely more apparent than it once was. This could be either the lack of blackened edges or the misalignment of the objective elements - or possibly both I thought about calling TV to see if I can send it to them to fix but that's going to cost £100+ just for the postage and would no doubt have a repair bill to pay. So I have decided to post this question in the hope that the collective knowledge of SGL can perhaps advise me on how to go about sorting the alignment of the lens elements. Any suggestions?
  9. Can you please clarify what you mean by "having a go at Ha"? Are you thinking of observing the Sun through this filter (which you definitely shouldn't!!) or using it for night time imaging?
  10. Price reduced from £38 to £32 including UK delivery.
  11. I posted a similar question a few weeks ago: I ended up buying a C5 and what swung it for me was that a 127 Mak is about 2kg heavier and would require significantly longer cool-down time, which partly defeats the purpose of grab-n-go.
  12. Very interesting. I loved the Mk III with my CPC1100 but a rash of green and black made me give it up. This might be just what I need for my new C5
  13. Thanks for the heads-up - downloading now
  14. I am open to reasonable offers on this item.