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  1. Interesting comparison. I don't think you (or anyone else) should go looking for an obvious difference between 10mm and 11mm focal length as it will be imperceptible to host eyes and irrelevant when using two different manufacturers of EPs. It would be interesting to hear about the results of the same comparison wth a target that would provide more obvious detail, such as the Moon or the cloud bands on Jupiter.
  2. My experience of Doris consisted of... train cancelled and an extra night in London an 04:30 rise this morning to catch the first train home to find... a broken bedroom window tiles off the roof
  3. You might pick up a second hand Skywatcher AZ-EQ5 for that budget, perhaps a little more. It would give you the convenience of Alt-Az with the ability to switch to EQ mode if the imaging bug takes hold. I have its big brother, the AZ-EQ6, which is by far the best tracking mount I have owned and people here have given the AZ-EQ5 great reports.
  4. The package arrived from FLO today - great service as usual The StarSense looks like a quality piece of kit. I was expecting something made of plastic but it is a solid lump of metal and glass and I'm looking forward to using it as soon as a few stars appear in the sky
  5. Thanks, Helen. I tried to contact the seller yesterday but no response yet
  6. Andy, Can you please post pictures of the rings? Standard SW rings have camera attachment threads on one side and M6 on the other for attaching the dovetail. Perhaps you are trying to attach your dovetail to the camera threads?
  7. I get mine from here:
  8. Put the pitchforks down lads, he isn't a witch after all
  9. I know her well
  10. That puts my random "Oh, those two stars are close together" observation methodology seem a bit amateurish
  11. Couldn't we just classify it as a finder scope?
  12. My lightweight set now consists of a Panoptic 24mm with a 2.5x Powermate. I am hoping to add a 5x Powermate at some point to give me approximately 24mm, 10mm and 5mm with one eyepiece. I think @Stu would call it "minimalist observing" I also have a 32mm TV Plossl, which would add 32mm, 13mm and 6.4mm to the range. All of that gives me a range of 39x to 250x mag in my C5, which is not too bad as a lightweight grab-n-go option
  13. 8.5 miles = 13.7km - my estimation skills haven't faded despite state of my knees That is not an inconsiderable hike in the Peaks in March. If you intend going, come prepared and properly attired
  14. That is a lovely set, Mark, and I'm glad the Pan15 ended up in good company But you need to find a black cap for that Delite - that clash would keep me awake at night
  15. My old map reading and estimation skills tell me that is about 13-15km, so about 10 miles. My old knees can't do that any more so I'll have the kettle on when you all get back