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  1. I had a CPC1100 for a couple of years as my main telescope and the most important things I found were these: Make sure the tripod is absolutely level - there is a spirit level on the scope to help you do this. Any slight off level will affect accuracy of GOTO. Make sure you use high magnification to centre your alignment stars. A zoom eyepiece is good for this as you can zoom out to find the stars and then zoom in to get them absolutely central to the FOV. Make sure the data you are entering in the handset is accurate. The GPS sorts out location and time but you need to set the correct daylight saving setting for your location.
  2. Very nice, Steve. Now then, let's recap where we are: Fozzie buys a Takahashi mount for his nice refractors Fozzie is looking for a Takahashi wooden tripod because it would be rude not to Fozzie ends up here The slope is a slippery one!
  3. I saw that one go through just a day or so after I bought mine - glad you nabbed it at a good price
  4. No worries, Shane. I'm in no hurry and if I do decide to sell I am sure I will be able to pass it on as it is a very nice example
  5. Nice blog, Victor. I look forward to following your exploits with the new kit
  6. I didn't manage to try it today and will be away for the next few days but this is the one I have... Hopefully the sunshine will last until I get home again
  7. Indeed. I just haven't tried one in the Lunt 50 and want to give it a go as I am enjoying the views through the 11mm TV Plossl so wondered if it would work equally as well for me.
  8. I picked up a nice one last week to try with my Lunt 50, which will hopefully happen today if the clouds part This is the fourth TV 8mm Plossl I have owned and the others went because I didn't find them comfortable to use so I am fairly certain the same will happen again with this one. If that's the case I'll give you first refusal Can you please send me a picture of the nosepiece on yours and I'll let you know if they are the same? Obviously, if another one comes up just grab it as I'm sure I will be able to pass this one on quickly if I decide to. Cheers
  9. Presumably a lot depends on where on Earth the scope is. I doubt very much that my Derbyshire set-up would ever experience the intensity of an Arizona based equivalent?
  10. That's a great set-up for outreach, tich. I really enjoyed my 127-AR when I had it and had a Moonlite focuser on it which made a big difference. I hope the sun shines for you at the event
  11. I have one that rarely leaves the case. We could sell them both to @Moonshane as a bino-pair for all those Plossls he's been collecting
  12. From FLO... I have used my Baader wedge for hours on end on a hot summer day with a 6" refractor on a tracking mount and have never felt it being hot or even warm to the touch. The Lunt wedge transfers the heat to a red metal plate on the back end of the wedge and the heat disperses into the air. The red plate has a warning to that effect stamped on it. having touched the plate a few times I can confirm they get hot. Whilst I agree that anything placed in sunlight will heat up my experience is that the ND3.0 does not seem retain any perceptible amount of heat when in use.
  13. Apologies for the mis-interpretation, Chris. The only Lunt wedge I have owned had no visible means of being safely dismantled in order to remove the in-built ND3.0 so I couldn't understand how you were going to do that without damaging something. From what you say you seem to have safety covered off
  14. I'm not an expert in all of this but I don't actually think web applications create a logged in user session in the same way as say a business application that you would log into across an office network. From memory I think the method used by remote apps is a "stateless" connection where the server end doesn't actually know the user is there apart from the few milliseconds it takes to process each individual transaction. The users credentials are passed into the system with each interaction but the server end session does not remain open once the transaction completes. The logged in status therefore only really exists in your browser. I might have this completely wrong
  15. I am connected via two devices now through my home router and they have different IP addresses.