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  1. Are you trying to say that long focal length, small aperture dobs is the way to go, John? If I were you I would lock all your windows and doors tonight - the Mob will be gathering outside in their vans
  2. I am certain you will be pleased with it, Gav. The stock focuser always disappointed me on such a great quality OTA and when I eventually pulled the trigger I was very pleased with the result. If Lunt and SI could find a way to make this a stock item for around £100-£150 extra it would be a great move IMHO.
  3. I agree with @Stargazer McCabe that the dual speed is unnecessary on this scope. The FeatherTouch is very solid and easy to use and I really don't see the need to spend more on the Moonlite. The FT has exactly the same inward focus as the stock helical focuser but an extra 7mm on the way out.
  4. The extension on the 6mm and 8mm Ethos also has the benefit of ensuring you can reach focus with the same focuser set-up as their siblings. Having to add an extension tube when switching EPs is a pain. Putting these tubes on the EPs at the start of a session means you don't need to faff around in the dark.
  5. I wish you had posted this story before pulling the trigger, Alan - I've got a spare TV extension that I haven't used since selling my Ethos 6mm
  6. I was in Portugal last week and stumbled across this fine looking beast at a friend's house... From memory it was around 4" aperture and about 1.2m in length when the focus tube was extended. A quick google reveals that the manufacturer was a highly respected instrument maker in the second half of the 19th century and existed until the 1990s. Does anyone know when this style of scope is likely to have been made and whether or not it has any significant value?
  7. I find this very hard to believe. Of what possible use is a larger FOV on a scope that already delivers full disk views of the only object it is useful for?
  8. Here is the set-up I was describing, but with a Lunt wedge instead of my Quark...
  9. That sounds excellent, Mark. That is a very nice collection of glass to have in a travel bag
  10. Excellent, Nick. I had my Lunt 50Ha out today with my Evo 150 and Baader Wedge on the other side of the Ercole. It's the most action I have seen around and on the disk for a long time so a good day to get your first light
  11. I haven't noticed any issue with the C5, Jules. It's a very capable little beast.
  12. Will do, Jules, but I have to say this prolonged period of really poor skies and other things getting in the way of me observing is making me consider clearing out a load of kit. Expensive glass is of little use with lens caps permanently attached! That said, this weekend is looking good for solar
  13. Nope - haven't seen a clear sky for weeks
  14. Who would have thought we would see the beginning of a new industrial revolution in NE England - all you need is a couple of hundred orphans and you could open Moonshane's Mill
  15. Are you sure you have selected the right options on the search page on I can see loads of used copies, none of them cheap but there are lots of them out there.