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  1. This eyepiece has a small speck of dust on one of the internal lenses that is very clearly described in this thread, which was posted by the person I bought it from. I haven't used the eyepiece since I purchased it and have now sold the other XWs I had hence this sale. The eyepiece comes with original caps and bolt case but no box. Bank transfer or PayPal friends please or the buyer can choose to cover the PayPal fees by adding £4.
  2. Will post a new advert for the one remaining EP.
  3. The 3.5mm, 5mm, 7mm, 10mm and 20mm have now been sold. 14mm still available at £120 including UK delivery
  4. Thanks, all. I've now had interest in the 3.5mm on AstroBuySell plus the three above so have decided to split. Will send PM's to faulksy, PGM and Second Time Around with payment details. 7mm and 14mm are still available.
  5. In excellent condition but has no top cap or box. £150 including UK delivery.
  6. I have a complete set of Pentax XW's for sale. The 14mm was purchased from an SGL member via this ad which contains a detailed description of its condition. It has not been used since I bought it so the description remains accurate. I believe all of the others in the set were purchased new in mid 2018 and have been very lightly used. All are in pristine condition and come with original packaging. My preference would be to sell the complete set at £950 but if there are no takers I will sell them individually at £180 for the 3.5mm, 5mm, 7mm, 10mm & 20mm and £120 for the 14mm. All p
  7. Hi

    i understand you may have found a 90 degree tgat works in the skywatcher 50ed finderscope? Using it with a barlow but ideally would like to use direct. Can you help?

    thanks Mark

  8. Too many jokes, so little time... This isn't the first time I have read something claiming that a big bright Moon makes it easier to see planets. I have no idea why that would be but will have a look tonight, assuming this also works from North Derbyshire and is not just a Yorkshire-based phenomenon?
  9. Didn't you know that if the Moon ever goes away all the Werewolves appear at the same time and eat everyone? Or perhaps the Earth starts to wobble like a spinning top, the tides stop flowing, the weather patterns go nuts, the food chain collapses and we are all either toasted alive or freeze to death. I think I prefer being eaten by a Werewolf ?
  10. Unfortunately we would all be dead in a month without it, so I think we should keep it. But we could paint it black?
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