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  1. Probably best if you start a new thread for this.
  2. A special thanks to @kerrylewis for sharing his very rare Port Ellen 1980 with me - a very nice dram and my first experience from this legendary and sadly demised distillery. Thanks, Kerry, you are a true gent
  3. Great pics @JemC - it was good to meet you too.
  4. That just about sums up the weekend
  5. I have an AZ-EQ6 that now has a StarSense camera & handset and SkySync GPS attached as well as the power from my Tracer battery pack and various cables for dew control. Basically, more wires than any man should need It strikes me that if I had some sort of panel or box attached to the top part of my mount I could completely eliminate the problem of cord wrap and having multiple devices clinging to the legs of my tripod. Does anyone have a solution to this that they have either made or purchased?
  6. I finally got the chance to use my StarSense and GPS module at the DIY Peak Star Party this weekend and was extremely pleased with the results. Once aligned the accuracy of the GOTO and tracking was superb over a number of hours. Two bits of advice for those who decide to buy this: When you tell it to align your scope it is a good idea to remove its lens cap Remember to set Cordwrap to "On" on your mount to avoid strangling it with wires. Very pleased despite a couple of school boy errors
  7. Thanks to Stu for this great photo of Monty observing the asterism Amstel 0006 in the campsite beer garden on Saturday
  8. Thanks for a great weekend guys. It was great to have so much opportunity to observe and the campsite was a great find - thank you, Nick!
  9. I'll be starting to pack at 12:30 and hopefully there before 4pm
  10. I will do. I did it in the other direction yesterday so at least I know the way I like your suggestion of sleeping - I just need a volunteer to set-up my StarSense on Friday evening so I can have a quick nap before searching for that new comet @Moonshane posted about
  11. Just seen a forecast on BBC and it is looking very promising My week of travel hell continues tomorrow - I've already been to Krakow, London and Galashiels this week and am now in a hotel Edinburgh - driving to London tomorrow night for an 8am meeting on Friday then home to Chesterfield to pack the car and then down to Ashbourne by late afternoon. The "check engine" light has been on since I set off for Heathrow on Sunday morning but it can't be too urgent as it hasn't blown up yet Provided I can find everything I need I am planning to bring my VX12, C11, Altair 152, Evo 150, Lunt 50 and AZ-EQ6. I bought a Celestron StarSense and GPS for the AZ-EQ6 last month but they haven't been out of the boxes yet so I might be in need of technical assistance See you all on Friday!
  12. Does anyone have a bottle of Port Ellen 25 Year Old Malt that I could borrow for an hour or so please? Just trying to optimise my weekend. Cheers! Derek
  13. A couple of Ebay items arrived recently as birthday presents to complete my travel kit...
  14. My tongue-in-cheek comment to @rockystar a day or so ago seems to have created a flurry of off-topic divorce-inducing comments. Apologies, it really was a joke and I sincerely hope no one has left the Mrs or irreparably damaged their relationship with their mother in order to attend this wonderful event I am really looking forward to this. I have had virtually zero scope time this winter due to weather and unending travel with work and also missed the last SGL gig so this is a very welcome chance to chill out and enjoy some good company and good observing. Just to get the weekend off to a great start a client has put a meeting in my diary for 8am on Friday in central London so I will see you all just before sunset
  15. Come on lad, stop messing around with this single cut nonsense and go for the full-on truss job you've been telling us about {and then you can show me how to do the same to my 12" )