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  1. dobserver

    SGL 9 - Bookings

    Think I've just booked but when I passed the link to Tich so he could book it says page permantently moved??
  2. I've got a very low tech solution on my 12", I've stuck strips of velcro to the base and stick one or two exercise ankle weights on at the appropriate heights. Works perfectly, even when using my hand grenade EP, just doesn't look too pretty. Am I bovvered though? One thing's for sure, when I use me scope it'll be dark
  3. We are also unable to make it, unfortunately. I'll keep my eyes open for next year though
  4. The ducks got more use out of my scope site than me, I think.
  5. Sounds interesting - would the field cope with a small touring caravan or is it tents only? Edit - having read the info on the website I can see my question is already answered. Will have to talk his lordship into it I think
  6. Thanks to everyone involved in the organising - once again a cracking event. Glad we arrived on the Wednesday and got a night of viewing in, so nice to actually use the scope you've lugged all the way there! Daz, I was much taken with your 'Patrick' talk, I thought what you guys did for him was awesome, thanks for sharing it with us. Shame about the weather, specially after getting sunburned last year, it seems ironic that we were sheltering from the snow on Saturday night - in the welcome tent - what a laugh that was, I was feeling a bit Frazzled by the time the skies cleared And that was a
  7. Great photos Dana, glad we were able to make it even though it was just for the one night. So good to catch up with some old friends. No stars for us, but at least I've got a wonderfully collimated scope now It was really lovely to come back to the campsite, well done and thanks for organising it Mark. Hope to be there next year too.
  8. I've managed to wangle a day off work so I've booked a pitch for the Saturday night only, for me and Carl (Dark Knight) plus Reece and Jasper the 8" dog, of course. Looking forward to catching up with you guys and hopefully dusting off me dob - it's not been seen outside since SGL7!!
  9. And then you only need to wait up another couple of hours to bag the veil! Didn't quite manage staying up long enough at SGL7, not for want of trying though. Body just kept giving in. It was soooo tempting though.
  10. Nice haul! I have to admit to normally achieving shorter lists myself - I am the only go-to available and sometimes I don't get it right. Having just spent a few nights at SGL7 pitched next to a go-to 12" dob I can see the advantage. I was flitting between their reigel and my telrad to find the same object in my own scope. Is that cheating? I hope not It was much fun though.
  11. It's just nice to get out there sometimes without all the hassle of lugging kit around, great to keep your hand and eye in
  12. Nice haul for a moonlit night - those fuzzies are a ****** unless the contrast is really good.
  13. I totally agree that Sunday and Monday were by far the best nights sky-wise. At least of the 5 nights I was there. The clarity was phenomenal, I will be writing an observation report at some point. Right now I'm still in desperate need of a great deal of sleep! I loved the fact that lots of people from the camp site came round and showed an interest, particularly on the Friday and Saturday nights. I love introducing people to the wonders up there, it's a real buzz. Thanks to everyone involved in the organisation of this year's event. Roll on next year, I'm looking forward to it already
  14. Great report, I must admit that I've never really planned a session either. I just kind of follow my nose.... it's worked well so far, but I can see the advantage of having a plan. Maybe next time....
  15. Sounds like you had a great night. I treated myself to a night off after the star party - the horizon just isn't the same at home and I need to take a few days to sulk about that
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