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  1. HantsAstro are doing a Stargazing live event at Queen Elizabeth Country park on Friday. More info on the BBC website: BBC - Things To Do: Stargazing LIVE @QECP Or Facebook: Welcome to Facebook ? Log in, sign up or learn more
  2. Are we likely to be able to see it crashing to earth?
  3. Just been searching the net. To windy to get the scope out so will grab the bino's
  4. Can you see it with the naked eye?
  5. Heard the tail end of a news report saying a Supernova is happening and it will be the brightest the next few days (If the clouds clear) Does anyone know any more about it or where to look? Thanks
  6. A friend at work showed me the latest SOHO image that has a really bright object that has moved from right to left on the image. I told him I thought it was a planet but wasnt 100% sure. Anyone else know?
  7. Leegsi


    When is it going over tonight and for the next few days as Heavens Above is down
  8. Glad you made it across Look forward to more pictures
  9. I thought planes but they said they faded out and disappeared. Also its unusual for planes to all go in the same direction.
  10. A friend has just me if there's a meteor show at the moment as they saw these this today:
  11. I will be heading over there and will be wishing the clouds away
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