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  1. i use both a normal finder and a RDF. horses for courses and all that. id love a telrad, when the money (ie the wife) allows it.
  2. doubt you will see much on mars with a 114mm, esp right now. i cant see much at all even with a SW 150p dob. afaik, youll have to wait until 2018 for mars to get a lot closer to earth again.
  3. its very true about the time factor. my SW 150p dob can be up and running within a minute or two. very easy to transport too. id only ever part with it for a bigger one. a 200 or maybe a 300. ive also got a small SW refractor, and a SW helios on an EQ mount. all used equipment. and some 20x50 binos. lots of options, yet my total scope outlay is less than 300 quid.
  4. i agree with the above comments about a bigger/better scope for similar money. ive got the SW 150p dob, for 120 quid. 3 months old and like new. the SW 130 (p or m) is also great value for the money.
  5. all i can say is that the first view of saturn you ever see, makes up for everything else. im still in awe of of it all. (like a child and im nearly 60!).
  6. ive got the SW 150p too. i find the two EP,s i use the most are my meade4000 40mm and my meade4000 15mm. i still use the SW 10mm too, but i never use my cheap SR 4mm. im still not too sure if the SW barlow is any good or not? cannot make my mind up yet.
  7. crescent moon and venus, about 2100/2130 hrs yesterday. (manchester).
  8. or maybe the SW 130m for 30 quid cheaper? all the SW 130 s, are a great scope for a beginner. great value.
  9. it just looks the dogs dangly bits. great stuff.
  10. theres a sticky on here somewhere on filters. very good advice on which filters are best for various applications.
  11. went to the tip today taking some rubbish and old metal. as im unloading, i sees an ally ladies make up box on the top of the skip. so i asks the council tip chaps,, can i have it? "yeh sure". perfect condition and the two keys were inside! what a result eh?
  12. ive got the SW 150p dob. i cannot recommend it highly enough for the money. im still in awe of seeing saturn and its rings, and with moons!
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