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  1. Bump to remind people! Many going? I will get a cheque paid to you this weekend! Sorry! Been incredibly busy!
  2. Like we can ever remember :icon_geek:Stick me down for 3 nights Thurs-Fri-Sat, I have sent an email. Leccy field please!
  3. Cold? Pah, were Geordies! I may have to pack a jumper this time though! I will be going in the Spring.
  4. Will be at the spring one! Started a new job Monday (Yesterday) and had stuff to sort out. Er, all of them I think . . . . Wish it was better for you all! Sounds like a bit of a cloud out!
  5. Well, I was missing not being there, but if it was a cloud out, I count myself lucky!
  6. I will not be going any longer! There is a Thursday, Friday, Saturday Electric hookup pitch that I will not be using . I will email richard and let him know, so at least someone else can have it!
  7. Treated with respect. Just bring enough money to get the first round in Theres no mobile signal at all (Unless that has changed since spring!)
  8. Love the pics. Where does the eyepiece go ?
  9. I am in Tyne and Wear . . . . (South Shields, but still applies since there is nothing up here!) a) Yes b, c, d) Maybe. FLO Would always be my first port of call due to the absolutley fantastic service. That said, if they either didn't have in stock, or did not sell, I would of course look elsewhere. e) Depends on the item I would be after. Something like a major scope purchase, I would choose to see it in person. So around 45 miles I think would be fine. Its not too far without being out of the way. Same as if I needed anything in a hurry or something specific!
  10. Shame you are in Manchester. I have one. Great scope. Shame its so heavy, and the mount + accessories is more for planned use than a grab-n-go. Takes me 4 trips to the car. (1 for scope, 1 for mount, 1 for lens, laptop and accessory case, and 1 more as I probably forgot my keys!)
  11. I think he said it was a dodgy ice cube . . . .
  12. Just back here too! Im knackered! There were only 2 stands on all day, It never rained, so drainage wasnt tested! A fantastic starcamp! Dry, good skies, great food at the Anglers, and bitterly cold. What else can you want!
  13. Pretty much as Capricorn says! Failing that, make a dew heater if you must!
  14. Can a mod correct the thread title? Hehe.
  15. Cheers for the offer, got the car back today, and they claim they cannot find anythign wrong (Compression test and hydrocarbon test). They do admit there is a bit gunk in there, but still. Personally, I get the feeling that they are incompetant, useless and haven;t got a clue. Heaters are off, gunk in the expansion bottle, gunk under the oil filler cap, lost a lot of coolant in the space of a week. Hmm . . . . But theres nothing wrong . . . . ? I will be there! Luckily I have RAC membership just in case
  16. Happy Birthday! An inspiration to us all!
  17. Best stuff! Thicker, redder, and more robust (Pretty much tear proof!) I get it from theater suppliers. Around £5 per sheet IIRC.
  18. There is a small chance I might not make it My car has rover disease. (Heat Gasget) Its in the garage wednesday, and I really really really really really really hope it will be fixed in time!
  19. Tempting. But it would be that or Kielder. And Kielder IS closer . . . . How do the skies compare (Just out of interest)? (And yes, I know they are both 'up' )
  20. I will lend you a boot . . . . Or that might make too big a crater tbh! I might take my screwdriver and some 6" wood screws. That should work!
  21. It would take 35 hours to charge the battery from flat (Unless I am wrong, I am waaaay too tired to think straight at the moment!) with that solar charger. And I am guessing that the particular solar charger is maximum efficiency. So probably twice that with our climate! .
  22. Yup, adjusting the temperature through the PWM controller POT adjusts the pitch of the buzz. Actually, I just got my hands on a working oscilloscope, might have a looky through that. All I need to do now is work out how it works
  23. You need nichrome wire. I made some which work excellently. I got the needed wattage from the Dew-Not website and worked my calculations backwards. Nichrome wire cannot be solered by conventional means, it must be crimped, or as I did, I cut the plastic from a chocolate box connector and used the screw block part. I threaded my nichrome through 1" webbing strapping (I have loads) and then covered it in black heatshrink (difficult to get the damn stuff through!). I would use a control, if only so you can 'tune' it. But again, you can build your own PWM controller (As I also did!). The only thing I found is that my nichrome has a buzz when it is on. Virtually inaudible, but you can hear it. I have no idea how to get rid of it!
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