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  1. first scope is always amazing. seeing things you have never seen before blows your mind. my first was a skywatcher 130 newtonion and it blew my mind. i then upgraded to the 250 as i got a bloody good price on it and that blew it even more
  2. been on the forum for years now......just not been using it
  3. its only a toy for now, im still short on space due to other things i have going on. maybe one day i will have a large set up again
  4. Hi all ive been away from stargazing for about 3 years, it was a new exciting hobby when i first started out but weather and other stuff got in the way, i found that i was getting my stuff out about twice a year....I ended up selling it as it was just sat doing nothing and i needed the space it was taking up. my old set up was a skywatcher 250 on an eq6 with a few eyepieces, filters and a philips webcam plus a few little bits. Last night i purchased a secondhand skywatcher skymax 102 synscan at a bargain price of £75 as a small lightweight toy thats easy to set up and move around, not like the big heavy lump i used to have (which i loved). I was a bit shocked at how small it was when i turned up but still got it anyway having read up good reviews about it and knowing that it has a 1300mm focal length. I am yet to try it as i bought it the day before the longest day of the year...as you do ha ha. Il mainly be doing moon and planets in my light polluted garden near manchester as i was with the old gear. Il be asking for some advise on it in the near future for eyepiece upgrades for it and its capabilities etc, like its maximum viewing capabilities and dslr photography on it Cheers Jody
  5. well at least thats some good news then but still not good that they got away with it.... maybe one day things will turn up hopeing to get back up there sometime soon.....if the skies clear up ha ha
  6. Hi all, hows the astronomy center in todmorden doing after the break in last year?? I havent really been on the site since it happened and didnt find out if they ever got any of the stuff back that was stolen. i need to get the big blue time travelling tube out more often and maybe even take a trip up to todmorden again if i get the time.......and a clear night ha ha
  7. cheers guys, il look into a 3x barlow then i would love a powermate but they are quite expensive and i havetoo much other stuff i need to buy, my camera needs some new lenses
  8. oops,i forgot to say it was for astrophotography, il edit the post
  9. oops,i forgot to say it was for astrophotography, il edit the post
  10. im after a 5x barlow for my skywatcher 250 so i can get bigger images of planets, has anyone used or got this one i have seen on ebay?eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  11. Can anyoone help me here??? i cant bring out any detail on my planets, im using a skywatcher 250, philips spc900nc webcam and a 3x barlow. registax 6 seems to make my images patchy. can anyone reccomend a good easy to understand tutorial for it all? thanks
  12. very nice.....a lot better than mine, i cant bring out any detail
  13. im looking for a 5x barlow for some planetary imaging with my skywatcher 250, I found these on ebay and wondered if anyone has had any experience with them cheers eBay: 5x barlow
  14. might be a bit risky with the ota being 1200mm long got a compressor in work but i know that it sprays the mist as i did it to an eyepiece once...
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