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Sol 19-7-16 09.00 best seeing this year.


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just one of those days when everything is right, good seeing, no wind and plenty of time to take my shots, kit- AR127L F9.5 2x or 3x barlow for close ups ,120mm F5 frac for discs, 1.5x barlow, lunt solar wedge, 1200d in mono and crop mode. too many frames to count, staxed with regi, coloured and adjusted in photoshop and topaz.i did a bit of vis with the 127l afterwards and the spots was breathtaking, loads of movemet and some pores fadeing in and out. thanks for looking and i hope you all have cracking skys.  charl.

close up AR127L 3xed barlow.

sol 19-7-16 09.00cu2.png

AR127L 2xed barlow

sol 14-7-16 09.00cu1.png

120mm 1.5x barlow mono

sol 19-7-16 09.00 bnw.png

120mm 1.5x barlow coloured.

sol 19-7-16 09.00 col.png

120mm 1.5x barlow invert

sol 19-7-16 09.00inv.png

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thanks Dave, you should of shown them your setup and showed them how you take images, then you could be social and get your images. todays seeing is too good to miss. i look forward to your images later mate. the winds got up here but the temp is 88f. clear skys charl.

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1 hour ago, Helen said:

Nice shots :smile:  You are tempting me to get the kit out - should be working (this is a drinks break!) :rolleyes2:


You can work when it's raining Helen, which is quite often in Wales :grin:


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:hello2::hello2::hello2: emojithon for you Charl, you have certainly got the WL captures nailed to the door mate, next stop for you I think is a Quark.

I am telling you Charl with the quality images you are putting up in WL.................well let's just say a Quark in your arsenal will give you a Solar kit you will tame in no time.

On a side note, all this weather is great but I have 100's of Gb of data to get through so getting it up here may take a while. All is good.

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Lovely set sir ... :happy7:

Dreadful wibbly-wobbly here today so never bothered pressing the shutter , that added to me being out under his relentless glare since 07:00 meant no session for me , will have a peek early doors tomorrow though ... :happy8:


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thanks Ewan, ive been looking at the Quark Chromosphere for a few weeks and putting a list together,  think im going to have to get a new ccd aswell like a PG BFLY or simler, but ive wont beable to buy untill the end of the year "unless a 2hand one pops up" ive got too many bills to pay first. thanks for your kind words,clear skys charl.

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Charl don't make a mistake & rush to buy mate, worth saving the extra & getting what you want, not what you can afford at the time.

The PG imx174 I use is astounding (now I have the hang of it lol), I use an i3 lappy but put a 1TB Samsung SSD in it just to keep up with the PG, i am terrible at buying stuff for my hobbies :icon_biggrin: but i felt i needed to move up from the DMK 618.

Like you, i made a list, then took weeks to decide & a lot of images viewed later i ended up where i am.

What ever you choose i am sure you will enjoy the 'upgrade' but don't change whatever you are doing now mate............it's just so right.

Well done. 

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thanks Ewan, na i wont rush into it mate, i live in wales we dont do anything fast here :icon_biggrin:, thats another thing im going to have to upgrade is my laptop mines so old it runs on steam :happy7: im not joking, it has been known to steam on cold nights outside. thanks for your advice, charl.

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