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Sol WL 10-4-17 08.30


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so much for clear skys, very cloudy here thismorrning, manage to get a few shots in the gaps, AR2650 is quite small but I'm glad to have something to focus on.

kit 120mm f5 frac, 1.5x barlow, lunt wedge, 1200d, 68 frames staxed with regi. ive got a bit of HA data will post soon if I can get it to stax.

thanks for lokking. clear skys,  charl.





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47 minutes ago, Starlight 1 said:

Not much going on . what are going to do when we get the next 50 years with out any Sun spots.:hmh:

I'm rather hoping for a reduction in the price of a Lunt LS152THa .....!!!!

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