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Sol WL 14-4-17 09.30


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no 44 of the year I'm 12 behind last year.  qwick 17 frames shot through relentless cloud just to show I'm still paying attention. I havnt given up yet so will update if I get better but it don't look promising.

one small spot on show but there are 4 small pores trailing off towards the oncoming limb which I havnt picked up with the camera but could see in the vis.

same old kit. thanks for looking and I hope you have better skys than me.   charl.









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thanks Dave t, thay got the forcast right here for a change, so with tomorrow being forcasted the same hope thay will have it wrong, because its not very often thay get it right two days in a row. hope tomorrows a better day for you. charl.

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Thanks Iain, you carnt give up mate, we rely on your animations, so what if there a bit of cloud it makes it more rewarding when you get your shots, I enjoy challenging days more, if it was clear every day with good seeing id soon lose interest with it being so easy. hope you don't give in to those spitefull clouds.  charl.

4 hours ago, Iainp said:

I'm giving up till the weather improves and a decent spot appears


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31 minutes ago, xtreemchaos said:

you carnt give up mate, we rely on your animations,

Thanks mate :happy10: I threaten to stop but once i see a patch of blue, like an addict I'm out there :happy11:

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