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  1. Still grabbed some detail though. Nice going! -Charles
  2. Waiting for good seeing conditions at the Chile site is a bit like waiting in line at Disney: you are impatient because you know something great will happen at the end of it, but its still really frustrating!
  3. Hi Steve. The session was for an hour. But with focusing and other preparations it was probably more like 50 minutes.
  4. Hi Pete. Nice to speak to you again. It is $200 an hour, with small scale discounts as your spending accumulates. Certainly not a cheap proposition. There is no waiting list. It is first come first served... -Charles
  5. Thankfully, the scope I am using is far enough south to afford me opportunities till the end of the year, although seeing has been problematic there. Its great to hear from you again Dave. We haven't spoken in a while. Had to sell my solar stuff because I bought a house last year, I decided that instead of spending money on expensive equipment, like an Ha solar filter, I was going to rent a scope instead! -Charles
  6. Hi Everyone: I had two tries at Mars and Uranus using the 1-Meter Chilescope on November 27th and 28th. Sorry to post so late. I am new to planetary imaging, having focused on solar imaging for several years before. Here are the results for Mars, my first ever crack at the planet. At 9.5" in diameter and seeing about 3.5/5 this was the best I could do. I started taking these images about 5 minutes after sunset. Thanks! -Charles
  7. Hi Everyone: I have two Celestron 9.25 Edge SCTs. I need to swap the starlight instruments feathertouch micro focuser knob from one SCT with the original focus knob on the other SCT. I unscrewed the three screws from both. But I am having trouble figuring out what to do next since the knobs don't easily come out. I noticed that in both cases the focuser assembly seems to slide out, but then what do I do? I don't want to break anything, as these are expensive pieces of equipment. Any help would be appreciated! -Charles
  8. Exceptional rendition Rob! -Charles
  9. Spectacular Iain, as always. I also find focusing a huge challenge when seeing is bad. I sometimes have the impression that the optical train is loose and sliding out of focus. But its just the seeing conditions... -charles
  10. Beautifully rendered Charl. I love the textured surface of close-up shots... -Charles
  11. Fantastic detail Dave despite the seeing. -Charles
  12. Very nice Dave. Nice action captured! -Charles
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