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Greetings from 65°N


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Hi All,

I regularly read the topics here, and decided it was time to register.

My Name is Leon and I am currently living in Boden, Sweden (65.2°N, 21.7°E)

Originally from Scotland, we moved around a lot when I was a kid, and a large chunk of my childhood was spend in Western Australia.

I have been interested in Astronomy (and space in general) since I was about 6 or 7 years old, purchased a cheap tasco (red iirc) 50mm refractor from K-Mart and never really looked back.

I have a few scopes and some other kit I use for Astro.

Celestron AstroMaster 130

SkyWatcher 200P (Broken Primary after dog incident)

SkyWatcher StarTravel 102

SkyWatcher EvoStar 120

Skywatcher EQ5 Pro

Celestron EQ3-2

SkyWatcher AZ3 and AZ4


Celestron 2 and 3x Barlows

BST Explorer ED 5mm, 8mm, and 15mm (Thanks guys for recommending these btw, they are great, and half the price of the baader hyperions)

SkyWatcher Super Plössl 20mm and 10mm

Baader Hyperion 24mm

Pentax K5 IIs

Pentax 18-55mm WR

Really Old manual focus Takumar 55mm, 100mm, and 400mm lenses



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Hi ronin,

I ended up in Boden after meeting my currently GF on holiday back in 2007, we visited each other for a while, then I moved here in 2011.

You're correct there, 4-5 months of the year is pretty much unobservable due to the latitude, Late September to Early March is pretty much it for us here, else it's just too light.

But the dark skies are amazing!!



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Thanks everyone.

To Sirius, I don't use a dew shield, I do however have a large supply of silica dessicant :)

The ST 102 and ES 120 are used the most when it's under -10°C, so they are stored in carrybags with silica dessicant pouches.

I do have a Kendrick plate for the secondary mirror on the 130, which does help a lot with the dew on the newt.


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