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  1. I sold my Mak 150 and got myself a Mak 180 ... I took a picture before shipping off the 150. Seen here on the old HEQ5 mount.
  2. ok so I see what happened there. The ClickLock I own is not in fact the Baader ClickLock 2956258 but the SW Baader ClickLock M56i 2956256... Unfortunately on many vendors site, the picture shown of the 2956258 look a heck of a lot like the 2956256... One website showed it upside down as well ... So I could tell from the picture that I had not, in fact, the correct clamp ... Ho well, live and learn ... I just bought from FLO the correct clamp that had 10£ off due to a customer return
  3. Hello All, I just received my Baader Steeltrack to replace my stock focuser on my SW ED80. I already own a 2" Baader ClickLock clamp (S58) and it was supposed to be a fit for this focuser. The problem is that once I remove the stock clamp to replace it, the threads are on the inside like so: 1. I loosened the grub screws 2. I can see the threads on the inside 3. Here is my Clicklock ... no way to connect it to the Focuser 4. I tried separating the stock clamp from the bottom piece thinking that I might need it but, either it is stuck or it's
  4. I finally found this one https://www.astroshop.eu/tube-clamps/omegon-100mm-tube-clamps-for-102-660-telescope/p,57288 Looks a bit on the cheap side compared to the primaluce .. but for the price I think I can afford to test it
  5. Sorry to resurrect this thread but have you ever found the flat top rings for your 80ED ?
  6. not me but my daughter in 2014 when I got my first scope, a second hand C6 and then my first real night out
  7. I have to admit that I was a bit put off by a picture I saw of a Cassegrain with an extremely long focuser due to the fact that you need to add multiple extensions like so: On this picture there is almost no more dovetail left ! It looks like it is a nightmare to balance But still, I would love to have the chance to look into one as, like you said, the magnification can be much higher in a Cassegrain and it must kill on planets and the moon
  8. That's what I am afraid of. fortunately I have an SCT focuser on my MAK150 so I will bring it with me when I will meet the vendor to see if it fits... Hopefully it will as it is a 2 hours drive I was also looking at the classical Cassegrain but I don't see a lot of them second hand. I hear they are pretty good and the main advantage is that there is no dewing and it adjust to the temperature quickly since it is an open tube, but how would you compare the view with the Mak180 ? do you see a big improvement ?
  9. I have the opportunity to buy a SkyWatcher Maksutov 180/2700 to replace my gold maksutov 150mm I see that a new SkyWatcher Maksutov 180/2700 has "Skymax" on the tube and the one I am considering buying does not. Does anyone know if there is a difference or is it just a branding name difference depending of the country ? Here is a picture of the Mak I am looking at: I remember seeing somewhere that if I want to replace the visual back with an SCT focuser there was a need to buy an adapter, but the newer Mak did not need that adapter ? Could it be the difference between this one
  10. Hello ! I did not find you delivery to be problematic. In fact I found the pace, tone and presentation quite enjoyable so I would not worry about this as you will get even better with experience. - I did cringe a little when you said M32 instead of M31 for Andromeda - I know this might seem trivial and I do not want to be brutal but since I will be looking close up at your hands, make sure they are well "manicured" I would guess that you work in some kind of mechanical or manual work and I do not want to shame you (I admire people who know how to use their hands!) but it can be
  11. for me it's EKOS on an RPI4. I use Stellarmate. It's a pre-installed and pre-configured image with all the software included, so you just need to put it on an microSD card and you are done. I started with BYEOS but soon wanted to have everything run at the mount so I switched to an RPI and INDI/EKOS to replace all my windows software and ASCOM/EQMOD. I've never looked back since.
  12. You can see a demontration here from the main developper, Jasem
  13. I use the polar alignment routine in Ekos (I run INDI/Ekos) which is a plate solving method like Sharpcap (never used sharpcap so I cannot compare). I cannot stand to have to look through a polar scope on a wet terrain my old knees would not take it anyway ...
  14. Aww thanks for the pictures, I was wondering in term of size what it would look like. I've added a focuser to the MAK and it does make a difference in usability to my taste at least "Cooldown is so much better as well as lack of dewing" is the selling argument
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