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  1. RichM63

    Canon 4000d over 550d or 600d

    Congratulations. I once had a new camera, sold it to help finance a higher spec second hand model.
  2. RichM63


    A decent monopod is always a handy bit of inexpensive kit to keep around, in the car, on the desk, walking purposefully around town, or scratching that itch in the center of your back. I like mine that much that I've just treated it to one of these. 701 HDV Rich
  3. RichM63

    DSLR M63 with ED80 (Sunflower Galaxy)

    Nicely done. Certainly at lot less noise than I would have expected to see at ISO800.
  4. I've seen him eat maggots out of a dead goat's bloated liver as a good source of protein whilst hiking to the next Mc Do'. I reckon some of his stuff should be taken with a pinch of salt. But as a white finger sufferer I do agree that arm swinging does help. Rich
  5. RichM63

    Astro themes for a study/snug - ideas?

    Perhaps not on the wall but one of these should provide typical observing conditions. Astronomy Atmosphere.
  6. RichM63

    Red glow Canon 700D

    @ Vlaiv thank you for such a clear explanation in terms that we mortals can understand.
  7. A great series. Thanks for the hard work.
  8. A super set indeed. Lovely captures.
  9. Nice one. Had a full halo here Xmas eve, but too late to risk picking up one of the cameras!
  10. RichM63

    Naughty postman!

    My Postie 'Pierre' has a great sense of humour. He once left me the delivery notification in the mail box which when translated read "Rich, you were absent, so I've left the parcel on your kitchen table". Sure enough it was! I've now known the guy almost 30 years.
  11. This could be fun However...... Follow this; Best, Rich
  12. RichM63

    Cheap DSLR camera

    "Pending payment" being the operative phrase in barter transactions! Rich
  13. RichM63

    Cracking night tonight !

    I'm falling over parked car fogged in, no chance here.
  14. RichM63

    My Grand Tour of the Solar System 2018

    Kudos on a mighty fine project. Well done indeed! Rich
  15. RichM63

    The Moon 24-10-18

    The RGB is the best of the lot IMHO. but why? Feel free to fire a broadside John, we'll still get along fine. The first B/W series are so far over cropped/zoomed that all I see are 'speckled' Mare and overall 'fuzziness' in what could be acceptable pictures if only zoomed in to just before the 'point of pixelation'. They are way over 'fuzzy' and the last one B/W is just a mix of white/grey. I have the same problem. Right now I have a stackable set from the other night, with the 7DII and 150-600S, I've tried various PPs and so far I have not got it right. Normally your Moon shots are great, what gives? Best, Rich
  16. RichM63

    Camera advice please.

    With all respect and politeness do not consider anything modified in your current state; I don't buy "grubby", but if the rubber grips are smooth I don't buy them either! They have been very well used!!! I do take 'punts' on camera stuff. As per Alan above. Rich
  17. RichM63

    its Bird, it a plane, 23-10-18

    There is a Moon tonight, who'd a thought it! Last night superb, tonight nothing at all, someone nicked it. Best look on the Interweb for a likely seller. Rich
  18. RichM63

    Our Moon Tonight 22-10-18

    Nice one. I must remember the PP..
  19. RichM63

    An Incredible Region

    WOW, cracking image!
  20. Interested to follow the replies. If this was a normal daylight image shot RAW I would systematically bring down/darken the 'highlights' as in burnt out sun or other some such.
  21. A real place in my heart. My dad took me there for my 7th birthday 'treat' and in the control room I got to push a button that made the thing move (clearly a planned move) I then got "miles" of punch tape that was spewing out following this. RIP Dad, thanks Danny. PS PM sent. Best Rich
  22. Hi, I have a 'duff' left eye, it captures light and enables a muzzy form. My right eye is somewhat OK with spec's. I would not "invest" in a bino setup without have my opthalmologist specify exactly the parameters of both eyes. ie for me, telescope, right eye, as left eye would be useless, or even a hindrance when used together. They say that they can 'correct' my left eye, but at my age my brain won't accept it.. Go figure... Welcome, Rich
  23. RichM63

    For those using Win 10....

    Well last weekend I left a new but unused laptop at a location that has proper high speed and connected it to their network in the hope of downloading every available update for every chunk of OS or software installed. It is still 'downloading/cycling' and it does have enough Ram/Disk.
  24. Midsummer camping in the Lake District........ Perfick
  25. I've got 3 of those ball heads on the left, they easily handle a Batt Gripped 7DII and Sigma 150-600 Sport lens which is around 5kg dead weight not counting poor positioning. I also have a derivative of that tripod in the back of the ML, great tripod, but my next one will not have twist lock legs, the internals of the locks were no match for my ham handedness. Rich

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