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  1. Made a new mounting for the Nexus DSC today:
  2. Switching to the FC100DF will cut the cooling time by a third, weight also by a third. Visually the difference is really only seen when side by side with identical diagonals and eyepieces. I was tempted to do the same to make my binoculars lighter but in the end the TSA102s won the argument......
  3. Great writeup 'Tubby', I also recently fitted the same encoders to my FTX mount. It is nice to be able to buy a kit like these, they are so simple to fit and just work !!!
  4. The LOA eyepieces in the TSA102 Super Apochromat are one of the most enjoyable setups I have used in a long time. Yes, the 3D effect is artificial but it also is a fantastic way to separate a target from the surrounds. Seeing M42, the Trapezium region in particular, through the LOA eyepiece with the array set to 'FAR' setting is breathtaking. Another target that is amazing is NGC104, using the array set to 'NEAR' the globular cluster (47Tuc) takes on a whole new look.
  5. Some of my other cases for the accessories, red again for the 18" scope and another yellow case for the dew control system for the binoscope:
  6. I did buy a pair of the excellent APM 30mm UFF for my binoscope but there was not enough room between them for comfortable viewing, In my big scope the 30mm gave a larger than ideal exit pupil so I found a Nagler 26T5 which gives a 6,35mm exit pupil that matches my dark adapted pupil of 6.4mm.
  7. I have only owned Nikon, Pentax, Bushnell and Miyauchi (recent purchase). Nothing expensive so far. The sharpest are the current Miyauchi EXLD 8x42 ED, on axis and out to about 75% of the field they are very very good. Out on the edge there is a little field curvature but still fine.
  8. Thanks Paul, I did buy the Ethos 21, 13 & 8 and tried them for a few weeks but did not really like or use the 100º field. I think the Delos are the best of the TeleVue lineup. I wish they made a 24mm Delos !!!
  9. I think I have arrived at my final set (finally....) Red case for the 18"F3.5, Yellow case for the TSA binoculars......
  10. I just recently adjusted the draw tube glides of both of my TSA102s to get that perfect action. I am am actually using Feathertouch Micro Pinion Assemblies on them (one came with the scope, the other I already had in my parts bin). Smooth as Silk !!!
  11. I like the original Tak focusers as they are very easy to adjust at home with just very basic tools. The best way is to first remove the pinion shaft cover plate, then the two screws under it and take off the pinion. Then check the movement of the draw tube, it should be smooth with slight resistance to sliding and no side to side movement. If there is side to side movement or very loose slide action then the glide strip needs to be adjusted. The glide strips are tensioned by small set scores, on the top of the focuser on most you will see small spots covered with a lacquer. you need a drop of acetone on those spots to soften the lacquer so that an Allen key can be inserted to turn the grub screw to slightly add pressure to the glide strip. Do that evenly front to back so the draw tube travels smoothly through its whole length. Once that is done, re install the pinion shaft and gold coloured tension plate setting the backlash using the two mounting screws. Then replace the cover plate. Voila....
  12. Those here with Charles Riddell's FTX mounts might be interested in my recent acquisition. A friend was downsizing his kit so I bought his standard FTX mount. I wanted a 'D' series saddle clamp to match with the dovetails I already have and had one of Robin Casady's Tak NJP saddles in the cupboard. I adapted this using a borrowed custom adapter. I also made a new 'L' shaped handle to replace the original straight wooden grip version. After discussing with Serge Antonov of Astro Devices ideas for a high resolution magnetic encoder system we came up with the pictured kit which I installed yesterday. The encoders of 311K resolution and the reader housing Serge made for me are a direct Plug&Play fitment to the existing mounting holes on the FTX mount.... Now I just need to get some clear nights to test it all. I plan to use my little binoculars on the mount.... Thanks for looking, hope this might give ideas to FTX users, Matt in very hot (100ºF +) Canberra
  13. Really impossible to answer the thread title question without at least seeing a photo of the scope and the wife....... ?
  14. I finally managed to convince a friend to sell his TSA102S to me, they are performing really nicely, I am using the Tak LE and Abbe eyepieces as well as my favourite bino-pair, the superb Pentax XF8,5mm.
  15. Thanks, I am indeed very fortunate that my understanding wife allows the scope to live in the lounge room..... though she does insist I clean the kangaroo droppings off the tyres before bringing it inside....
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