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  1. 200 P on the Skytee. Very pleased with the setup much more stable than I thought it was going to be. For me it works really well.
  2. My explorer arrived yesterday and tonight I set it up ready to observe. Clear skies here in North Wales and just wanted to get it commissioned. Had initial trouble with not reaching focus but had bits and bobs in my spares box from my Dob a few years ago. Managed to get reasonable views of Saturn with my Williams 6 mm eyepiece. I then pushed my luck with a vixen SLV 4mm not crisp but Very pleased with the first lights from this scope. I now need some extension control knob cables to make life easy and then make a better job of the temporary handle I put on the saddle. Really looking forward to observing this winter
  3. Thank you to all who have offered advice to me. It was a useful exercise in showing how many variables need to be taken into account when deciding what equipment to,buy. I have had a number of scopes over the years my first one being a 200 P dobsonian. Having taken into account my wish list and reviewed the scopes that were suggested I have decided to go for the Skywatcher 200 P DS on the Skytee mount. It fills my brief for aperture, ease of set up ( not as heavy as a dod) and will allow me to manually track my targets. Also there are a number of scopes unavailable at the moment with a long delivery time. I was very happy with the views from the dob I had a few years ago and I know that my existing eye piece collection suits the 200 P very well.
  4. Budget is whatever the recommended scope is. Not fussed about frac/ Mak etc looking for recommendation based on opening question
  5. I am looking for recommendations to put a scope on my Skytee II mount with heavy duty tripod. Scopes main use will be observation only on the planets. I’m looking for sharper views and less coma that I am getting with my 120 star travel.
  6. Thanks John I already have the ADM clamp fitted. Would you fit the 200 on the side of the mount as shown in your photo or on the top fitting ?. I’m trying to visualise the counter weight position if that makes sense.
  7. My apologies if this question has already been answered but couldn’t find it on the search. I have the Skytee on the heavy duty tripod. I would like to put the Skywatcher 200P explorer on it. Am I pushing my luck. I believe the 150 p weighs 8.8 kg and would be ok but would like the bigger 200. thanks for reading
  8. Can someone please move this to the SGL Xll Astro buy and sell section please. sorry senior moment and posted in wrong place
  9. Here are the photos of the SW 150 PRO which I want to move on to make way for a Frac. The AZ4 is already reserved. SW 150 Pro £400 baader Solar Filter £50 see previous post for further info I will be on pitch 18.
  10. Hi MB

    if you decide to sell your 120 instead of swapping I Would be interested in first refusal.

    regards Garry


  11. Bet the 16" Dob is not in the big box when I look through it.!
  12. Morning MJB I have a Skymax 150 pro with all original parts and accessories to move on and I'm looking for a / SW120 ed. Is that any use.


    1. MBJ


      Hi garry thanks for the offer,i already own a celestron slt 127 so am looking for something a little bigger than 150 as it would be too similar to what ive got but thanks anyway.

  13. I'm bringing a pair of well used ear defenders khaki green. No cotton covers for them hence the knock down price of £500.81p
  14. Will do, pouring down at the moment so will get onto It ASAP.
  15. Looking to move on my SW Skymax 150 pro with a SW AZ4. Should be available to view on pitch 108 unless I get moved. The SW 150 at £400 original packaging.ep,finder scope,diagonal. a few marks on the vixen bar but apart from that it's as new. The AZ4 will also be available, looking for something in the region of £90 to £100. please PM if you want more info or photos. That will be pitch 18 then not 108.
  16. It's a no brainer Mike. MYFANWY. Dioch !
  17. Well Mike absolutely terrific posts and as for the build well, awesome. I can't help thinking that you've forgotten one important job to do, unless it's on your snagging list. After all the hard work, time,effort,tears, laughs, are you going to keep referring to your scope as "Faulks 20". Surely your going to give her a name. Great build and posts. Thank you for keeping the forum informed. Now what's in a name !.
  18. Nice one Mike great news for you. It's a good start to September. Hope all goes well.
  19. OK Derek you can stop now. I've got enough info from you to move the Altair 152 V2 from my wish list to "get the scope as soon as you can list". (final confirmation will come at the star party). Thanks for posting would also like to discuss CA with this scope. Or not as the case may be.
  20. First time in weeks a clear sky is forecast. Decided to set up early. RACI and RDF zeroed in so now it's down to the weather forcast and I'm hoping that for a change its accurate.
  21. Hi Starlight. What are you asking for the HEQ5 and what would I get for my money?

    regards Garry

  22. Good morning, very interested in your C9.25. In your opinion what would be the smallest mount I could get away with. My intentions are observing only unless Imstick the I phone on end of EP. Would be willing to collect I'm in north wales. Final cheeky question. If I were to buy this weekend what is your best price. OTA and extras I am after. ( hope you don't think I am too cheeky)

    regards Garry

    1. ampleamp


      Hi Garry, not cheeky to ask, I probably would. I am trying to arrange a meet up with someone tomorrow afternoon after a conversation last night but if this fails for whatever reason I will be back in touch. Thanks, Alistair. 

    2. Sirius Starwatcher

      Sirius Starwatcher

      Thanks for the reply Alistair

      just in case  my mobile is 07810 733328

      regards Garry

    3. ampleamp


      Ok, no worries. In answer to your first question, probably an EQ6 as a minimum. You might get away with a HEQ5 but I have never used one so would have to rely on quoted mount weights. 

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