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  1. Sounds great. A really big thing there is an application for capturing under OS X! I'm looking forward to use it! /Thomas
  2. Hi! I just bought an Imagingsource DFK31AF03.AS FireWire colour camera and try to make it work under OS X v10.10.3 without success. No problem in PHD2 or FaceTime. In oaCapture the camera connects but no images in preview or when capturing. Should I use some specific settings? I have no clues. What could be the problem? /Thomas
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    Hi Patrik! Welcome from Sweden. /T
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    New from Sweden

    Hi Ari! Welcome from eastern part of Sweden. /T
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    Hi and welcome from Sweden! /T
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    Hi Chris! Welcome from Sweden. /T
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    Hello and welcome from Swedeb! /T
  8. Hi and welcome from Sweden! /T
  9. Hello and welcome from Sweden! Clear skies. /T
  10. Hello to you from Sweden too. /T
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    Hi Barry, welcome from Sweden! /T
  12. Hello and welcome from Sweden! /T
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    Hi Andy, welcome from Sweden! /T
  14. Hi and welcome from Sweden! /T
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    Hi Mark, welcome from Sweden! /T
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