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  1. A very good and accurate review of this little Scope . Rune
  2. Interesting thread. The "My eyepiece Collection is now Complete" moments doesnt last for too long I think . Its so dynamic; better eyepieces gets produced, a new Scope might need different focal lengths or weight, besides : collecting eyepieces also happen to be a part of the hobby, at least for some Visual observers. The fact that zoom and barlows, although high end, can compete With the best fixed eyepieces around is also a very interesting development Personally I own these ones (main telescope 8" F6 dob): - Hyperion zoom mkIII + 2,25 barlow, - Docter 12.5mm - ES 20mm 100 I wanted to replace the zoom With fixed eyepieces, but now I`m not too sure anymore. Rune PS Good Luck With Your decision John!
  3. Hello Kevin and welcome to SGL . Rune
  4. I know you guys have discussed this, but I cannot find it atm, Whats the fov range for the Leica? Edit : Apm states 60-80 ? Rune
  5. I believe the biggest difference between the two barlows might be the size. The 2.25 is a Short barlow. Very handy when coupled With the zoom (or other eyepieces). Works very fine With the mkIII (according to my eyes). Rune
  6. Yeah. I believe John has posted these links quite a few times . Very interesting read. Edit : Should be essential read for anyone considering buying nebula filters
  7. Stellarium gives 12.95 ...
  8. Cant see any of the Ursa Major stars naked eye at the moment... However, I`ve had very good views indeed of M51, using the 130mm Heritage from my own backyard, when its astronomical dark. Rune
  9. What are the chances for us to behave better on some other habitable rock anyways? We are what we are.
  10. Welcome to the forum Darren . Rune
  11. 'a shroud to keep the starlight out'
  12. Hello there and welcome. Nice Scope . Rune
  13. Nope. Hesitated for many years before purchasing a smallish telescope (130p Heritage). Before that I was satisfied with binoculars, naked eye observations and Reading astronomy. I really had low expectations of what I could see through a low priced (or any amateur) telescope, partly due to the enormously distances in Cosmos. Just like you, I was overwhelmed With views of Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, clusters like Pleiades, Hyades and the Auriga ones. M51 also looked far better than I ever would expect from a small telescope. Adding an 8" dob opened the universe a little bit more.
  14. Amazing Project. The expected mission duration, 5-10 years, is a bit short though...