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  1. I got the opportunity to buy a GSO 10" deluxe, hardly used, for a bargain price. I´m aware the step from 8" to 10" is very subtle, but it was interesting to do a side by side comparison before I give away (more correctly trade it with some non astronomical stuff) Skipping the physical differences (there are a few), The 10" was very subtle, but still noticable better than the 8" on most galaxies. Especially on : NGC3628 (leo triplet), the whale and crowbar galaxy, and if I remember correctly the silver streak galaxy. As expected: The 10" was far superior on globular clusters (M3, M5) Rune
  2. Enjoyable read. Good luck with the rest of the Messiers. This list is of course impossible to complete from my location 59 degrees north. I`m spending the current moon- (and cloud) less nights nights doing a side by side comparison between my 8" and 'new' 10" dob. Your dobsonian looks very nice indeed, frosty or not. Rune
  3. May I suggest you leave the tube ~1cm from fully extended, when using the barlow. You might achieve focus then. Try it using 25mm barlowed. Rune
  4. Hopefully you are right. Just have to wait and see
  5. Agree, although it looks like the weight will be around 1kg. Thats ES20/ Ethos 21 wieght class, and almost 3 times the weight of the Baader zoom. Rune
  6. Highly enjoyable read, while, again, learning something new. Rune
  7. Heia og velkommen fra meg, bosatt på vestlandet ?. Promising weather for the Next period of days. Hope youll get some use of Your telescope before the Bright summer Nights kicks in. Rune
  8. Hello and welcome from Norway ?. Rune
  9. The city of Tromsø is perfectly located under the Northern light oval.
  10. You can find some information here : visittromso
  11. - Aurora Borealis from Northern Norway. - First time Saturn from my own backyard - Double moon / shadow transit Jupiter (at opposition) March 2016, near Perfect seeing. - Finding the Auriga clusters first time, first Messiers part from the obvious (naked eye) ones. - Night sky from Madagascar 'highlands'. ok. that was 5...
  12. Here are som good links for doubles, red stars and open clusters: Coldfield Observatory A list of Nice asterisms (targets for small telescopes and binoculars : Asterisms Rune
  13. Would have helped if he emailed you some original images of the Scope and accessories. The image in the ad isnt his TV85
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