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  1. Phonepics @Galen Gilmore ? Brilliant. Thats a mighty good phone you got . I am nowhere as good as you taking those afocal phone pics, well done
  2. Coma Starcluster is a Nice one and a certainly big cluster. Hyades is a good contender (for big open clusters), its definitely one of my faves. Rune
  3. David Ratledges: Observing asterisms. A Collection of Nice small asterisms With descriptions and images.
  4. Hello David and welcome from me too. . Rune
  5. Hello and welcome from me too, located in Norway Rune
  6. Hello and a warm welcome from me too, located on a provincial island in ehh provincial Norway . Rune
  7. Very good writing. I highly appreciate reports With a poetic, romantic approach to Our hobby. You should put these reports in the blog section, it would be a welcoming addition to that part of SGL. Rune PS Is it Σαντορίνη ? Must be ...
  8. Ahem... 59,2N
  9. First of all, a warm welcome to SGL. And I am really envious to those of you who have an opportunity to watch the Solar eclipse live . I regretfully Chickened out going to Svalbard, Norway for the ecplise in 2015. I am not sure what forums you are used to, but I`ve never seen any 'spectacle' regarding any questions asked here at SGL whatsoever . Remember : any questions asked might also help others (it has certainly helped a superlurker like me) Anyways, welcome and good Luck With Your stargazing. Rune
  10. Hello from me too, and welcome to SGL . Rune
  11. New

    Hello there and welcome to SGL. Enjoy the telescope and the night sky . Rune
  12. Nice update there Victor . May I ask where you purchase Your Scope and eyepieces from? Rune
  13. Just remember, even in lovely Southern Denmark planets will be very low for the Next few years. For me, living at 59N its quite hopeless regarding planets. I`m waiting for Mars to appear high in the sky, late 2020 . PS Hows Your site going?
  14. Nice report Victor. And I agree With adding the 8,8mm to Your eyepiece set. Rune