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  1. Astronomy lectures for the blind

    How about Noreen Grice books? Heres an article from Universe Today : Accessible astronomy Rune
  2. Advice?

    Unless its early morning observations Your going for, the moon will be very Bright.....
  3. Hello to All.

    Hello Chris and welcome from me, located on the rainy west coast of Norway . Rune
  4. My First Session- Aug 2017

    Your article was a very good read (so are Your posts here at SGL). I really like the poetic/romantic approach to stargazing reports. Minor issue : I wouldnt Call the Pleiades a Constellation, since it already is part of the Constellation Taurus. Regards Rune Edit : Hope you find yourself a Nice telescope soon
  5. Italy - night four

    Reports like this really makes me look forward to the dark Autumn Nights Piero . Most of the Objects you observed on Your night 4 is probably the ones I`ve spend most time observing, It is a part of the sky With lots of interesting, and quite easy to find, targets. As for Neptune and Uranus, I Guess I`m one of the few who yet havent detected any color on these planets. Rune
  6. Need some inspiration....

    Bit too late for M5 now, but I really think you would like that. A very fine globular.
  7. Hi everyone!

    Hello Giskard and welcome to SGL . I`m a strictly visual observer, but I must say the image you just posted in the image-section (orion nebula) was amazing. Rune
  8. A celestial skull

    Good report Stephan. Very interesting to see that youre pleased With the ES 26mm. Been considering a 24mm 68 for the Heritage, but the 26mm is slightly lighter (and cheaper) and give sameish fov. Auriga and Taurus Objects are a bit too early from up here. Not that it matters considering the cloudbelt.. Rune
  9. Hello Statgazers

    Hello and welcome to SGL . Rune
  10. Italy - night two

    Nice part two indeed . Apart from the most famous ones I`ve never really gotten into splitting doubles With my 8" dob. I really should, like John said in a previous post; - when little else visible you always got binaries. Rune
  11. Hello from SW Somerset

    Hello and welcome from me, located in Norway . Rune
  12. Italy - night one

    Brilliant report. Your Saturn views really sounds amazing. How high was Saturn above Your horizon when observing, 23-24° ? Rune
  13. Hallo from Broadstairs

    Hello there and welcome to SGL . Rune
  14. Heritage 130p miles Ahead of the 3 low Budget fracs ive looked through (incl a well branded 90/900).
  15. "Call myself an astronomer" ? Huh!

    I always observe Capella without instrumental accompaniment