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  1. Favourite Class Of Object, And Reasons

    Open clusters, then galaxies I think. Apart from M5, globulars doesnt really resolve that well in my 8". But when Mars comes along, everything else comes second. Rune
  2. Bit off topic here, but With all respect, you got this one all wrong. Now, Where did I mention I tried to force my kid into astronomy??? Come on.
  3. New Member from W PA

    Hello from Norway too . Rune
  4. Good Luck With Your Choice of telescope . And Lucky you, my kid couldnt care less about astronomy ....
  5. Since it seems like you are from Norway too, I`d like to give a slight warning : Jupiter, Saturn (and Mars 2018) will be very low in the sky the Next few years I`m afraid. So if Youre living a bit up North in Norway, the planets might be Next to impossible to observe for a while. Rune
  6. Galaxy hunting with a ghost

    Excellent report. Had a real struggle seeing M74 With an 8"dob (Mag 5.3 -ish skies).
  7. Hello - JohnGon

    Hello John and welcome to SGL . Rune
  8. If you are observing from Malaysia I would definitely go for the globular cluster Omega Centauri and the Jewel Box cluster.
  9. Beginner

    Hello Tracy and welcome . Rune
  10. Greetings from New York

    Heya Mike and welcome to SGL . Rune
  11. An unexpected discovery

    Had the pleasure of observing these galaxies just a few Nights ago. Only managed to pick out 3 of them (using 8" dob). And NGC 2903 is a Nice Galaxy, quite Bright and easy to locate . Enjoyable read Stephan . Rune
  12. Hello from Holland

    Hello Gert and welcome to SGL. . Rune
  13. eyepiece dust cap

    Good link there. For some reason the Docter 12.5mm is sold without dust caps. Rune
  14. a few notes of a nice session

    Nice one . Did a similar route myself tonite (a frosty nite at Coastal Norway for me and the Docter 12.5mm) 'Trapezium : E star visible at 96x -Praesepe : Glorious. Also easy visible naked eye. -M38 With a rather disappointingly dim NGC1907 compared to earlier sessions. -NGC 2903 easy to find and a fine galaxy -3 faint galaxies in Leos mane. -Leo triplets After Reading Your report I regret not pointing the Scope towards Ursa Major. Regards Rune