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  1. Hi, my reply comes even later but still it is a very warm welcome to You ? Enjoy Your passion ? Marcin
  2. Welcome to SGL... ?
  3. Hi Dave, enjoy the skies ?
  4. Hello, I hope You'll learn lots of stuff here very soon ?
  5. Hi, welcome ? Enjoy the stars!
  6. Hi, welcome to the community of SGL ?
  7. Hello, welcome to SGL. Greetings from Poland. Marcin / Martin
  8. Hello ? Have fun and don't be afraid to ask questions - they're part of the process of learning ?
  9. mcinek82

    New boy

    Greetings to You, Dan from Marcin in Poland ?
  10. Hello, Ola and welcome ? Enjoy Your passion!
  11. Hello, welcome ? Enjoy the beautiful skies and stars above. Marcin
  12. Welcome to SGL. I'm sure You'll find lots of useful information here ?
  13. Hi Rob ? Welcome to the forum. I hope You can learn new things here and share Your knowledge to teach others. Marcin, Poland
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