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  1. I've just 'Googled' "Emoji" I had no idea what you were all talking about. Now I'm also in on the secret. Rich
  2. Probably the Lovell telescope at Jodrell Bank has the strongest Alt/Az mount.
  3. RichM63

    Sirui PH20 Carbon Fibre gimbal head

    OK I'm not up for it, but what are you now using for the 500mm F4L etc? Rich
  4. Oh crap, my new lappy has just spent 4 days downloading 1709 and now it is going to try for 1803!!! Grrrrrr I don't mind not using the lappy at the moment, (I got it for the back of the ML) but it gums up my other PCs Internet use. Rich
  5. RichM63

    Shadow Spires, and lots of 'em

    T/Brush packed + Towel. Meet mid Channel and OFF. Cheers, I need to look into a lensed telescope to replace one of the Newt setups, but I've just had a couple of heavy purchases that were not totally planned for.
  6. RichM63

    Shadow Spires, and lots of 'em

    I think that we should go there. 'just to make sure' as it were... Cracker, John. (what rig?)
  7. RichM63

    Second hand pitfalls

    Pretty much everything in my signature was bought at least second hand. So far touch wood I've never had a problem with anything. Buyer due diligence is key. Either get to know the seller somewhat, or when possible take a trip to view and purchase. I've spent and also saved £1000s in this way. £40 quid half price on new, can't be that bad. But you will be wanting a tripod. Rich
  8. RichM63

    Sol WL 21-04-18

    LOL. Yup I will, but right now my fingies belong to somebody else, idem, peepers after the day under full Sun with a big Sthil.
  9. RichM63

    Sol WL 21-04-18

    Looking good John, mine is still in the camera! This idiot forgot a long standing arrangement to spend the day with a chainsaw clearing winter storm damage. Couldn't have picked more suitable weather. (NOT) I need IS times six right now.
  10. Damn, so I didn't need to replace the laptop yesterday after all.....
  11. RichM63

    Sneaky Day off + Sol =

    From the early morning heads up, I was minded to get out with the Tamron 150-600 + WL filter. No idea what I got as yet, still in the camera. Nice image John, + the diagram
  12. Noting that you also have a connection to Southern Spain, in a house, the fluorescent green wire might be live, whilst the bilious pink wire could be return! Updating farm house wiring is interesting in the least!!!!
  13. Canon T5i = 700D in Europe. Indeed a good starter enthusiast camera. I still keep one.
  14. Cracking image José. I am much impressed by the scene created with the old building and then the space debris.
  15. Nice one, hope you weren't steering the ship at the same time.

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