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  1. RichM63

    First go at Milky Way

    I've got no chance of downloading a tif. Upload a low res jpeg into your post. PLS
  2. RichM63

    Came across this handy little gadget

    Do show us.
  3. RichM63

    Came across this handy little gadget

    Nice, apart from timer functions I nearly always use remote releases on all my cameras when mounted on a tripod.
  4. Howdy, I do have one or two camera lenses and did have a new version of that Sigma 70-300mm but I ended up giving it away to a lad as it simply wasn't sharp enough for my taste. I also had a Canon latest gen 55-250mm slightly more expensive but in my experience way sharper and more accurate than the Sigma. The standard 18-55mm latest gen kit lens isn't bad for widefield, and cheap. A nifty fifty is handy. I could recommend various other wider lenses but you would be looking at several hundreds of pounds (see my sig). If about £100 is your fixed budget, why not have a go with a latest Sigma 70-300 DG OS, you'll have fun learning and playing with it and it won't cost you over much should you move it on in 12 months (unless you give it away as I did) Rich
  5. RichM63

    Stars or Noise?

    It would help if you could remove the humid, cloudy atmosphere before capture. Go for it, why not? Good luck.
  6. RichM63

    Sunday Breakfast

    The circumference of this is not correct. and I'm at a loss. Your images are sumptin else.
  7. RichM63

    Horizon Tue 7th

    Thanks Dave, I would not have known about it. Merci. Rich
  8. RichM63

    Sunday Breakfast

    Thanks Alan, I'm trying to build up my strength, that combo' with all the gubbins, scales at about 5.5kg with the lens closed down. Open it all up and forearms like Popeye would be good! Ask Hobsey, hee hee. I had forgotten how to process as it has been a while. I note the the highlights are somewhat burnt out when posting up. This one is for me, to see a posted result and differences twixt the 2 when uploading. Still trying to remember what to do PP. All good fun. Rich
  9. RichM63

    Sunday Breakfast

    Caught this whilst munching my croissants. Canon 7DII + Sigma 150-600 Sport, 18 frames, DPP, AS2, DXO, PSP.
  10. RichM63

    Late lunar eclipse

    Good stuff. Glad that you saw it.
  11. That's nice work, your local obviously serves the good stuff.
  12. An easy to go telescope is one that is mostly up and ready when you want to use it or is easy to get ready. Hopefully you have a placement at home for the kit, so not travelling. Some folk may not like my advice, but, go for kit that suits yourself ie the aforementioned, and a good low mag Eyepiece that you can position your young chap in front of to show him the night sky. He won't be able to use a 'proper' Astro Telescope rig at a very young age, and may show no interest at all at a suitable age. But the time spent with you will be priceless in the future. EQ mounts present different challenges to Alt/AZ, I like EQ, but not everyone does.
  13. Lovely image, well done on an early rise.
  14. Full of info', I learned a lot.
  15. RichM63

    Lucky Lunar Eclipse

    At least you saw something.

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