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  1. RichM63

    Moonrise through a gap

    Well after all the great images of the super Moon I was somewhat peed off. So tonight here we have my only chance, through a horizontal gap in the cloud layer. Blink and you'll miss it. 7D+70-200 f4 L hand held single frame shots (no point setting up a big rig). Its gone now. Cheers, Rich
  2. RichM63

    The Moon 18-02-19

    Nice John, I had no chance.
  3. RichM63

    Soyuz in Cardiff

    From the first picture I'm impressed that the H.G. WELLS society sold the machine as a viable means of transport.
  4. Loved my 1960s outings to the Trough of Bowland for picnics. Thank you.
  5. On my main high resolution 29" screen the image seems to have concentric dark banding parallel to the terminator. At slightly lower resolution on a 24" screen the banding is not so obvious.
  6. RichM63

    This really is my last eclipse image

    Most certainly there are investment opportunities; 'Balistipoo' is a sustainable cross border and tax free product. The Cows are doing their part. As so far, no one can figure out what to do with it 'on the ground'. Our aim is to keep it 'in the air' as long as possible. ie tax free!! Compressed Methane, ignited with a little Oxygen, launching "Balistipoo" through our 48" mortars keeps you connected. The other benefit, wet straw, ... wet straw is good for all sorts of things.
  7. RichM63

    This really is my last eclipse image

    LOL my friend, beautiful but..... As we are in a direct line, I forsee my 48" cattle powered mortar exiting the drawing board!
  8. RichM63

    This really is my last eclipse image

    Glad that you are going to stop 'rubbing it in'. I was awake and outside in 'dense fog'. Nice pic though.
  9. RichM63

    Canon 4000d over 550d or 600d

    Congratulations. I once had a new camera, sold it to help finance a higher spec second hand model.
  10. RichM63


    A decent monopod is always a handy bit of inexpensive kit to keep around, in the car, on the desk, walking purposefully around town, or scratching that itch in the center of your back. I like mine that much that I've just treated it to one of these. 701 HDV Rich
  11. RichM63

    DSLR M63 with ED80 (Sunflower Galaxy)

    Nicely done. Certainly at lot less noise than I would have expected to see at ISO800.
  12. I've seen him eat maggots out of a dead goat's bloated liver as a good source of protein whilst hiking to the next Mc Do'. I reckon some of his stuff should be taken with a pinch of salt. But as a white finger sufferer I do agree that arm swinging does help. Rich
  13. RichM63

    Astro themes for a study/snug - ideas?

    Perhaps not on the wall but one of these should provide typical observing conditions. Astronomy Atmosphere.
  14. RichM63

    Red glow Canon 700D

    @ Vlaiv thank you for such a clear explanation in terms that we mortals can understand.
  15. A great series. Thanks for the hard work.

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