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  1. canon 700d worthy upgrade?

    It is a very good price for a 700D.
  2. I'd be very interested, but I think I might need to make some modifications to the ML before I can set off to Ferenginar!
  3. Amazon Prime is pretty good, it does what it is supposed to do! Pity you didn't let us know that the 14mm Samyang was a done deal. All the best,
  4. Your choice. Physically go to a local photographic dealer's and try the lenses. Personally I would not buy a 14mm lens as my first and only lens, it only has limited uses.
  5. You are away on holiday in a week, with no real experience as you say, and no time to get any. I too would recommend the 18-55 IS STM kit lens, and 50mm 1.8, you could buy both for a lot under your £250 price combined and they will always have a place in your kit should you get into Photography in a big way, and they don't weigh anything if you are flying. Yes smaller mm = wider angle, but 14mm could easily be far too wide unless you are on top of a mountain. ie buildings and other unwanted stuff could easily get in the way, and it is a lens that would require some practice. Don't start out with a specialist lens as a first go, it will likely then remain unused in the future. see my sig', some of those lenses only get used once in a blue Moon when I want to try something different. Best, Rich
  6. Where would you live?

    Where I live right now. Slap bang in the middle of the countryside, no near neighbours, zero LP, only 2 tractors per day at most, loads of wildlife, bird song is the only noise pollution, not on any major flightpaths, and 10-15 mins from the cliffs and beaches, although we do have a yacht port down by the tidal river and the commuter train is a 100 year old Steam rig for 5 months of the year.. I can easily observe NESW if I wish to. The only downside is a fairly slow Internet connection but they are replacing all the lines with Optical so even that will change soon. Rich
  7. Shame, I thought that it might have been a 'Lionel Jeffries-esque' home based spaceship project.
  8. Full Frame APS-C "crop factors" etc.

    I think the waters are already muddy when AP is not specified as opposed to TP. Two completely different fields IMHO with often confused overlapping confusing terminology and required criteria. The lens becoming longer on a crop sensor DSLR is clearly a misunderstanding, but the small bird seeming to get bigger or nearer is I think where the confusion gets reinforced. However, getting outside and taking pictures of whatever, is the important bit for the most part, here we are only a few folk that look to further our understanding of the kit involved. Best, Rich
  9. Good one, nice sky you had there, but what is the object in the bottom left corner?
  10. Tamron 150-600

    Water spot stains spring to mind. They are not just top right, but all over the image if you look closely. Rule out the camera and sensor dust etc by taking some shots against a dark background with a different lens. A bright background could easily mask them. I don't seem to have dust ingress into either of my big Tamrons they are pretty well sealed IMHO. Of course they could be something else entirely. Rich
  11. First photo sold.

    Cool, details of the print would be good. Poster size, resolution, yada yada. Kudos to you and dad.
  12. Sol WL 05-09-17 full disk

    Cracking image John.....but.... What is classed as the correct orientation? Compared to my feeble follies with the 150-600, this image is inverted ie rotated 180° left when viewed juxtaposed to my image. Same with the Moon, I never know. Rich
  13. Best present ever!

    I'll put a sound track to your front cover. Seems appropriate. Look through my Telescope
  14. Good targets for 105mm lens?

    I have the same lens, infinity shouldn't be a problem. I look forward to your results. I suppose I should suggest the Skull Nebula.
  15. It is a few days too late, for what will be the damaged populous. Still, if you still have eyes for the data sheet, after staring at the bright light. Good luck.