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  1. Hi, my reply comes even later but still it is a very warm welcome to You ? Enjoy Your passion ? Marcin
  2. mcinek82

    Hello guys!

    Welcome to SGL... ?
  3. Hi Dave, enjoy the skies ?
  4. Hello, I hope You'll learn lots of stuff here very soon ?
  5. Hi, welcome ? Enjoy the stars!
  6. Hi, welcome to the community of SGL ?
  7. Hello, welcome to SGL. Greetings from Poland. Marcin / Martin
  8. mcinek82

    A hello from Hull

    Hello ? Have fun and don't be afraid to ask questions - they're part of the process of learning ?
  9. mcinek82

    New boy

    Greetings to You, Dan from Marcin in Poland ?
  10. Hello, Ola and welcome ? Enjoy Your passion!
  11. Hello, welcome ? Enjoy the beautiful skies and stars above. Marcin
  12. Welcome to SGL. I'm sure You'll find lots of useful information here ?
  13. Hi Rob ? Welcome to the forum. I hope You can learn new things here and share Your knowledge to teach others. Marcin, Poland
  14. mcinek82

    Hi from Italy

    Hi and welcome to SGL. ?
  15. Warm welcome from Poland. Enjoy Your observations! Marcin
  16. Hi Alvin, welcome to SGL. Someone has mentioned the site https://www.lightpollutionmap.info/ and I also suggest to examine it as a helpful tool to find a dark spot to observe. Clear (and dark) skies!
  17. mcinek82

    New user

    Hello, Wayne ? Greetings form Poland. Regards, Marcin
  18. Hello, Mike! Nice to meet You ?
  19. Very pleased to meet You, too. Welcome to SGL.
  20. Hello Mike, You have arrived at great place to share Your passion and learn new things. Enjoy Your hobby! Clear skies!
  21. Wow! A great explanation of issues I may encounter, cjdawson . Ivan, it's really nice that you put up this topic since I'm planning an upgrade and every piece of information is highly appreciated. Happy stargazing!
  22. Hi, welcome to the forum. That's an excellent question that you've asked - it encourages to search for answers, who knows what we can find Clear skies!
  23. Hello, welcome to SGL! I also recommend Stellarium as a guide to our sky overhead. Clear skies
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