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  1. First car in space today!

    That would be strange. I'd have thought that the two platforms would use the same data sets and catalogues. I remember a few years ago they issued a fix so that SkySafari would correctly display one of the Earth grazing asteroids. But that was a general fix for the solar system model to better account for 3rd body interactions. So I guess that the engine is good to go, just need the right numbers.
  2. First car in space today!

    Good find. I only just checked it myself yesterday and it was still the old geocentric orbit. Edit: Hmm.... Weird, I just updated minor body data again on 2 android devices running SkySafari 5 Pro and they are still displaying the old orbit. Sumfin is going on...
  3. First car in space today!

    He does have big rocket you know! Ain't nowhere out of his reach! šŸ˜€
  4. First car in space today!

    From BBC news: Musk's Tesla to stay in space for millions of years - http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-43063379 Of particular interest is the linked academic paper. https://arxiv.org/abs/1802.04718. But like other have said, I think Elon Musk will bring it back home in some future mission but not until its done a couple of orbits to get some miles on the clock!
  5. So how about a infinite multiverse joke!?

    Not only do I not get the joke, I also don't have 3ft of snow nor an observatory to put under it. So what am I doing here and while we are at it, what is "here"....?
  6. First car in space today!

    My head hurts! I promised myself that I'd drop this bone today.....! And I didn't even know who Elon Musk was until a few weeks ago.
  7. First car in space today!

    Bizarrely, that returns the geocentric orbit I was struggling with earlier. 143205 and 2018-017A return different objects in sky safari. I'm still holding out for 2000 AV72, that agrees with the orbital modeler posted earlier on. Why such an old designation crops up I'm not sure.
  8. First car in space today!

    And now we make progress. Using the jpl/nasa site above and some poking around it now seems that Tesla Roadster is the designation prior to leaving earth orbit, when it became an asteroid not a satellite!! So plugging in "2000 AV72" into Stellarium and SkySafari returns a heliocentric body having the properties given by jpl/nasa. It still doesn't display correctly in skysafari on my phone but at least it's heliocentric! Still playing with Stellarium, which has more limited use in displaying solar system dynamics from above the ecliptic....I think. So Starman is an asteroid now And I've wasted a day of my life trying to achieve something!
  9. First car in space today!

    Great find! Unfortunately it doesn't look like SkySafari allows manual input of elements. Neither does Stellarium but I might be able to point that to a downloaded file from your linked site
  10. First car in space today!

    Just playing with the simulator linked in the tweets thread from above. http://orbitsimulator.com/gravitySimulatorCloud/simulations/1518035538968_teslaConstellations.html Just exactly what I was looking for!!
  11. First car in space today!

    The tweeting thread is useful. So independent observations have been made. Just need someone who knows what they are doing to plug them into SkySafari Now where have my Jean Meeus books gone...?
  12. First car in space today!

    That's true. I know they don't have NASA's resources for tracking. I'm more curious why the orbital elements aren't out there on the internet via the various agencies like NORAD who track all launches and calculate orbital parameters. If this thing is on a Heliocentric orbit it will only need a few positional fixes to calculate its full orbit, notwithstanding future 3rd body interactions. The ephemerides Stellarium has are only hours old so calculated after the supposed 3rd burn/transfer orbit maneuver. Very peculiar, me thinks! Just remembered I've got Satellite Safari on my phone and using the same ephemerides from the 7th gives this orbit. Very low at perigee. I'm thinking this is in reach of amateur scopes but it'll be zipping along at some angular rate!
  13. First car in space today!

    I saw that on the site I linked to earlier, but unfortunately the orbital elements that SkySafari is using seem to be for a LEO object. The elements picked up by Stellarium seem to be behaving weirdly too! Other than the above graphic, I can't find any live tracking data that makes sense. Even this from here: http://www.satflare.com/track.asp?q=43205#TOP is showing a geocentric orbit!
  14. First car in space today!

    Oh, Sorry! I found it as "Tesla Roadster" in the add new satellites utility in Stellarium then found the same name in SkySfari. Edit: Too slow...
  15. First car in space today!

    Now then, I've found it on both Stellarium and SkySafari. Stellarium needed a bit of manual intervention to update the new launches. Sky Safari found it after updating minor body data but still has it in a 2hr 44min period Earth Orbit?? Stellarium shows a TLE set whereas SkySafari gives a verbose list of orbital characteristics. I'm currently making comparisons between the two. I'm no expert in setting up viewpoints in Stellarium so it's difficult to see how it's plotting the orbit, The TLE's from Stellarium: 1 43205U 18017A 18038.05572533 .00020608 -51169-6 11058-3 0 9994 2 43205 29.0165 287.1006 3403068 180.4827 179.1544 8.75117793 17