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  1. Paul M

    Intoxicated Visitors

    It sounds rather like some of the "lubricated" stargazing BBQ's I've had up at our Luxury Cumbrian Villa. "So when's that Play Station comming over?" is a frequent opener Anyway, that's not involving strangers. You handled yours nicely!
  2. Paul M

    Persieds Last night (Friday)

    I worked a night shift last night and the sky was very good. I don't work outside but spend some time between buildings on an industrial complex so get plenty of opportunities to look at the sky. Despite specifically looking I never saw a single meteor. About 10.30 I did see a very bright and off-white satellite travelling from north to south but east of overhead. It looked like Mars, with similar brightness. Went into shadow soon after culminating. Interesting but ain't no Geminid
  3. Paul M

    Warm Weather To Stay Till October?

    I think we've had the hottest weather now. Once the Atlantic breaks through, as it usually does when ex-hurricanes get caught up in the jetstream, the weather will return to normal. I just worry that we'll pay for the hot summer with a very wet autumn. Some might welcome that but rainfall makes my job a lot harder
  4. I was surprised at the number of people that turned out for the eclipse here in Gran Canaria. Many not really knowing what they were looking for. They were impressed once the Moon climbed into a dark sky and even more so once totality ended. Then they could appreciate what the eclipse had actually done to the Moon. Not a bad eclipse in the end. Back to a milky sky today so even the weather played ball.
  5. So here it is. First glimpse through the haze at 21:32. I expected to catch Mars first and use it as a guide. But I caught the Moon first. Still a light sky and the Moon was only 5 or 6 deg above the horizon. Hot off the press:
  6. My eastward horizon last night. The sky clarity is even better today. Just on my camera phone. Can see Mars and Saturn too.
  7. Still looking good here in Gran Canaria. A lot of wind before lunch. Brollies flying around and the like. The sky is deep blue. Much lower humidity today and the wind now reduced to the usual breeze. Shudda brought a proper camera!
  8. I'm stuck in Gran Canarias. I know, I know, but it's only 30 deg here so cool by UK standards... Anyway, the troublesome "marine layer" has been particularly humid for a few days. Clothes left on the line over night have been damp in the morning. The Moon and its cohort of planets have been awash in a milky sky. I've been concerned about eclipse viewing potential. Firstly, our longitude is 15 deg West, so our Moon rises about an hour later than in the UK but into a fairly bright sky. I paid particular attention to the sky this evening. The air is much clearer today as noted by daytime conditions. So this evening's Moon was nice and bright. Mars looking glorious too. Last night Mars was almost lost in sky glow. I walked up to the coastal path tonight on my way back to our room. Took some pictures of the Moon glinting on the sea. A beautiful sight that my phone camera couldn't capture. There were others enjoying the view and trying to take pictures and I struck up conversation with a young family. They knew about the eclipse but not when or the circumstances. Nor did they know they could see 4 planets. Mum was sure that Mars was the landing lights of a plane coming in to land as it's in about the same area of sky where we see a succession of planes turning Right Base for Las Palmas. So my pre eclipse session turned into a bit of an outreach session. "see you tomorrow then" we're their parting words. We'll I'll be there...!
  9. Paul M

    A curious light phenomenon.

    We have Blackpool's infamous Illuminations a few miles to our south each summer and apart from the general increase in light pollution there have been times when lasers have been set to point skyward and follow predetermined patterns of movement. Sometimes they'd create a beam that went overhead from horizon to horizon other times they'd create diffuse points that moved around in the southern sky. I think they got banned eventually as a hazard to aviation.
  10. Great images. This comet is getting interesting!
  11. An SGL satellite? Won't that just attract space clouds?
  12. The street lights in our immediate vicinity were changed from full glare sodium lamps to well shielded LED units a couple of years ago. The streets are less bright and my back garden in notably darker. Wish they'd crack on an do the whole town! To be any use at all, LED lighting needs to be well controlled with suitable reflective shielding. The old sodium and mercury vapour lamps generated so much light that they could be very poorly shielded and still throw more than enough light downwards.
  13. Paul M


    I see there is some rain in the forecast, that should help settle the dust We'll be in Gran Canaria around opposition so will get to see the full glory of the brightness and colour away from the gloom of my home horizon. Won't have any optic other than a pair of mk.1 eyeballs and phone camera. So I won't be submitting any scientific papers from my observations on this voyage!
  14. Nice! Did you make the mount Peter?
  15. Paul M


    Now that's Saturn! Indeed one of this seasons best offering.

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