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  1. Paul M

    Stargazers lounge or Photographer’s Lounge

    I've had some similar thoughts to the OP on occasions. It's a broad church this astronomy lark. My own interest is in the science of astronomy and observation is really just to see it with my own eyes. Imaging plays a huge part in the science. Perhaps the most important aspect of astronomy? I neither have the patience nor the commitment to image for myself but I truly admire the efforts of those that do. So I look at the brilliant images posted here and admire them. Both the subject and the effort that went into producing it. I don't follow the nitty gritty of imaging. I'll read the description and image basics but move onto the next thread without reading the technicalities. Suits me. If imaging is the lifeblood of the forum then so be it. I'm not active enough to offer observing reports to counter any imbalance. That's why you'll usually find me in the lounge talking drivel!
  2. Paul M

    Riciulously Large Moon Image

    I got "file could not be found"!?
  3. Paul M

    Cassiopeia from the garden

    I'm a big fan of wide shots of the constellation and this one is a great example. The Double Cluster making a cheeky appearance at the bottom is a worthy result on its own. Then there is everything else! Very well done indeed.
  4. Notwithstanding the nice aurora action, this strikes me as a very pretty shot of the Plough. I've never really noticed Dubhe's colour before!
  5. Paul M

    Guide Stars :)

    So, the MD took Junior, 12, to join our local Girl Guide's group this evening (had a taster last week). The enrolment form asks if the parent/guardian has any particular hobbies or interest that could be presented to the group. Hmmm.. The MD did at least phone me to confirm that I would be able to take my telescope along sometime and show them the night sky before commiting me Obviously it's early days, but I'm already thinking that my impressive but large 250mm Newt on an EQ6 is maybe a bit unwieldy. Even for me, the eyepiece is out of reach at the zenith. I need a couple of steps to reach it (no I don't use a flimsy garden chair that sinks into the lawn, honest!). So maybe simplify and bring home Ye Olde Fullerscope from or Luxury Cumbrian Villa? Eyepiece always accessible and I can contort the mk3 mount into almost alt-azimuth. So much to consider!
  6. Paul M

    SGL 2018 Photo Competition

    Loving it! A great example of wind shear. The low clouds skudding R-L, the mid level cloud almost directly opposite and the high level stuff (seen in the clearing on the horizon) moving across at its own jaunty angle!
  7. I find anything from 3rd quarter, through new and up to 1st quarter to be best. Up to 1st qtr is usually set by mid or late evening. It won't throw much if any scatter over the horizon once set. Similar with 3rd Quarter, little effect until it rises and that won't be until mid-late evening so opportunities before or after Moon set. A full moon can brighten the horizon while rising but the Sun will be only just setting anyway. So maybe 2 weeks out of every 4 should have some usable, Moon free darkness. Of course, with bright targets such as the planets, many star clusters and double stars, the Moon isn't really a factor at any phase.
  8. Is there any prospect of including the wife in a part-ex deal? Two birds, one stone!
  9. Paul M

    What did the postman bring?

    Just now, a belated birthday present. A big box of espresso coffee pads for my Senseo coffee maker. Not exactly astro but if you drink enough you will start seeing stars.
  10. Paul M

    A Few of My Favorite Planets...

    That's some collection. Well done!
  11. Paul M

    Studying later in life

    I was in my 30s when I enrolled with OU for a Natural Sciences degree. I came from zero educationally. A few CSE's from 1981. So had to start with a foundation course which I really enjoyed and got great scores in. Unfortunately I dropped it in the first year due to a forced career change rather than the one I was planning for. I've made some bad career choices but that one stands head and shoulders above the rest. Now it's cost that would stop me trying again.
  12. Paul M

    What did the postman bring?

    Thanks, It was a present from the MD. Seemingly she thought it was going to be another "oh thanks...." present, heading straight for a cupboard. She's delighted that: a) I posted about it here. b) It's a popular item. I've also received 2 bottles of Gin, un wrapped in advance but still unopened!) So on return from our Tenerife trip perhaps I'll be enjoying the odd evening of double moon globes!
  13. Paul M


    A long time ago a family acquaintance used to lend me an odd old copy or two of Sky and Telescope (which was very rare in the UK in the 70's). I was stunned by the adverts for Questar. Still just as out of reach now as they were in my childhood and still a joy to behold
  14. The 6, 10 and 20mm eyepieces that I bought along with Ye Olde Fullerscope circa 1984.
  15. Paul M

    What did the postman bring?

    The posty bought me an early birthday present (we'll be away on the day): an illuminated Moon globe. It has a remote and can change colour etc. Quite effective in a dark room

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