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  1. Sure will. I've read various blogs on this mod over the years, including the definitive Astro Baby tutorial from back in the day. And, and! the kit came with a wodge of instructions! What could possibly go wrong?
  2. The belt mod kit for my NEQ6 Pro arrived today, along with the bearing removal tool. I start an 18 day shift break on Thursday, perfect timing.
  3. Thanks! From what I see KStars doesn't show any satellites for any of the planets but it does render photo realistic planets!
  4. Another disappointing night out last night. Moonlight, clouds and equipment issues colluded to thwart my efforts. I got Mars framed and nicely focused in Firecapture. It looked very promising but then Firecapture refused to record and frames. Ok, I'll look for the moons of Uranus. Between clouds I got 20 x 10 seconds, hoping to get deep enough to pick out Miranda without swamping it with an over exposed Uranus. I scored 4 out of 5 moons. Miranda hasn't made the final cut. It's mag 16 and lost in the glare.
  5. Good to see you getting the EAF working nicely. It's on my wish list but the mount belt mod kit just pulled rank due to constant guiding failing to calibrate , so I think it's a while off. I'm not yet sure whether I'm struggling with focusing or not but it's become my least pleasurable "chore" in my new life as an imaging wannabe
  6. I had another go last night. Not the best conditions. Cloud dodging and guiding not playing. Of 5 x 60 sec exposures only 3 were not ruined by passing cumulus clouds so I've stacked and stretched those. ASI178MC camera and 10" Newt. Edit: It looks like I just reprocessed my data from my previous image earlier in the thread! Can't find last nights subs. I thought it looked familiar
  7. I did upgrade the old laptop that I'd also installed Ubuntu on to 20.10. It was a long slog. Should have just downloaded the ISO and done a fresh install, nothing else other than Chrome and RealVNC viewer installed on that either. Was just a fresh 20.04 install. At least I know what to expect if I did upgrade little Ubu also. Looks like I'll wait until the dust settles before risking it.
  8. My Fullerscope mirror was made by him in the mid 80's and I know he was at it before then. Must be ready for a well earned retirement!
  9. Mine was ok until 10 years ago, when I bailed out of self employment/one man band. Until then I needed to get to stuff regularly and in a hurry. Since then it's been a dumping ground. Much of it has no real value. It really is time to get rid of gear the I will never use again in anger. I won't be doing anymore rewires. It nearly killed me crawling into the eaves to pull a security camera cable through into the loft yesterday. One day soon I'll be falling through the ceiling. Not done that since I was 17
  10. I've been looking at the changes between Ubuntu 20.04 and the new intermediate release 20.10 . Not an awful lot to make me need it and having seen that one of the changes relates to hotspot creation I may well be better of not bothering, given the trouble I had setting one up on Ubu. But that doesn't mean I won't install it, just that I shouldn't...:) I'm thinking of getting a 2.5 SATA SSD to install in Ubu as a fixed backup location. It's a miracle that I haven't trashed it yet.
  11. Indeed! Let's rejoice in having the sight we have. When I was at school an English teacher had us discussing whether we would rather be deaf or blind. I think we all chose to keep our sight. Maybe just to play devils advocate teacher said she'd rather keep her hearing. I didn't buy her argument then and my mind hasn't changed since.
  12. I'd seen some reports that confused me, which I why I posted a link to the "horses mouth", so to speak. Even here: https://www.youtube.com/c/explainingcomputers/community my new Youtube friend uses the words: "This is a 64-bt OS, so a 4GB or 8GB Raspberry Pi 4 is recommended." "Rcommended" is not the same as "required". Hmm, I think some tinkerers have been porting some flavour of Ubuntu to other than model 4 Pi's already, but that's not for lost-in-the-wilderness greenhorns like me.
  13. I aint no opthalmologist I can;t even spell it... But I think it can be cause by any or combinations of the cornea, the lens or the shape of the eyeball resulting in a (mildly) "saddle" shaped deformation of the retina. In many cases astigmatic component is lost in the overall prescription as just a slight difference between the axes. In the case of my left eye, for near vision, if I don't have my varifocals on only one axis is blurred to the point of needing correction. For far vision I don't notice a difference in the axes, I'm short sighted in that eye so everything looks equally blurred. Of course the axis of astigmatism can be at any angle, just for me it's a very nearly vertical - horizontal alignment . My right eye is ok close up. No prescription needed.
  14. The astigmatism in my left eye is quite bad. I notice it in every day activities without my glasses on. I can't remember my prescription but for near vision most of my left eye correction is astigmatic. Looking at squares or oblong boxes on the screen right now with just my left eye, vertical lines are sharp, horizontal lines are quite blurred. My right eye my dominant eye but has an blind spot in the middle of the fovea which causes problems when looking at very fine detail. I hate wearing my glasses at the eyepiece but I struggle with without now. It helps explain why imaging suits me better right now. I just don't see the stars like I once could.
  15. My ASI120MM mini and ASI178MC work fine under Ubuntu/Ekos on my x86 mini computer. I would expect the same USB issues with Ubuntu + RasPi as I had with Astroberry + RasPi. You never know I might give it a whirl. It cost me a packet for the RasPi + case + SD cards + power supply + blood, sweat and tears!!! Maybe on these cold, rainy winter nights I'll git a go. Keep us posted on your hardware experiences.
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