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  1. That's fantastic! I've been following this thread from the beginning and have enjoyed watching the situation develop. Highs and lows came and went I understood the electronics side but the code and programming stuff went right over at great altitude. Still, I never doubted a successful outcome! Well done all!
  2. From a SpaceX achievement to a SpaceX folly. Or as Jimmy Cricket would say, And There's More:
  3. Ok, I have a confession. You might all be wondering why the glorious observing period ended so abruptly. Well, you see, I pressed "confirm & pay" on some items with FLO. They were sat in my basket for a couple of weeks because I knew what would happen. And it did; I could hear the cosmic cogs whirring and grinding as my actions brought about a great climatic shift. Inbound: A couple of cameras from ZWO , an ASI120MM and a ASI178MC, a Coma Corrector. Plus a couple of other items. Not that I'm an imager... That's my annual bonus spent!
  4. Expecting rain on my night shift tonight, marking a hiatus in this run of observing weather. Can't complain though. My observatory floor covering needs watering. The lawn mower thinks it's been furloughed!
  5. Yup. Red and green nav lights on wing tips. Stobes on wing tips and an amber strobe on the belly.
  6. I easily spotted ISS but no sign on the Crew Dragon even with the bins. Wasn't sure how far behind it was trailing but looking at the ongoing live launch feed graphics it wasn't too far behind and I missed it.
  7. I also noticed that one of them, probably Bob or Doug, wears glasses too !!
  8. Collimation is a skill you develop as you go along. If you are visual only then collimation is less critical. I only ever collimate my 6in Fullerscope by Newt rack-of-the-eye. Not gadgets or gizmos and it's great. I've used a laser collimator on my 250 PDS then fine tunes it rack-of-the-eye! But now that I'm poking a camera down the tube I know it's not good enough so I've just ordered in my first ever Cheshire eyepiece but I won't knock myself out over collimation. I'll be done in 15 minutes for better or for worse
  9. Anyway, Bob and Doug. Not exactly inspiring names! I once attended a course presented by a "Blaise Hudson", now that is a name for a Hollywood astronaut!
  10. I work shifts 2 x days followed by 2 x nights then 3 clear days off. You'd think I would have no trouble with late astro sessions but I do. I need those 3 days off with good sleep to recover from my night shifts, so I've noticed I'm suffering more fatigue if I have a late night under the stars. Not so much while I'm still off but when I get back on shift. I love summer and the light nights, it's good for the soul but so is stargazing. I'd hate to find myself wishing the summer away!!
  11. Blue Peter did it: "here's one we landed earlier.." To those in the know, that is two towns. Neither would let me in, I'm too rough for Lytham and too posh for St Annes
  12. Probably worth me having a look on pass 2. Here is my expected view:
  13. I think pass 2 will be too low for me. Heavens Above has gone down too!
  14. Great work! I initially thought you'd posted a page out of one of the Lunar guide books!
  15. I suspect I'd have better results tonight than I had last night. Clear blue twilight right to the horizon. Just 2 hours to darkness(ish)
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