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  1. Paul M

    Observing Comet 46P

    I stuck my head outside last night and saw a good clear sky so went upstairs for my 10 x 50's then got wrapped up in a few layers. High hopes of getting my first look at this one. Currently in a nice accessible area of sky for me. Went outside and couldn't believe that the whole sky was clouded over! Slowly getting concerned that the Moon is going to get in the way before I get another usable night.
  2. Paul M

    46p just

    I'm really hoping to get a look at £0.46 during this Moon gap. The weather forecast isn't the best. Some cold clear nights due just as the Moon reclaims the darkness! Seems a long time since I tracked down a comet. Catalina (?) rings a bell, a couple of winters ago.
  3. Paul M

    Theory of Everything?

    Another "theory of everything" video that Youtube recommended for me. This one has rather better credentials than the offering in my opening post. I found it quite interesting and well delivered. Just a shame those Strings pop up eventually! It does help me understand the significance of the Higgs Boson, which I'd really struggled to get enthusiastic about... Just another esoteric particle, innit!
  4. Paul M

    Theory of Everything?

    I feel deflated too but it wasn't a total waste of energy. As amateurs it's not our job to peer review all such offerings. If they cause us to discuss current theories to the best of our understanding then we all learn. Anyway, I still dislike cumbersome String Theory and hope some group find a tidier way to explain the universe. The first time I came across Richard Feynman was in a book , maybe 25 - 30 years ago, whose title I don't remember. It was a collection of essays from leading physicists giving their opinions on the emerging String Theory. The only other contributor I can remember was George Gamow... I digress... I remember that Feynman didn't like String Theory and that's good enough for me!
  5. Paul M

    Theory of Everything?

    I agree Olly, I'm not concerned as to our purpose. I resigned to the belief that we have no purpose when I realised the depth of the question I was asking myself. Why am I able to ask the question? By what mechanism. Why does anything exist? Why a Universe, with or without me to contemplate it? Maybe the specifics in the video are wrong but I like the idea that the final Theory of Everything will be a beautifully simple geometry. Just a shame about those darned higher dimensions. Maybe they'll condense down as the models progress I don't know if anyone looked at the sister video to the one I posted. It had some repeated content but was still worth watching. There was also a short video with the makers answering some questions in a light hearted manner:
  6. Paul M

    Theory of Everything?

    My take on subject of the video is that the Universe is its own reason. I have always been very uneasy about the very idea that we exist. I still remember wondering "why" as a boy. The ideas in the video did soothe my unease for some reason. We exist because in that Universe anything that can exist must exist at some point. Ditto the idea that time is an illusion of our consciousness. Time in that context makes more sense to me. I'm no scientist and have always disliked Quantum Mechanics (you should see what they charge to repair a photon...). The video changed my mind entirely. Suddenly, according to the theory given, QM explains everything quite beautifully. And an added bonus in their scheme of things is that String Theory is consigned to the bin. When I look back it was String Theory that repulsed me so much, I gave up on modern cosmology and physics altogether. What I didn't see in the video was an explanation of dark energy and dark matter, or don't they exist in this particular model? I can't remember who said it but someone did say a while ago that at some point soon our model of the Universe will prove to be incompetent as to require a complete rebuild. Expect the unexpected!
  7. I've not really been keeping up with physics for some time but the title of this video recommended for me by Youtube got my attention. A few ideas in this were completely new to me. I thought it might be of interest:
  8. Paul M

    On this day in 1974.........

    Imagine trying to describe DNA using block graphics to an alien species that doesn't have any!!
  9. Paul M

    On this day in 1974.........

    I can't remember all the details, having read about it a number of times, but Binary counting is established at the top. There is a nice picture of us and two green swirls of DNA. A map of the solar system, a picture of the radio dish and I think somewhere is a reference to one of the hydrogen absorption/emission lines , I think...
  10. Paul M

    SGL 2018 Photo Competition

    No wonder they couldn't find the sky. Too busy keeping warm by the "bar"...
  11. Paul M

    My Grand Tour of the Solar System 2018

    That's great! What night was this conjunction?
  12. Paul M

    Astro-Modified DSLR

    I'm having similar thoughts to the O/P and would like to retain non-astro usability. My questions are: Would a pro modded camer be likely to retain auto focus with proprietary camera lenses? Or would that usually be extra/over std modding? What about the colour balance, do modded cameras need a filter attached for terrestrial use? I'm sure I read the answers a million times but I seem to keep sleeping them out of my mind
  13. Paul M

    Out with the bins.

    I tried CdC some time ago and although I liked its accuracy and features I couldn't get on with the interface. I usually take to planetarium software like a duck to water. Every time I returned to it I had to think too much! So I seem to have settled with Stellarium on my laptop and SkySafari on my android devices.
  14. Paul M

    Out with the bins.

    It's not a difficult target with good dark skies. I really can't believe I've never tried before. Without such tools as SkySafari etc, it would be much more difficult. Monthly finder charts in magazines? Image over multiple nights and animate? I guess the alternatives make success less certain
  15. Paul M

    Out with the bins.

    Indeed! I kept asking myself "what do you expect? ". I had no answer, other than colour, which I find quite intense for both planets through my telescopes. Just not collecting enough light to perceive colour. I guess it's a learning curve, other than pulling mercury out of twilight, I have not experience of binocular planets. Which shocks me after 40 odd years of stargazing.

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