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Hello From Stamford Lincolnshire


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Hello everyone,

 Found this forum while browsing and thought it would be hepful for me as a beginner to astronomy to join, I'm 69 years old and live in Stamford, Lincolnshire UK. I currently own a Skywatcher Evostar - 150 EQ5, I will soon be moving to Spalding which doesn't have a local astronomical society so I thought I might try an online course to further my knowledge. Also any advice on a good commercial or free astronomy/planetarium software would be greatly appreciated.

Clive Kent

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Hello Clive and welcome to SGL!!  You should have good dark skies in Lincolnshire.  There are a couple of good (both free) planetariums available: Stellaruim which some favour as it gives a good representation of what you actually see in the night sky - including the light pollution!  and Cartes du Ceil (don't worry it is in English) which is more of a diagramatic representation of the night sky.  They both come with "add on" star charts and will get you down to around Mag 14 (I think) for Stellarium and mag 16 for CdC.  It is really a matter of personal preference as to which you use.  If you like to look at the Moon then there is "Virtual Moon Atlas" which is excellent and again free.

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Hi Clive and a warm welcome to SGL it's a mine of knowledge  which is,of course, free!!!  :grin:  :grin:

as has been said  stellerium is a very useful tool indeed, and well worth downloading 

May you have Clear Skies and loads of fun

Regards Robin

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Hi Clive,

Welcome to SGL :)

I'll echo Roger's suggestions of the virtual moon atlas and stellarium, they are great. If you are ipad savvy then a great planetarium app is Sky safari 4.

Love 'The George' in Stamford ;)



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Hi Clive and welcome to SGL - Good advice so far. You may also like to have a look at the sketching section as this will also give you a good idea of how you will see stuff at the eye piece.

Look forward to seeing you around :)

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Hi Clive.. Welcome.

I'm in ketton so we are seeing similar skies. I've just started out too with my first scope in Jan. Been some great viewes of Jupiter these past few days and of course the moon has been amazing. Have you looked here :-


Its an astro club in Spalding..don't know if its still going but did consider checking them out as would be my closest one.

Have fun viewing


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Hi All,

Thank you all very much for the warm welcome, sorry I haven't replied earlier but I had to go into hospital last week for an operation on my nose (Polyp removal). Glad to see that there are so many active people on this forum and with lots of good advice.

I've downloaded the suggested programs, they are great, sorry to disappoint you Sean but the Spalding Astro Club no longer exists I had an e mail from an ex member last week there is a new one at Stanion

http://www.stanionstargazers.co.uk/ but I don't know if thats near to you or not.


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Thanks for the link Clive.. Unfortunately stanion is a fair way from here. Shame, As it would be good to meet with people that know where things are in the sky :)

Shame you're moving, we could start our own one in Stamford!!!

Hope your recovery goes well.

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