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  1. Hi Yes I too was looking for automation capture software , even though as much I like SGP reliability has become a problem to me with crashes and how it handles them I too found voyager ( https://www.voyagerastro.com/ ) and like all new software a little learning is required but the basic were not too hard ( still more to learn ) , but the stability is no 1 concern to the author ( Leo ) and if there is a hard ware failure ( or driver ) it can be set up to notify you ( text email ) , the software is devolving rapidly and the author gives great back up and considers new ideas and requests almost daily - new beta appear every few weeks. At the moment dual cameras are a suggestion that are under consideration ( no beta yet ) something that I know would interest a lot off people def worth a look for the current price of 69 euros and I encourage you to look soon as the price is going up to 129 euros in a few weeks time ( still cheap ) and there is a 45 day free trial to get you going Cheers Harry
  2. Hi agreed looks straight in line , then it means something else is in the light path- does your focuser stick out much ? Harry
  3. Hi extra star spikes you show going round in a circle are normally caused by a bright star bouncing off the edge off your secondary so black these up inc the small ground edge if you have one ( I suspect you have ) The extra spike is caused by the veins not being parallel to each other , do have to be straiht in line but parallel so put a straight edge down each vein and check the opposite is completely parallel with it . this should remove your extra spike Regards Harry
  4. Hi yes a interesting program , which I am giving a go at learning , a alternative to the like of SGP - perhaps a bit different in operation and use but seems very stable so far. driving the author potty with my questions worth a look though Harry
  5. Hi I have a mesu and there is a bug in the sitech controller , in which when I first connect it decides to slew off wildly for no reason does drive me potty and only does this once in a while , the sitec controller is good but also is buggy sometimes after stopping tracking , I can not get it to start again without a reboot of the controller !!!!! I must try and find out why it does this but have found its difficult to get these bugs resolved anyway enough off my winge , anybody else have these Harry
  6. Hi wow wish my first go was this good glad the old vids still help as well Harry
  7. Hi I have got one of these and just a small note the Vixen bar on the bottom is not , its several mm to small and a vixen clamp will not grip it , do find it strange why a silly mistake like this is made Might save you buying a vixen clamp like me ? Cheers Harry
  8. Hi Very nice indeed A excellent job of keeping alnitak trouble free - I have tried with my tak 180 and got all sorts of horrible stuff going on again good stuff Harry
  9. Hi well I already had a conc base from my old scope which is off centre so needed a bend to get round this , also it is a "flip a bit less pier enables the full range of the mesu200 Harry
  10. Hi a Tak 180 ed - A tak 106 ed and a celestron 11" rowe cant get the 14" newt on there as well Harry
  11. Hi did not use a rsj but had some box section and used that works just fine Harry
  12. My wife says this is a good description off me But I agree about the geopak weights very poor quality Harry
  13. Hi the images are flipped to each other and the default alignment method sometime fails at this , so select " triangle similarity " under star matching all will be fine Harry
  14. Hi Yes the book does cover what I would call intermediate stuff as well including decon the second edition has info on new modules introduced since the first edition , with a few updates on the old stuff I like warrens stuff - not too in your face Cheers Harry
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