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  1. Hi yes I remember - glad its still going I have a sxvf m25 which I run the power block of 12v rather than 240 v works just fine Regards Harry
  2. Hi I asked this question a while ago and was told by Terry from SX that's is a no no for lots of reasons so best leave it as it is Harry
  3. Hi I do know the author has has a week off on holiday and as you have followed the email stuff as well I presume it may delayed a bit . Please try again and if you get no reply please let me know and I will make contact for you and get it sorted Regards Harry Page
  4. Hi If you look at your above log you will see the SNR is 0% and therefore Pixinsight can work out a weight - the image be very low on signal So do not use the weighting part of the script to get round this or stars/cluster as you say - personally would ignore the weight option Regards Harry
  5. Hi I think the change to the charging model in SGP could have been handled better , but its up to you the user to decide if you want go down that river. there are other packages like voyager which might offer you more than sgp and has a version that can run 2 or more cameras , but still has to paid for We are Lucky that very complex software is available to us for relitivley low cost. as always you pays your money and make your choice or not Harry
  6. Hi As a owner of a few hitec bits and bobs , I hope you will be able to upkeep all the software as well Good luck with it all Harry
  7. Hi I have been using voyager for over a year now and was initially drawn to it because it offered rock solid stability and indeed it is rock solid I have tried to make it crash by yanking out cables etc - the software reports a fault without crashing and has several ways of reporting emails texts etc. For me a system lock up was the ultimate nightmare and wasted valuable time. And since I have started the program has offered many improvements and is being upgraded all the time - It takes a different approach in how it works like the drag scrip which is really a dra
  8. Hi when using sgp I do the following 1) Use the mosaic and framimg tool to select a target and field rotation to suit the object and then save this imformation as a target ( you can use a previous image as a referance ) 2) when setting up I just do a blind solve to get things going so the scope knows where its looking and the camera rotation 3) make sure the manual rotator is selected 4) right click on the target saved earlier and there will a option to rotate the camera - select this 5) sgp will then work out the differance between your current camera rotation an
  9. Hi This was/is a known problem caused by a windows update- I thought it was solved by the latest release of pixinsight this means a full reinstall - not just a update If it is still a problem please post of the pixinsight forum and hopefully it will be looked into cheers Harry
  10. Me too I like the dust in front of the reflection nebula Harry
  11. Hi well Thats a big view - congrates on a excellent image Harry
  12. Hi I did manage to keep the brighness down - but have lost the colour to bright stars -- need to get some short subs for this -----Sometime Cheers for looking Harry
  13. Oh dear am I going soft In my old age Harry
  14. Hi Thanks Sara BTW I saw Mr astro pixel at the uk astro fest and I promised to have a go - So I am listening to your vids what goes around comes around :) Cheers Harry
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