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  1. Me too I like the dust in front of the reflection nebula Harry
  2. Hi well Thats a big view - congrates on a excellent image Harry
  3. Hi I did manage to keep the brighness down - but have lost the colour to bright stars -- need to get some short subs for this -----Sometime Cheers for looking Harry
  4. Oh dear am I going soft In my old age Harry
  5. Hi Thanks Sara BTW I saw Mr astro pixel at the uk astro fest and I promised to have a go - So I am listening to your vids what goes around comes around :) Cheers Harry
  6. Please dont break anything on my behalf :) Harry
  7. Thanks for looking and print away if you like :)
  8. Hi Yes just a big chip - never get enough imaging time here in the uk for a mosaic Harry
  9. Hi I remember seeing images of the horsehead nebula many years ago and thinking I need to be into this imaging game and I have tried many times to get a decent image of the horsehead , but it is low in the orange gooo around here and have failed many times with various scopes Now I have tried with my tak 106 ( f5 ) and a sx sxvr H35 and even though I am still short on data ( yes Never enough is there) I am reasonbly happy with it Did struggle with processing and this is my upteenth attempt and perhapes will come back to it next year It consists of 270min lum and 270min RGB taken in 5 min subs please see here for a high res version http://www.harrysastroshed.com/imagepages/nebulapages/horse.html Thanks for looking Regards Harry
  10. Hi Nothing beats a good discussion IMO the optical distance never changes I.E a reducer with a FL of 55mm will always be 55mm regardless of what glass you put in line ( flat glass only ) hence why the pinhole setup works its just that the phsical length will change with the introduction off filters etc , I have measured this with various set ups . So I always add to the physical length to adapt to various inline filters . Very often there are so many other posible errors ( i.e camera chip set back ) that practical trial and error at the scope is sometimes easier Regards Harry
  11. Hi I am afraid I disagree with you here If any glass / filter is introduced into the light path, the focal point will be shifted out by approx 1/3 the thickness off the glass - so the mechanical lenth must be increased to compensate I admit it all gets very confusing sometimes Regards Harry
  12. Hi All I am often asked about working out focal set backs for reducers / flatteners when imaging etc I have meant to put up on me old website , how to do this for ages -I have finaly got round to it http://www.harrysastroshed.com/backfocus.html some might find it useful Cheers Harry Page
  13. Hi not much help I know but I also this problem sometimes and have no idea why it does it IMO its a bug somewhere and there are a few that I have come accross I make sure I sync looking well east or west as the mount can get confused where its looking and which side of the pier it is and sometimes no amount of syncing will work and a reboot is required to get things running again Harry
  14. Hi Yes I too was looking for automation capture software , even though as much I like SGP reliability has become a problem to me with crashes and how it handles them I too found voyager ( https://www.voyagerastro.com/ ) and like all new software a little learning is required but the basic were not too hard ( still more to learn ) , but the stability is no 1 concern to the author ( Leo ) and if there is a hard ware failure ( or driver ) it can be set up to notify you ( text email ) , the software is devolving rapidly and the author gives great back up and considers new ideas and requests almost daily - new beta appear every few weeks. At the moment dual cameras are a suggestion that are under consideration ( no beta yet ) something that I know would interest a lot off people def worth a look for the current price of 69 euros and I encourage you to look soon as the price is going up to 129 euros in a few weeks time ( still cheap ) and there is a 45 day free trial to get you going Cheers Harry
  15. Hi agreed looks straight in line , then it means something else is in the light path- does your focuser stick out much ? Harry
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