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  1. Hi Johnny & Welcome to SGL. Hope you enjoy your time here. I live in Bangor too!! If you're interested the Irish Astronomical Association (IAA) meet every second Wednesday in Queens University, Bell Lecture Theatre, Physics Building from September to April. Next meeting is 18th January at 7.30pm, non members welcome.
  2. purdo

    Hi from UK

    Hi Claire & Welcome to SGL.
  3. purdo

    Hi from Anglesey

    Hi Warren & Welcome to SGL, lovely photo, good luck with the AP.
  4. Hi Benjamin & Welcome to SGL.
  5. Hi Jeff & Welcome to SGL.
  6. Hi & Welcome to SGL.
  7. Hi & Welcome to SGL. Good luck with the new club.
  8. Hi & Welcome to SGL.
  9. Hi Bob & Welcome to SGL.
  10. Hi Johnny & Welcome to SGL.
  11. Hi & Welcome to SGL. Good luck with your new gear.
  12. purdo

    Just Signed Up

    Hi Mike & Welcome to SGL.
  13. Great image & it's a first go. Can't wait to see what your other images will be like.
  14. Hi & Welcome to SGL. Good luck with the AP.
  15. purdo


    Hi & Welcome to SGL.
  16. Hi Isabelle & Welcome to SGL.
  17. Hi & Welcome to SGL. Great choice of scope.
  18. purdo


    Hi Howie & Welcome to SGL.
  19. Hi Maria & Welcome to SGL. I have Stellarium downloaded on my HTC.
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