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  1. Hi, I've tried to research this, but really struggled because of the amount of choice available in that area. We're looking for a really good tripod to use for imaging with a Canon 5D mark iv, Skywatcher Adventurer and a series of DSLR lenses from 12mm to 200mm focal length. We might be tempted going for a heavier scope later on depending on the success we get with our current equipment, so it's worth bearing that in mind regarding upgradability. We are going to travel to Abisko by plane and we are going to carry the kit around while trekking (hence the Adventurer rather than a full
  2. Hi The other-half and I are going to the Kelling Heath star party in a couple weeks (but going a week early) We're looking forward to it (fingers crossed for decent weather), but although we booked our camping pitch when we left last spring, there were only a few not very nice pitches left. The one we currently have is below a tree :-\ so far from ideal... So we were wondering if anyone had a spare pitch that we could arrange a swap for with the Kelling Heath camping site... If so, please get in touch We've bought a monster of a new tent and we're also worried it won't actually fit on that p
  3. Very interesting image. Nice to see a different object too
  4. Hello and welcome to SGL
  5. Hi and welcome. You've come to the right place for advice
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  7. Hello and welcome to the forum
  8. Hi and welcome to the forum
  9. Hi and welcome. You've come to the right place for advice
  10. Hi Gregg and welcome. Hope you had some luck with the instructions above...
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    Hello and welcome to the forum
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