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Ceph and Cass

Comet PanSTARSS passing Cederblad 214

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I took this shot a week ago but we're had a fair few clear nights so the processing has lagged behind a bit (not complaining)

Having shot PanSTARRS as it passed M31 last month I checked on Sky Safari to see if was going to pass by anything else interesting.

I'd imaged Cederblad 214 before but this time it was as low in the sky as it can be so I travelled out to where I had a reasonable

north horizon, this is a stack of 41 150sec frames taken with a 200mmL lens on a modded Canon 600D all mounted on my Astrotrac.

Lots of Photoshop on this one to remove gradients due to the low altitude but I think it was worth the effort :) Mel


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I agree with LaserJock, thats one of the best images there is of Panstarrs. Quite gutted i missed the oppertunity as i would be imaging with the exact same equipment except for the cam. Would of loved to get a result like this.

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