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  1. That tapered barrel what I like about them (easy in easy out) :)
  2. Hi I posted in DIY a solution for Polemaster (and Astrotrac maybe) to be right in the RA axis. This covers cameras, mounts and DIY... so I am confused about where this should be posted. Spoiler...
  3. Hi This is about my adventures with my Polemaster and GIRO MINI It is about mounts but also about DIY. More info here. The final "product".
  4. Btw, I also upgraded my DEC and RA screw to a more modern look :). Unplanned it helped a lot with my mod. I wanted this too look "stock" and professional made, not something made up in a haste to a solution. The wait time for the parts (1 month for headless crews, RA & DEC upgrade, red nuts) was worth it (from alliexpress china). 1. Barely clearance between the PM red nut and the blue RA screw (hence the second attempt and drills). The original screws of the AZEQ5 plate are now screwed in the old holes... a nice place to keep them handy, just in case..
  5. UPDATE take 2. I realized it is too much hassle with an imbus (how we call torx) in the dark , and that aluminum holes are not very resilient against a lot of (ab)useing with strew/unscrew every time. So I planed to put a permanent headless screw in on which I will use a nut. The problem was my goles were too close to the RA lever and was blocking it. Time to another set of holes... 1 hour later was done.
  6. This is how it looks in RL (ignore the mess... I was doing some tests/ reorganising my backpack) I will post how this works as soon as the rain stops
  7. I started a thread based on this idea here.
  8. Hi So this thread will cover in fact PoleMaster, Astrotrac and GiroMini because this is my setup.I bought the PM (PoleMaster) since the Astrotrac has a fail polar scope (no matter how you fiddle about it), and of course the dedicated adapter to mount PM on the AT (Astrotrac) arm. PM is a real joy to use, but somehow I suspect the AT polar arm has some "issues", so I bought another PM adapter for AZEQ5 and mount it right on the GM (GiroMini).It was based on another suggestion I made to a fellow astronomer, but nobody did it. Long story short, below the new adapter in place. I am
  9. Apparently I am in the bandwagon of BAD experience from Altairastro. Ordered 2 ES eyepieces , money taken , no product shipped and no answer , email or calls. Is like they don't exist anymore. I am reporting them to EUROPOL as a scam site. It is unacceptable to play dead on others money. UPDATE 1: Ian contacted me via his personal email (after putting messages in a bottle on FB and here), telling my eyepieces are on back order. He said that he send replies to my emails sent via the Contact page but I receive none. I hope they fix this communication issue be
  10. Are you guiding the Atrotrac? I always pot the polar arm of Atrotrac in the "click" position, never in between.
  11. First test... on the polar arm is unconvincing. I had a small oval stars, for 2 min exposure with a 80/560 refractor, reduced at f5, prime exposure, not sure if it is from PM, the arm or it's me :). The align procedure was done 3 times always with the same affect, a bit of oblong stars... but the freezing was too much at 3 am so I gave up I used a Mabook pro 15" retina from 2012 with win in virtual machine (Paralles Descktop). What I don't like about PM: -Mac version has a problem with retina screens (not with regular ones)... most of Macs are retina and will be retina
  12. Well it is good to know there is "plan B", aka PM near the RA axis. I will test and report back once the clouds are gone. One thing to keep in mind about polar arm... it has some clicks at different positions.. maybe if the arm is "between clicks" it is pushed out of perfect alignment by the small clicking pin. I will try to see if there are any differences at the clicks vs the arm somewhere in between them.
  13. If the polar arm will fail me (I heard some stories...), I am planning to use another adapter, drill 2 holes into my Giro Mini and bolted there near the RA axis. (see my past bad photoshop proposal:). Hmmm.. this gives me an idea..."fires up CAD software".. brb
  14. Well new toy, new clouds I got my PM from China under a great discount and Fedex-ed for free at my door (240€ including adapter) I chose the NEQ6 adapter as one fellow astronomer suggested it would fit and.. it does fit indeed My AT was "sleeping" in my g'n'g backpack... I woke it up to take the pictures True about the grub screws tho... they are pressing the edge ot the AT polar arm hole not perfectly on the inside .
  15. Great neaws, Astrotrac adapter is not that common to find. Could you post a picture or two how it would look like while fitting to the polar arm? What grubsrews? thx
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